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Jul 10, 2007, 07:43 AM
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t rex 450 jr 7202 setup

i am ready to plug servo leads into receiver JR 790 and program the trex450 into my radio. JR7202 Can anyone please help me ( in newbie terms)
with the entire procedure from turning on the radio , until all servos are working
and help with settings for the t rex 450 to get it off the ground

Don Olano
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Jul 10, 2007, 10:04 AM
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hold down i think the access and the key right above it and turn on radio. this will get you into a menu where you need to select your swash plate. you have a 3 prong swash plate, 120 degrees, so when u choose your swash, your going to choose the one that looks like a Y inside a circle.

your going to plug the servos in according:

***standing from the back of the heli***

ch1: throttle
ch2: front left side
ch3: elevator (back servo of the 3)
ch4: rudder servo (the 401 for example its the green black...one)
ch5: remote gain (single yellow wire on a red lead)
ch6: right front servo

in the radio:

start by first going into the reverse menu

move servos to see if its going in the right direction (on the swash). left is left, right is right, throttle up is when the swash goes up and throttle down is the reverse. move the throttle stick and chances are it wont be the correct directions. begin by reversing ch. 2. see if that works. if ch 2 doesn't work, then try it with ch 3 then ch 6, and then a combo of that. usually reversing one or two at most is what i always do. do not worry about direction, we can fix that later, meaning when u turn left, the swash moves right. dont worry about that. make sure when you move aileron, you get aileron travel and when u move pitch you get pitch travel....etc

next...go to your swash afr or similar menu. this menu should show you 3 things, aileron with a percentage, elevator with a percentage and pitch with a percentage.

ail: +60%
elev: +60%
pitc: +60%

lets assume your pitch is not moving in the right direction. say you move the throttle stick up but the stick doesn't move up, instead it goes down. what you do is you select pitch and you take it from +60% to a -60%. this reverses the direction. similarly, lowering the number decreases the amount of pitch and increasing will increase the amount of pitch (well, the movement of the swash going up and down). same thing with the elevator and aileron. you can increase or decrease travel just by increasing or decreasing those number but make sure to do them the same so you get a linear travel. i prefer this method rather than expo.

now with your head all working well, time for your tail, go to your travel adj menu, you will see throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder, gear, aux.... select your gear which should show you something like

gear: L100% / R100%

lower the values to something like this:

gear: L55% / R55% (to get into the gear channel, flip the switch on your transmitter that shows gear or ch 5) this is your rate mode. you want to fly in HH though, so leave the switch up for the future. and you can play from here with your sensitivity. too much wag, lower the value, not holding well, increase the value. dont go below 50% though or you are out of HH mode.

finally, go to your throttle hold menu, and just enable it (its off) should be a hold switch on your 7202. make sure that works when u start up with the blades off the heli of course.

this assumes you leveled the swash was level, half stick on the throttle was 0 pitch on the head and your tail servo slider was level, straight...etc.

lemme know if you need more...
Jul 10, 2007, 12:49 PM
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JR 7202 setup on rex 450


Thanks for the info, but i should back up a little. I have my t rex " 600" flying on channel 15 . This is the first tiome I have tried to ADD a heli to the menu on the 7202 . I have read for days, and cannot get the 7202 to recognize my Trex 450. If you could start at the very beginning of " HOW TO' get the 7202 to see that i am flying another heli. What exactly do I have to do with the JR 790 receiver to get it to '"see" the radio and move the servos. I am a newbie at setting up radios , etc. Where did you come up with driftinsequence,like it

Jul 10, 2007, 12:57 PM
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okay, what you need to do is turn on your radio, turn on your helicopter. your receiver will have like a blue light i think. what you do is you turn your radio on and your helicopter and you stand really close to it. doesn't have to touching, just close. make sure you not around a flying field with other people*

what you do is something along the lines of holding down the button located on the back of the jr r790. some lights will blink and then turn solid red i think. (gosh i had one not to long ago to ). this is how you get it to talk.

there are downloadable instructions just can't do it on my phone

driftinsequence comes from my younger years when i used to drift alittle with real cars.

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