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Nov 08, 2002, 10:42 AM
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Here’s the aerobatic sequence flown by Nick Pocock in a Stampe SV-4 bipe to win the trophy for the highest-placed British pilot in the 1963 Lockheed Aerobatic Trophy competition. These were the days before Aresti and turnaround, and the planes had less than half of the power:weight ratio of modern aerobatic ships. But the sequences are nice for R/C-ers learning the art of graceful as opposed to 3-D aeros.

The Stampe had a power-weight ratio of about 70W/lb. I used to jot these sequences down on a card taped to the Tx aerial, and try ‘em out. Must get a Jungmeister, Stampe or Krier Gt Lakes built and get around to this again.

1. 1/4-roll to knife-edge
2. 1-3/4 snap roll
3. one slow roll at 45deg climb
4. complete outside loop
5. 3/4 normal loop
6. 1/2 outside loop to lomcevak
7. upward 1/2-roll and pushover whipstall (= humpty-bump?)
8. inverted stall turn (hammerhead)
9. stall turn with inverted entry and positive recovery
10. Normal stall turn to complete "M"
11. Rolling 360deg circle alternating direction of roll 4 times
12. 1/2-cuban
13. avalanche
14. split "S"
15. 1/4 upward roll & stall turn
16. lomcevak
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