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Jul 05, 2007, 12:06 AM
Cruising at 399ft AGL
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Been away for a while, back with videos...

Just took down my camera plane and made a new mount for the wireless camera, and got back in the air. Man I forgot how much fun I've been missing out on... lol

So first off, for those of you who dont remember my plane (lots of new names around here!), I'm flying a Slow Stick fuse with a clipped Piece O' Cake wing, and removable Piece O' Cake tail. (more on that later) It's got a Cobalt 400 motor and KAN 1400 NiMH pack, spinning a 7x6 APC-E prop direct drive.

Picture attached...

Now the videos...

First off was the first one back in the air. I stuck an old digital camera on it in camera mode for this flight, wasnt expecting much anyway... (camera pictured above) Gusty winds too, yuck!

Then there's the first one with the wireless camera back on, with the new mount. I like this view better, though it was looking down a little too much. I fixed that later though, as you can see in the last video to be posted... Still windy...

Last but definitely not lest, is the "Sunrise" video. This one was shot with the same camera as the first video, but with a much better lens. The quality still isn't the greatest, but a lot better. The weather was much better, the winds were not as bad as the other two videos. I really like the way the fog looks from up there!

So with those out of the way, I thought about ways to address a problem I was having with the plane. It doesnt like to roll very much with the rudder. Rather than cut into the wing to add more dihedral, or ailerons, I decided to try out a V-tail. I've always liked the way they look and fly, so why not? I figured that needing more rudder than elevator, I'd build it at 90 rather than the usual 110-120. Even so, it's still more touchy on the elevator than the rudder, but I turned down the elevator using dual rates and got it flying pretty well now. It still likes to yaw a little to much coming out of a turn, but it'll do for now.

See attached picture...

Here's the second flight with the new tail. I left the camera off for the first flight. This is also with the new mount for the wireless camera looking a little more straight out than downwards like it was. I like this better!

I've got a new Slow Stick due tomorrow. It's destined to be my nephew's plane to learn on, he's already flying a cheap little 2-channel plane pretty well. Once he moves on to something else, I'll put it on camera duty, I miss my old wing and how slow it would float!
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