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Jun 23, 2007, 10:35 PM
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need some help with parts for BCX 2

Hi all,

I'm new to this and I have a blade cx2. After flyin around I broke numerous parts including the main shaft(bent) blades, and the main rotor unit. I have taken the whole thing apart and wanted to know :

A) where is a good place to get upgrades

B) which upgrades should I get?

Thx so much!

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Jun 23, 2007, 11:51 PM
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I was wondering the same thing. I just had a major spill and wanted to upgrade to a taller main shaft so I don't have to worry about bladestrikes.

Anybody have a parts list to upgrade to a taller main shaft without ordering from
Jun 24, 2007, 12:16 AM
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Which upgrades you get depends on how heavy you want to make the heli. Replacing the plastic parts with aluminum parts will give you stronger parts, but they'll also be heavier. Here are my recommended must-have upgrades:

1. Extra batteries. You can get 850 and 900 mAh batteries that will fit in the CX2's battery tray (the stock battery is 800 mAh).

2. Xtreme 180 ball bearing motors. They have more torque and run cooler than the stock motors and they have replaceable brushes, so your long-term investment will be less.

3. Carbon fiber boom. The lesser surface area will reduce the effects of wind and downwash, making the tail more stable. I have the boom on mine (see the attached photo to see what it looks like). If you replace the boom, consider adding styrene spacers on the canopy mounting pins between the frame and the grommets on the canopy; they'll keep the canopy straight on the frame and they'll make the heli's body feel more solid (you can see the rear spacers in the photo).

4. Heavy duty skids. Again, I got the skids from They're stronger and more flexible than the stock skids, which means they'll survive just about any upright landing.

The next one is a nice-to-have:

5. A DN Power G2 balancing battery charger. It will charge two 2-cell batteries at a time, will charge them with a fuller charge, and will charge them faster than the stock charger.
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Jun 24, 2007, 02:03 AM
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Extra batteries are good and having a good charging and balancing system is nice. The batteries I recommend are the DN Power batteries available from Jamie at or the battery available at Both are better than the E-flite OEM battery, they fit perfectly in the CX2, and you can charge them on the stock CX2 charger until you get a better charger. Or, keep your stock charger and use a Blinky balancer abailable from to keep your LiPos balanced.

But you asked about "real" upgrades. Here is my take, my opinion, on the upgrades I recommend in order of importance. If your CX2 is stock, you can add the upgrades below as parts need replaced or whenever you are ready. The E-flite upgrades are probably available at your LHS. If not, they are available online at many, many places. One that almost always has them is Horizon Hobby, the importer and distributor of the Blade helis, at I have all of the upgrades listed on my heli. They do not add enough weight to be noticed.

1) Jamie's/Stersman's/Boomtownhobbies CF Boom and skids - This is a "must have" upgrade available at Not only does a CF boom look great but it is less affected by wind, air currents, and rotor wash - even rotor wash in ground effects or wash from other obstacles. There are other CF Booms out there that might be as good as Jamie's but I have not tried them. I do know, from experience, that Jamie's boom and the skids are easy to install and pretty much indestructible. I had several cracks in my stock tail and replaced several sets of stock skids before buying Jamie's parts. Since installing Jamie's boom and skids I have yet to break them. They even come in colors that can compliment the looks of the CX/2.

2) E-flite main motor heat sink - The motors do develop heat which is detrimental to the life of the motors. The E-flite main motor heat sink (EFLH1208) along with the heat sink compound (EFLM1913) do help dissipate heat and do not add enough weight to be noticed.

3) E-flite inner shaft with aluminum head/hub - The OEM plastic head is a part that can often break in a crash. Even removing the retaining screw in the plastic head is not a sure bet to eliminate breakage. The E-flite inner shaft with aluminum head/hub (EFLH1240) will not break. At worst the shaft can get bent in a serious crash but that can be replaced (EFLH1241). I also believe that there is less "slop" in the angle that it holds the flybar in relation to the upper rotor which gives more stability.

4) E-flite aluminum bearing holder with bearing - The E-flight aluminum bearing holder with bearing (EFLH1244) gives a tighter fit and position to the inner shaft upper bearing. It probably doesn't really add that much in performance but for the price it does help get the inner shaft closer to the ideal perfect alignment. With helis, small details can mean a lot in final performance.

5) E-flite aluminum lower rotor head set - The aluminum lower rotor head set (EFLH1245) eliminates the breaking studs that happen with the plastic hub. In addition, the tolerance available with CNC fabrication of the aluminum hub equates to increasing the precision of the location of the hub. So, besides saving the cost of replacement plastic hubs, the CNC aluminum hub will be more perfectly aligned (attention to detail) to maximize performance.

6) E-flite aluminum swash plate set - The E-flite aluminum swash plate set (EFLH1246), in my experience, really enhances performance. I noticed the greatest difference in performance when I installed the aluminum swash plate on my CX2. It just eliminates slop from the cyclic. It makes the heli perform like it is being moved around on the end of a steel boom.

7) Low voltage alarm - This is not a must for performance but it does keep you from over discharging your LiPos. LiPos are expensive and increasing their life or eliminating the opportunity of destroying them can save money in the long run. I recommend the LiGlow alarms from thanhTran available at

I hope the above is helpful. I did not included any motor upgrades. I have found that the power of the stock motors is plenty for the type of flying within the envelope of a CX/2. The vented extreme motors may run cooler but the venting also allows dirt and dust better entry to the motor which is not good. In addition I have not included any of the microheli upgrade parts. I have never tried them but I have confidence that E-flite knows their product and that their upgrades will be exactly what they intend them to be. The same goes for the rotor hubs with the swiveling blades. I have not tried them but have seen posts ranging from "love them" to "will never put them back on my CX/2".

To me, attention to detail is the key to a great flying heli. Owning a heli is like owning a high performance car. No one buys a high performance car expecting it to keep its high performance without maintenance and it is usually the detail that makes the difference. The same goes for a heli. The difference is in the detail and it takes some work to get and keep the details dialed in for maximum performance. This includes having a properly leveled swash plate, free-spinning drive systems with proper shaft end play, free-moving and straight flybar and sufficient lubrication.

Happy flying.

Jun 24, 2007, 03:28 AM
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what do you guys think of the stuff on this site?

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