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Nov 02, 2002, 08:54 AM
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Wattage Lightning/Diversion for lunchtime break?

I have a mowed football-size field next to work and was thinking about getting a Lightning or Diversion for a quickie lunchtime break or to fly in front of the house (no tree lined street).

I don't expect either to fly as well as my TM does. But since they're tough and small I was thinking either would be perfect to pull out of the back seat when you get those "gotta get something in the air" yearnings.

So, do they fly ok? How fast are they compared to a TM? Any views are appreciated.

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Nov 02, 2002, 11:50 AM
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I have owned a Megatech Diversion for a few months just want to tell you the goods and bads about this tiny little plane!
I dicided to by the plane after reading the review in the fall issue of Back Yard Flyer Magazine.
I got mine for $70 at HobbyTown USA, they cost much more at other places so I recomend searching for the best price.
My first thoughts on the plane were wow! Thats one light small plane! I cycled the battery (on the controller) as instructed then waited till the wind died down that evening. I threw it into the air and it took a left turn as I pushed the control stick right, it gently landed into the grass. Tried it again and sucess!
This little plane like to turn left but continued to circle and was soon a dot in the sky! I turned the power off and glided for a few moments! Turnig the plane was simple, just nudge the control stick left or right a couple of times and it will turn pretty well. The most impressive thing for me was being able to charge the battery on the controller! It only takes a few minuets to charge, and you get reasonabe flight time! Its fun to glide it straight towards you and catch it! The worst thing about it is its controller, be very gentle with the controller! I droped mine (not even hard) and was broken, I was able to fix it but try not to drop it! Conclusion! Perfect and fun for a lunch brake plane!
O ya, and its pretty slow, but able to tollerate a small breez!

Hope i was able to help!
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Nov 02, 2002, 12:09 PM

Megatech planes

well only merlin, b2 and now diversion are the only exceptions....

my freind has this.... i fly merlin he flies his diversion..... both are excellent ........
go for it!!!! its cute...
Nov 02, 2002, 02:08 PM
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You may also want to search out the threads on the ? Hasbro Air Surfer ? from Wal-Mart... $44 when I eyballed it last night. Looks like it may be a cutie!
Nov 02, 2002, 02:10 PM
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Yea, I read the same review of the Diversion in Backyard Flyer which got me to thinking along these lines. Thanks guys for your takes. Again, I know their not "real" planes, and don't expect them to be, just something for some quickie fun.

On one hand I was leaning toward the Lightning as it's a tad bigger and has landing gear. I do have a paved parking lot next to the field . But it has a larger controller that takes more batteries. The Diversion is really cute, a smaller controller, but requires hand-lauching to get it up and belly landings to get it down.

Decisions, decisions....

So how fast do they fly? Do they turn sharp enough to be flown in the street in front of the house?

Nov 12, 2002, 09:18 PM
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FYI, I got my Wattage Lightning yesterday and the wind was calm enough tonight to give it a try.

The screws holding the main wing on were hard to get screwed in. the holes were a tad small. One of the plastic pieces in the fuselage that the screws screw into came out and I had to re-glue it back in with good ole Probond. While I had the wing off I screwed both screws in so it would be easier when I did attach the wing.
Next, the slot for the nose gear wasn't quite big enough to get the nose gear in. Had to do a little work on it so I could get the gear in there.
It needs a little up trim. I'll do that next flight. That should help the climb, glide, and battery duration (keeping the power on more than necessary).
It won't do loops or rolls.

What a cool little flyer! Charged the battery for 2 minutes and got about a 3 minute flight- not bad for the first charge on the battery and the plane being out of trim. Very easy to fly and the grass landing was a non-event. No damage at all. It flies great and had no bad habits. It flies a little faster than a Tiger Moth, but the turning radius won't let you fly it in a tree-lined street.
I think this is a great plane for a youngster to get his feet wet, or (in my case) something to get in the air during lunch without hauling all your "real" gear with you. I'm impressed- especially for the money. Can't wait to try ROG and landing on a hard surface.