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Jun 04, 2007, 02:59 PM
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walkera 52#1 Flying Notes

Hey, I have a couple 52#1 I bought to test out.

I wanted to get an impression for Stock RTF out of the box of this new Walkera 52 model. My impression of the orig. 52 was not that good. Out of the box it hovered for about 10seconds then the main motor lost power and I couldn't get it to hover woth a darn after. Went into a full brushless upgrade and still haven't spent any time in the air due to technical issues (keep burning up 4-1s).

So, I didn't have really high expectations. I put the 8 AA batteries in the Tx, put a LiPo on it (Came stock with NiMh), used a 450mAh pack from my 64#C. I also used Super Velcro (Clear from Radio Shack) to mount it under the chin as the CG was horribly tail heavy if I tried to put it underneath in the stock config.

So, for sure do this right away:
1. Get a LiPo from a Walkera 64#c or the orig. 52, or a light 3s Lipo (light as in under 60g).
2. Remove the stock battery holder .. usless as it puts the weight in the wrong spot.
2. get some clear HD Velcro from Radio Shack or ? and put it right under the 4-1 back as far as it will go on that front "chin". Put some on the back of the lipo so the batt with velco there as far back but still in front of the front landing gear skid. CG should be a bit nose-heavy now.

Slightly nose heavy but that's okay. I take it and do a quick hover. Wow, it really does hover around mid-stick if not sooner with the FP setup and FP blades. Only issue seemed to be related to all the lift from the blades. To bring it back down you have to really cut the throttle causing a dramatic wobble. Bring the rvs up again it goes away.

I took it outside to see how it flies...to my amazement it flies awesome outside. Really, it was breezy and I figured out a couple things:
1. keep it noseheavy
2. trim it out. Mine almost will hover hands-off. Use the DIP 12 and V1 to set rudder mix. Meaning if it want to turn right turn V1 left and vice versa until it's not turning one way or another as you give it throttle. V2 sets the gyro gain. So add gain to the right (or left for non HH mode) until it "wags" .. then back it off until that stops.

If you get a wobble give it throttle to speed up the head and stabilize it. If you are trying to come down (i.e. gust of wind or you just are too high) give it down elevator so it comes down but you move air over the rotors. This will help also. I found it does FFF (Fast FWD Flight) very well and I had it wizzing around the yard like a pyloon racer...all as FP.

I could quickly hover it at eye level for a full pack steady as can be or zooming around the yard like a hummingbird.

I have run about 20 packs through it in all conditions. finally the tail gave out something expected with Walkeras with tail motors. I'm going to put in another and fly it some more.

I just wanted to say I was HUGELY impressed with this one. THe most fun of anything because it's so durable. Hard landing are no biggie it's so light just pick it up and straighten the blades back out.

Just wondering if anyone else is finding these as much fun. Compared to the 52 stock this one really is RTF and a blast as FP. I see them going from 110.00 + HK shipping to 199.00 some USA vendors. This is not the same as a Venom NR 3D micro...that's a 52 with green accents. This is a 52#1 the newest model from Walkera. I see them on eBay now.

Some "CapCam" shots:

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Jun 05, 2007, 08:11 AM
Registered User
I have done the same to my Walkera 52 with a Medussa Brushless motor and it flies real nice. I like your blades. What brand are they and where did you get them.
Jun 05, 2007, 08:22 AM
Registered User
Ive been waiting for a vendor in the UK to get some in for ages! Hurry up you guys!
Jun 05, 2007, 09:40 AM
Registered User
This is a 52#1 which is different then the 52.

The 52#1 comes with a yellow and black canopy and those look like the stock blades.

So can you switch between cp and fp?
I wonder if you can do the 52 brushless upgrade to the 52#1?


Originally Posted by bruceden
I have done the same to my Walkera 52 with a Medussa Brushless motor and it flies real nice. I like your blades. What brand are they and where did you get them.
Jun 09, 2007, 01:11 AM
Registered User
Does this heli have the same motor as the 52 or is it like the 64. I saw a picture of a 64 and the motor looked bigger I looked more like a blade cx motor I could be wrong Ive just seen pics but it looked bigger. What motor does this 52#1 have.
Jun 09, 2007, 02:34 AM
bmw330i's Avatar
Hey Buildem,

You have a 52 right? I think it's the same size motor. Checkout the Walkera website it lists the specs...I think it's a 180 brushed. It's at least as light as my 52.
Jun 09, 2007, 02:57 AM
Registered User
The walkera #52 has a smaller motor than a 180 brushed....They call it a 050 SD whatever that means...
Jun 09, 2007, 03:01 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by bmw330i
Hey Buildem,

You have a 52 right? I think it's the same size motor. Checkout the Walkera website it lists the specs...I think it's a 180 brushed. It's at least as light as my 52.
Yes I have a 52 the pic I saw of the 64c the motor looks bigger and somewhere I read that the 52#1 had a bigger motor than the regular 52. I just wanted to know if it was true.
Jun 09, 2007, 03:07 AM
Registered User
Bruceden those are fixed pitch blades....you would have to downgrade your #52 to use those blades..high volt heli carries those blades..The 64 blades work good on the #52 they are fibreglass...
Jul 02, 2007, 01:34 AM
bmw330i's Avatar
Hey All,

Well, update, been a while since I posted in this thread. I just read them all.

Buildem, I do believe the motor stock is larger in the 52#1. It lasts longer as well. After around 15 packs the tail motor gave out but I'm still running the stock main and it's still going strong. When it finally does go out I'll put a 12mm brushless in it.

I now have an older 52 with 12mm brushless and this 52#1 brushed. I have to say performance is about the same with both. I haven't tried aerobatics yet but I'm going to. The 64#C fiberglass blades seem to work real well. However, I just read in another post how buildem is flying carbons so I ordered a couple sets of those.

For the price I really am very happy with the 52s. I had some issues with burning out 4-1s on the orig. 52 after going brushless but after going back to walkera servos that went away.

I also converted the 52#1 to CP and it's a blast as CP. I hope to go fly with buidem in San Marcos one of these days as I'm down in San Diego during the day and live in Ramona. But I have to since I hear buildem flies the blades off his 52 and I gotta go see that.

How's everyone elses 52's flying? Anyone else doing aerobatics?

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