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Jun 01, 2007, 01:26 AM
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Guide trough GUPPY Sailplane build thread


In order to make searching for some stuff in the Guppy Sailplane building thread much easier and faster, i decide to make a short guide (or table of contents).

I hope, you enjoy using it!

At this time it is not finished yet, but I will add some pages from time to time, so in near future, I will made it to the end.


read text (or better, use search option of your web browser to find particular word) and then just click on the Page number, and voila, you will be "teleported" to Guppy thread at desiring page!


P.S.: Hope the moderator will make this table of contents "Sticky"...
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Jun 01, 2007, 01:27 AM
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valid for 15 posts /page

Page 1
Presentation of Guppy sailplane
Pictures of:
assembled model, of ready to cover model, model in flight, main components of model, shaping the fuselage, making tail, cutting ribs, glueing D-box, carving wingtips, making trailing edges, details of pushrod in the fin, detail of fuselage parts joint, installation of RC components…
Links to some videos, plan previews, plan for Hotliner wing, link to first assembly manual, some pictures in flight…

Page 2
Links to some my other models, some explanations about making front part of fuselage, preview of CNC laser cut parts (made here in Slovenia), explanation about tail CNC parts assembly, again link to the plans and assembly manual.

Page 3
Link to Guppy sailplane plans at,
Some pictures of Guppies from other builders…

Page 4
Just talking about…

Page 5
Sketch of Guppy XL with wingspan of 2,5m.
Pictures and video of Ruperts Guppy.

Page 6
Templates for various balsa parts of Guppy in pdf format.
Sketch of Mini Guppy
Picture of Guppy with COX gas engine
More videos of Guppy
Some pictures of Guppy
Short explanation with pictures of how to make a canopy for Guppy

Page 7
Searching for CNC KIT producer
Talking about powerplant
Some more pictures.

Page 8
About carbon tubes
More talking about motor and batteries.

Page 9
About timing the motor
Viktor making the 1,8m Guppy

Page 10
More pictures of Viktor`s 1,8m wingspan Guppy
Drawing and pictures of my F5J model.
How to mount the motor.

Page 11
Talking about motors
Pictures of Hotliner Guppy build by Rupert
Corkyo4, pictures of his building of Guppy
Explanation with pictures of how to laminate balsa for the bottom of fuselage.

Page 12
More about making fuselage..
Talking about larger span wings..

Page 13
Viktor and his Guppy…many pictures of his construction details.

Page 14
Viktor continuing of building his Guppy
About outer wing panel twist (wash)
Picture of very first Guppy prototype
Kll start building his Guppy

Page 15
Weight of model components
Some explanations about covering the fuselage (cketches)
Some of my designs: F5J model, little gas sport model, little fun fla electric fromstyrofoam..
Victor`s carbon canopy

Page 16
Kll, Guppy from Turkey…pictures of finished model and his maiden flight report

Page 17
Viktor`s Guppy maiden flight…pictures and report
Kll, video of his Guppy in flight
PatrykU starts with building Guppy

Page 18
PatrykU, more pictures of building his Guppy
Kontiki, almost finished

Page 19
Oracle_9, about weight of Guppy parts
PatrykU, picture of Guppy
Picture of my Guppy prototype

Page 20
About airfoils
About making styro/balsa sandwich wings…pictures and links

Page 21
PatrykU, more pictures
Talking about KIT production

Page 22
Talking about more wing options (thermall, Hotliner..)
PatrykU, more pictures, making ribs, making tail, finished model..

Page 23
Figme, pictures of model prepared for covering
Links to some VIDEOS of GUPPY
KIT producer in USA:

Page 24
Just talking about…

Page 25
Denny Maize from PolecatAero show balsa KIT parts and partly assembled model…pictures

Page 26
Denny, almost finished Guppy...picture

Page 27
About vacuum forming a canopy.
Denny`s vacuum forming homemade machine and some canopies
Links to vacuum forming…

Page 28
More about vacuumforming

Page 29
Guppy assembly MANUAL in English!
How to build Hotliner wings…pictures
PolecatAero KIT of of KIT contents

Page 30
Some talking aobut
Picture of my Guppy in flight

Page 31
Iso Octane start building his Guppy, picture of wing assembly
Pictures of two nice covered Guppies
Alk509 showing the first KIT from Polecataero, pictures of KIT contents

Page 32
Video of Guppy in flight, by 15 year old builder Tomaz
Two nice Guppies from Croatia, picture
Some instructions of how to build HOT wings, pictures
Some talk about KIT purchasing and prices

Page 33
Talking about installing the brushless motor in the nose of the Guppy. Some pictures, drawings, instructions and some builders solutions.

Page 34
More disscusion about brushles motor and other stuff about usable powerplants for the Guppy.
Compheresive collection of many links for files about Guppy: plans, manuals, videos…but some of that links are dead…sorry, but some servers remove some files after a some time…

Page 35
One more solution regarding outruner motor instalation. Pictures of Viktor`s solution.
Announcment of Polecat photo contest.
Soehler, start build his Guppy, pictures.
Daniel-CRO, picture of two finished Guppies
MatevzM, picture of finished Guppy

Page 36
Manual with plenty of pictures for Hotliner wings ready for downloading…in Slovene language!
Pictures of canopy attachment. Version as was on prototype,a nd version with magnets as did Daniel-CRO.
Some info about prop and spinner.

Page 37
More information about sources for folding prop with spinner, suitable for direct drive on cheap 400 brushed motors.
Rtherbe build the wing, picture
Oracle _9 picture of finished Guppy

Page 38
MatevzM enty of photo contest
Daniel-CRO, enter the photo contest
Pictures of hotliner wings on my prototype Guppy.
Talking about apropriate servos
Dr MadMan enter the photo contest

Page 39
Talking about apropriate servos
Dr MadMan enter the photo contest

Page 40
Drawing of poly and Hot wings for comparision of layout and airfoil
About servos and powerplant
Iso Octane, photos of wing assembly

Page 41
cooper998 picture of his ready to cover Guppy
Talking about servos, aileron differential, installing servos with »Y« cable, talking about motors props and batteries..

Page 42
Talking about motors
Rtherbe, picture of partly finished Guppy
Cooper998, picture of nicely covered Guppy

Page 43
Picture of fuselage joint
Picture of European KIT contents from E-flightRC
Talking about prices

Page 44
Tlgibson made a Guppy model for RealFlight G3
Talking about making parts from different grade and quality balsa

Page 45
Talking about motors, talkinga bout Guppy parts weights
Video of Guppy with 280 size motor and homemade gears for turning large prop
Video of how to cover balsa wing with heat shrink covering (oralight in that case)
Maltman, picture of finished Guppy
Cooper 998 , report from first flight of his Guppy.

Page 46
Tlgibson97, photos of his finished Guppy
lnewqban, video of his Guppy
Tlgibson97, Guppy G3 Model update
Comarision drawing between 60 and 10 inch wingspan Guppy

Page 47
Talking about larger Guppy, dimensions, airfoils…
Kr3cik, nice build of slightly larger Guppy with geodethic outer wing structure

Page 48
Maltman, problems with »nosing down« Guppy
Suggestions for solving maltman problems
Pictures of how to instal outruner motor in nose of the Guppy and how to hide electric wires.

Page 49
Talking about tail boom reinforcing carbon tube dimensions
Explaining wing dihedral for poly wings, drawing and dimensions.
Plan for Hotliner wings:
About a hotliner wing airfoil…RG 14 - 9%

Page 50
Aio_1 about airfoils
Update Guppy model for Real Flight G3
Incidence for hotliner wings
Bunch of Guppies on one photo, build to date

Page 51
About G3 Guppy
Icoman entering the photo contest, pictures of elegant Guppy
New files of Guppy for G3
About type, dimensions and installing the pushrods for elevator
Heliboy355, picture of almost finished Guppy

Page 52
About hotliner wings twist
Soehler showing photos of his Guppy manufacturing
About servos
Yhatax, photo of his almost finished Guppy
Motors for Guppy, technical data and weights of Guppy and components

Page 53
Talking aboute motors and batteries for Guppy
Carl Petersen, pictures of how hi install outruner in his Guppy.
MariusZ, picture of his excelent enlarged Guppy
Aldert, video of his Guppy

Page 54
Highlander52, photos of his Guppy, entering the photo contest
Shread, photos of his Guppy, on field flying
Shread, video of his Guppy in flight

Page 55
About reinforcing inside fuselage with thin plywood.
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Aug 13, 2008, 03:54 AM
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Bump post.
Dec 12, 2011, 11:16 PM
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Is posible to use this engine in my guppy??…

And this servos ??


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