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May 30, 2007, 06:01 AM
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Solid state winch electronics circuit

In the german RC-network forum a guy named Thomas Weth posted his solid state modulated winch power circiut. As these circuits are rare this is an attempt to spread a solution.

There was a commercial unit for sale at:
I did an order once here but no response.
This link is good for seeing how a modulation circuit might look like.

Thomas his winch module (see pic) has overkill cooling fins, it does not need to be that big. Thomas operate the modulation slider with a foot pedal fgrom 0 to 100%. I asked him if it was also possible to work like ML-powermodule, having a slider you can set on for example 70%, and a separate foot pedal to switch this 70% power on-off. He then sended me the second pdf-file showing what to be in the separate case, where to set the main and foot pedal switch, and some data on needed cross section for the wires.

Thiese are some of Thomas explainations:

- The circuit works since last year very well (without a change). But you need 2 additional switches: One to switch off the electronic for normal use and one to break the main current for safety use or storrage the winch.
- I use a Starter from OPEL. I thing it is similar to an F3B motor. The Power is about 1,5kW

If you build the circuit, be carefull. The current is above 200A. You´ll need a wires > 30mm². If you have failiure in the circuit, the wires and the electronic-parts burn with a white flame. I´ve tested it.

If you know someone who knows something about electronic, ask him before switching on the winch.

About putting the electronics in a separate case:
I should be possible to mount the Elektronic in in an own case. The cooling of Diodes an the MOS-Fets is no Problem. My Coller is much too large. If you chose a smaller one (20% of mine) it will be col enough. But think about Insulation of the semiconductors´cases.
I send the Schematic with some handcrafted additions, wich explains the principle assembly of the components. You should mount the footswitch in the wire to the 2nd functiongenerator. If like to manipulate the fader from an other place you could fix it with not more than 3m shielded cable.
Please contact me if some questions left.
Plus some text as pics.
I will not put Thomas Email address in the open, but for those seriously considering building please contact me, then I will forward his contact. Due to time shortage i did not build the circuit my own (so far).

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Jul 04, 2007, 05:44 PM
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Electric control of winch

Jurgen I would like to build the winch control,
the drawing's that shows the foot switch, I understand,
What did Tomas do to control the speed, Just set speed with
R5 for a fix speed ??
Thanks for any help you can provide

Billings MT
Jul 17, 2009, 06:50 AM
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Thread OP
This project I was planning to make is cancelled out of my agenda.
It should be a "nice to have" but too much time/effort/$ demanding in the end to beat "tapping".
Cheers, Jurgen.

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