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May 25, 2007, 09:29 PM
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Any R/C gas or electric flyers in Belleville, Kansas?

Hello y'all!! I am getting married in September and will be moving up to Belleville, Kansas which is 18 miles north of Concordia. I was wondering if there were any R/C gas or electric flyers in that area that I could get in touch with, meet, and fly with.
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Jan 24, 2009, 03:23 PM
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hi brent. i live in hebron ne. i fly electric sailplanes. and gws 40" wingspan electrics. i just started flying the electrics and getting used to them. there are a few of us here in hebron that fly but have not yet gotton togather yet. i think there is somone also in chester ne that flies gas planes. my friend mark is in a club over in Deshler ne. i think i am going to join. anyways i know this is an old post but let me know if you are interested in going flying..

later andrew
Oct 10, 2009, 04:47 PM
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Lookin' for R/C fliers near Belleville, Ks


Good afternoon!! My father just brought up 2 gas planes, extra wood, extra covering, and extra supplies along with my flight box and everything I need to start flying again. I have a .60 Big Stik that is ready to fly and a .40 Ugly Stick Ready to Fly that I need to do some work on. I've been driving around Belleville trying to find a place to fly these planes. I think I can fly them off the airport since it is an unmanned airport. Anyway, I'd love to go flyin' with y'all. I'm waiting for my father to send me the charger for my radio and also the charger for my "hotshot" portable glow plug lighter. It's almost winter now and it will give me a chance to get my Ugly Stik done. Also, I'm lookin at getting another kit but haven't decided what to get yet. I haven't flown in years. So, the Big Stik will allow me to get back into it. I kinda wanna get a warbird, but I also want to get a sport plane like an Extra 300 or something. If ya have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!! I'll try to get on RC Groups more often to check for any messages!! Let's try to stay in touch more often!! Have a great weekend, Andrew!!

Brent Kirkpatrick
(785) 955 - 0447
Oct 10, 2009, 10:22 PM
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well me and my friends fly electric.. mark my friend has some gas planes that he no longer flies. if you are not to set on a gas plane i would definatly try the electrics.. it takes a little money to get started but for the cost of a fully dressed .60 series plane you can probalby get into an electric for that or cheaper including the charger.. the reason is time on the field is mostly spent flying, they are quiet so you can fly them anywhere without complaints, and ease of transportation.

there is another guy here in hebron that flies gas but i have only seen him down at the field once this year.. i think it just take so much work to load up and get down there that he just dosent do it.

we fly mostly 40" wingspan stuff.. the thing is you can just throw these planes in the car and go.. all you need is the plane which fits in the back seat, bateries, charger and remote. i have just built a p47 razorback foam profile for like 90 bucks.. and it will move at 50mph it will also slow down to glider like speed this plane is made for dog fighting i want to get enough people interested so we can pylon race or dog fight. you use an 8 foot piece of VCR tape behind the plane and try to cut the other guys off...

dont get me wrong i like the big planes as me and my friends have a few in mind.. my friend criss just bought a 57inch extra 300 that he is going to make electric.

i am looking at a 65 inch p-51 mustang to convert to electric..

but dont get me wrong flying is flying.. the more the marier.. we need to hook up and fly.. when it gets nice we should try to meet.. i know me and mark the other guy i fly with mostly would love to fly and see your planes..

i will definatly keep in touch..

later andrew k..
Oct 10, 2009, 11:02 PM
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Flying in Nebraska


I grew up flying gas planes and tried my luck with a 36" wingspan electric Cessna 182. Something went wrong after take-off on its maiden flight and it was destroyed. I like the electrics because you can fly them more places. However, I like the gas planes because they sound more like real planes and I am in to realism!! I think I'm gonna build some gas and some electric planes just to have a variety.

I grew up flying a Kadet Senior and LOVE that plane because it's so well suited for beginners!! Then, I moved to flying a Rookie 40. The plane I'm flying now is a .60 Big Stik and I have a .40 Ugly Stick ARF that needs a little work. I started building a .40 -.60 P-51 Mustang with a .60 K&B on the front, working retracts, actual Goodyear diamond-tread tires, sliding canopy, etc. But, like always, I got quite a ways on the construction and then got burned out for some reason. I don't know what it is, but it seems like I go "gung ho" on building and then get burned out. Then, I don't finish what I started.

Once I get these two planes flying again, I'd like to build another kit. One plane I had that I absolutely loved was a .40 J-3 Piper Cub. I flew it A LOT and it finally crashed for good.

I would absolutely love to go up to Deshler or Hebron and do some flying next Spring or sooner if it gets warmer. My father is gonna mail me the charger for my radio and the one for my portable glowplug heater. I went out to the local airport here in Belleville. It's an unmanned airport and I need to ask the Sheriff if it's okay to fly there. I'm sure he'll say yes because he goes to our church and he is a very nice guy!! I could fly off the taxi strip and it's just outside of town.

It's been years since I've flown. So, I'll need to get used to it again by flying my Big Stik. I'd love to build a fighter such as a P-51 or an F4U Corsair.

To me, flying is a nice way to get away and forget about the worries of the world!! It's relaxing, fun, and I love to show off my skills in the air!! LOL

Let's make it a point to get together when it gets warmer and do some flying together. My wife and kids would love to come too sometime as they've never seen model airplanes fly.

Well, I better go for now. I'll chat with ya later!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!
Oct 23, 2009, 09:40 PM
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Well, I'm about ready to get my Big Stik up in the air after about 10 years!! I'm charging the batteries in the plane and the radio. Now, all I need is a place to fly around Belleville, Ks. If anybody knows of such a place, please let me know!!

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