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May 23, 2007, 02:34 PM
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o the pain of it all.... brushless motor esc troubleshooting

well this may take a little to describe so, while but the bottom line is this: when do you know you have fried your esc and brushless motor?

problem: i have an e-flite park 400 760kv outrunner and what i believe to be an e-flite esc. i was working on my sparky 400 and this motor decided to take the plane into my wall. the shaft of the motor made a nice hole in my door. the motor ran while the prop was not moving until the motor stopped. the prop adapter and prop flew off and i finally managed to shut it down. the motor smoked and i figured it was history. so i tested the motor on a different esc but only wobbles and it smoked some more. i tested a different motor on the e-flite esc. it would run a small prop but would not run the motor on a large prop. i think that may significant. so i set up the sparky with a different outrunner and esc.

questions i would like to know.

1. are these components ruined?
2. if so can they be repaired and is it worth it to do so?
3. if they cannot be repaired are any parts of the combo worth keeping?
4. should a brushless motor run smoothly without any shaft in it?
5. is it normal to oil a brushless motor?
6. any brushless motor maintenance tips to pass on

always turn on your rx after you have turned on your tx and have already set the model memory to the plane you want to fly on the tx.

i had this accident because my rx was on and i was searching for an empty model memory slot on my computer radio. i passed by a memory slot that had the throttle reversed and away the plane went. i will always remember this lesson.
thanks for any input in advance. this is a fun hobby with an expensive learning curve.
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May 24, 2007, 02:56 AM
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I would say your motor is history. In theory they can be rewound, but unless you can do it yourself it's probably not worth it these days.

Your ESC may be okay. What you don't say is what size props your "small" and "large" ones are, what amps they're pulling, what the "different" motor is, or what battery you're using. We need to know that data because it could be that your ESC doesn't work with the larger prop with the other motor simply because the amp draw is too much for the battery, and it's voltage is dropping below the ESC's lvc setting

The only tip I can give is that, if you're serious about e-flight, a wattmeter should be top of your shopping list if you don't already have one
May 24, 2007, 03:18 PM
A BL motor shouldent run at all without a shaft because there is nothing centering the bell, making the magnets stick to the stator.

As for the ESC its most likely the LV protect kicking in due to battery overload. A faulty ESC wouldent spin a motor at all.
May 24, 2007, 03:50 PM
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i have an esc from UH that came with the combo on the 2408, well after a crash it ran for a few then the motor started smoking. i thought the motor was fried so hooked another motor and it too smoked. so out of a gut feeling i hooked up the first smoked one to another esc and it worked fine so did the second one.
the esc would run any other motor but only for a little while max 2 minutes.
is there a way to salvage the esc?

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