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Oct 27, 2002, 11:27 AM
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Lightning/Diversion for lunch-time flyer?

I have a TM and a Soarstar. Great planes, but I was thinking (just thinking!) about getting a Wattage Lightning or Diversion for those gotta have a quickie, no fuss, lunch time got-to-get-something-in-the-air times at work. I might even want to be able to fly it in front of the house (nope, no tree-lined streets here).

I just happen to have 3 separate football field-size mowed open lots within 2 blocks of work. (You should be so lucky!). I don't expect much- I know the planes are what they are. However, they're both just so tiny and cute and tough- and I hear they don't fly all that bad.

Could I hear opinions from some of you who have one (or both) if they're worth the money. I can get the Lightning for $70 and the Diversion for $80. Also, how fast do they fly compared to a Tiger Moth?

Thanks in advance,
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Dec 02, 2002, 12:33 AM
Goin' Vertical
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Diversion Flight report


Just got a Diversion from KBtoys yesterday.

Cute looking little thing. Nothing to setup. Just 6AA batteries in the TX/Charger unit and off you go. Comes in a neat little carrying case so hanger rash should not be an issue.

Sunny Day no wind so I it a try at a local school field. First few flights were disappointing. Climbed out nicely but I couldn't get it to turn right. It would only go left and when it got close to the groud I couldn't recover. Since it has no rudder or elevator it takes a bit to get used to the controls. After each charge I was getting a better climb out. I finally was able to get to turn both directions but be warned that turns usually mean a quick loss of altitude. I'm slowly learning how to pulse the "climb" button to maintain altitude.
It's light weight(mass)makes it relatively impervious to minor crashes. I nosed it into the grass at least 3 times without a scratch. I'd really like to try it indoors..this model cannot not handle any wind in my opinion. Even in a still conditions it was very difficult to land within 50 feet of where I intended. I know I could do better with some practice but this is the most difficult to control plane I have yet to fly. I'll give more flight reports as I go along.

Dec 02, 2002, 11:00 AM
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Actually I already got a Lightning (just had to have the gear).

I've only been able to get one flight in due to *$^% wind, rain, frost, etc., but it flew pretty good. Needed a tad of up elevator, but it still flew with no problems, and I was able to empty the pack without crashing. The good thing about it is it dosn't seem to get way out of alignment with the earth as long as you remember to power through the turns. Landing was a non-event.

Fun little plane, can't wait to ROG, etc.