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Oct 26, 2002, 12:05 AM
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My Hybrid Part 3


Well I am at it again and I have added and changed somethings. First off I am using a 5.4mm boom but the ends that slide into the tail gear box and the aluminum tube have been filed down to fit very tight; I really hate using glue.

Also, I am now using an Ikarus tail section because my metal one broke due to lots of abuse. I am also trying out the B2 motor again and I think I like it a little better since the piro rate is up and my flight times are longer. The B2 isnt even hot after an 8 min flight with lots of piros(to the right) packwards flight and fast climb outs. I found that the GWS last only 50 flights, I will find out how long this B2 lasts.

If you look at my tail fin, I have added a little plastic hub so that I dont have to glue it on.

So far I like this new configuration adn I think I may keep it for a while, or unless I think of something else.

Oh, I really like the lightened paddles because the cyclic speed is much faster but not too fast.

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Oct 26, 2002, 01:15 AM
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Carlol, I wish everyone could see this fly, it is realy cool- amazing how steady it is!

how much did or would it all cost if you added everything up?

just currious!

Oct 27, 2002, 01:58 AM
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Glad to see you are trying different and interesting things. Your heli looks great.

I will have some new G10 Tail sections to match the G10 frames most likely available at the Pasadena Show coming up in January.

Have been extremly busy working on some new stuff for the show and our distributors and customers, sorry for the short response, but keep up the good work! Nice Detail on your photos, new camera I see


Mario I. Arguello