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Aug 09, 2007, 11:31 AM
Hogster's Avatar
That was quick!!

As with anything, practice makes perfect .... and that couldn't be more true than with flying helis

So pleased for you that it's back in working order again

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Sep 13, 2007, 03:07 AM
mad heli scientist
Gadget01's Avatar
Phil- what's the latest on this heli?
Sep 13, 2007, 10:39 AM
T-rex 450 killer
spence46's Avatar
Yes, I am curious also?

Sep 14, 2007, 03:34 AM
Just some bloke
Phil R's Avatar
The latest is... No change really. The heli continues to perform as I'd wanted, the canopy has helped me with the orientation and I'm practicing like mad... I've not flown it with the camera again - I thought I'd wait until I really am flying on a sub-conscious level. It'll happen, it's just a matter of time.

A new lathe is on it's way shortly (Sieg C2), which will force a re-organisation of the workshop, that's after I get a little job out of the way... a 50% scale Ultimate for a ZDZ 210... then again I may need to re-organise the workshop just to allow me to build some of the sub-assemblies. Final assembly will have to be done in a gazebo in the garden...

The wine is coming along a treat - about 40 gallons since May this year. There's an open invitation for anyone who wants to come and visit, but bring a 'nominated driver' or you may never get home...

Even more off topic... I've found love... and it was partly showing her the progress of the heli every day that got us together - now that doesn't happen every day...
Sep 14, 2007, 06:49 AM
mad heli scientist
Gadget01's Avatar
Congrats on your success! Even hobbyists need some female companionship once in a while.

50% scale???? wow... that's gonna be a big biplane!

I'm in the market for a lathe and mill, and someday I might be able to afford them. What qualities of the Sieg led to purchase it over its competition?
Sep 15, 2007, 03:07 PM
Just some bloke
Phil R's Avatar
I bought the Sieg mill from a company that I trust to sell something worth using (Axminster Power tool centre in the UK). I didn't get to see one 'till it came in the van... I'm impressed enough with the mill for the money that I've no hesitation in buying the lathe from the same source. The Sieg mill seems to represent a good "bang for the buck"... It's cheap, heavy and works well with repeatable results. Looking at the competition, there's some really nice quality stuff out there, but at a price, or there's more of the same sort of Chinese stuff that doesn't look any better... Axminster is in my opinion, one of the very best mail order firms full stop. They sell stuff that works and their after sales support is truly first rate...

The Ultimate is going to be awsome... I've unpacked the kit - it's fully built up, all CNC cut... I'm looking forward to getting started. Ordering a gallon of cyano soon...
Sep 15, 2007, 06:07 PM
Destroyer of G-10
askman's Avatar
sieg stuff is decent for chinese. they are very popular. I have the X2 and X3 with cnc ceonversion. they all need bit of tuning to make them run well. I run an EMCO compact 8 for my lathe (got it used) it is not myford, but was affordable (hard to fin myford in US, but not in UK)

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