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May 06, 2007, 03:06 PM
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A-6, A-7, Air Force One and Space shuttle

None of these have flown yet as there has not been a still weekend here in MN.

The A-7 as others have described has an actuator controlled rudder with a limiter. I'm going to ditch the charger they included and use my hobbico mkII charger. The battery looks like it has a thermal switch inside the shrinkwrap.
I picked this up off of the TRU sale a month or two ago.

The A-6 arrived Friday. It does not have a separate battery. Like the A-7 it's a ducted fan with a simple 2 blade prop, actuator rudder but without the limiter and I'm having trouble getting it adjusted for equal left and right rudder. The 6 D-cell charger is crap. I never used it, I just opened it, clipped the leads to the wire for the plane battery connector and it attaches to the hobbico charger. Now because the plane has the battery fixed inside the fusalage, I used the manual's NiMH recycling guidance to figure out the type batt. Now the first few charge attempts resulted in the charger clicking off after a minute. Yes I had checked that the batt was dead before charging. But after a few attempts at kicking it at high amperage and wiggling it at low amperage, I finally had it charge for a while. A voltmeter on the batt connector on the top of the plane reveals 5.7 volts after a good charge. This plane is from edmunds scientifics. Going forward I've got to figure out the actuator travel and get it consistent. I think it would help if I add a guide to the actuator linkage to remove side to side movement.

Now the Air Force One is a hell of a plane I picked up from Target online. I cannot wait to take it out flying. It is so well constructed it does deserve to have the Boeing name associated with it. I charged one battery using the AV transformer for the included charger. That charger did a crappy job. The second battery was charged with the mkII hobbico I have. I connected my eagle flight data recorder between the batt and plane's connector and I ran some static tests to find out the draw on those 4 motors. This plane draws a solid 12 amps with the throttle on, and drops to 11 when you go to the turn throttle. If you run the plane for a couple of minutes, the battery gets very hot. I only ran about 300 mah out of the pack and it was cooking.

Once / If I get tired of the AF1 having differential thrust steering, there is plenty of room for placing my own guts in it. Before then I am going to add winglets to this plane as winglets help give lift at slower speeds.

The Space shuttle is a simple glider. I was thinking it would be fun to add an RX, RX batt, and two servos for eleverons. Then fly AF1 up to a fun altitude and release the shuttle. I just need to figure out a release mechanism. I've sketched what I think could work. I picked up the shuttle at Michaels for $3.

Now I hope the uploaded photos show up at the bottom of the message... I guess if it doesn't work I'll RTFM.
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