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Sep 14, 2008, 08:07 PM
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Sep 14, 2008, 08:36 PM
OpenTX University Staff
maguro's Avatar
Here are some photos of my BBAP1. It still needs graphics.

The AUW including camera and battery is 47oz (1320g). The motor produces 33 oz thrust at 266 watts and 22 A on a 10x4.7 prop and a 2200Mah 3S lipo. That is a bit too much current for this motor. It should not be run at more than 19A, so full power is a no no with a fresh battery. After about 30 sec, full power is OK. I maidened the BBAP1 on a 1600 Mah battery that maxed out at 19A and 245W. With either battery the power worked out to about 90 watts/pound which is not bad.
Sep 14, 2008, 10:51 PM
Registered User

new blu baby picts

I started reading this thread a couple days ago and still have not gotten even halfway through it! but i got far enough to realize I wanted one of these for teaching my son... wait he's only 4... ok i just wanted a relaxing plane again!
I built it out of 5mm cell foam 88. Worked very well. I don't have a rc hobby shop within 75 miles so i could not use any carbon fiber for reinforcing. Hopefully the tape on the wing will be strong enough.
I thought i would post some pictures for everyone. Just a basic one nothing special. What prop and throws are best for this plane with this setup? any major flaws anyone see?
And thanks Tony for a great plane, plans, and build.

32 inch blu-baby
ips geared
gws pico servos
gws ics 300 li speed control
gws receiver
3 cell 500 and 800 lipos from common sense rc

Sep 14, 2008, 11:39 PM
Registered User
emil.andersson's Avatar

Maiden went well

Thanks Jackerbes, I found that I had about 2 degree right thrust and 3 down so I shimmed with strips of 1/64 plywood ; I now have 4 degree thrust right and down.

Originally Posted by jackerbes
emil.andersson wrote:

"..Motor mount. I may need to adjust angles..."

I used a similar mount on my BB 33, using 2-56 machine screws to attach the motor mount to the firewall. I put two washers between the mount and the firewall on the top right (seen from the front), one washer on the top left, and one washer on the bottom right. That gave me a combination of down and right thrust that has worked out fine.

Out of curiosity, I did the trig for the thickness of the washers and the spacing of the holes and the washers produced angles that ae very close to the recommended 3-5 degrees.

I maiden yesterday and flew some more today with almost no problems. I sat her down a little hard (nose straight down) once when I tried some tight turns but that only broke a small piece of foam that I later glued back.

With this motor she takes off in 2-3 feet and climbs straight up with a lot of power......

She weights 222 gram(7,8 oz) with 610 mAh battery.

I may post some pics when I turn her white skin into something colorful.

Sep 15, 2008, 06:55 AM
John 3:16
Daddy-O's Avatar
aranal, you did a great job painting it! Looks very nice! I bet it flies as good as it looks.
Sep 15, 2008, 08:41 AM
Ken's CAD Models
dz1sfb's Avatar
Originally Posted by springer
Last week, Ken (dz1sfb) dropped off some utensil trays, suggesting they would make a nice 24" bb. so, I just had to make one. This is #3 (and I think it's time to quit gotta get ready for the next war bird - when is that coming again, Tony????) Anyway, tried kfm2 wing on this one, following "official" plans. The tray foam makes for a nice build, easy to paint with the dayglo colors Ken also uses. Haven't maidened it yet, still enduring the remains of Ike(fortunately not as severe as down south). One interesting observation is the weight penalty of kfm vs uc wing. UC wing in blucor weighed .81oz, while the kfm2 in tray foam is 1.39 before paint) We need someone to figure out a way to do the kfm with the weight of the UC!? I guess I shouldn't complain, the complete plane comes to only 5.26oz less battery. Should still be a super flier. Airnet says winds die down Tue morning, so no maiden report til then.
Looks great Mike!

Looking forward to the maiden report.

Bz1mcr (Don), I need to stop by your place and drop a few foam trays on you.

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Sep 15, 2008, 08:46 AM
Ken's CAD Models
dz1sfb's Avatar
Wow! Every week there is a new brood of BB's. They sure are looking fine.

Kudos to Cybernaught, Aranel, Maguro, and Emil.

Latest blog entry: Ken's CAD Models new web site
Sep 15, 2008, 10:29 AM
Registered User

Thanks for the really good photos of your AP plane. Sometimes a few good photos are worth more than a lengthy explanation.

It is a very nice looking build.

Sep 15, 2008, 10:34 AM
OpenTX University Staff
maguro's Avatar
I put the video of the BBAP1 maiden on YouTube. My first approach and landing leave a lot to be desired. Full flap landings are going take some practice. Next time out I will have the the camera on board. I can upload a video of the photo session and some aerial photos if anyone is interested.

BBAP1 Maiden (4 min 10 sec)
Last edited by maguro; Sep 15, 2008 at 10:39 AM.
Sep 15, 2008, 10:43 AM
Geaux Saints
Hopalong X's Avatar


Originally Posted by aranel
I don't have a rc hobby shop within 75 miles so i could not use any carbon fiber for reinforcing. Hopefully the tape on the wing will be strong enough.
A lot of us use bamboo meat skewers on the LE and TE of the UC wing. They also work great for internal reenforcement for tail sections or in monobloc.

You can pick them up at almost any place that has a pots and pans section in the store. Also can be found by the BBQ grill section.
Some have skewers at both spots.
Light weight and super strong.
I paid a $1 for a 100 12" at Walmart.
Last edited by Hopalong X; Sep 15, 2008 at 10:47 AM. Reason: ARANEL
Sep 15, 2008, 11:52 AM
Keep flying!!!:D
Cristian23's Avatar
Where goes the battery at the blu baby AP1?
Above the camera bay?Isn`t that too high?
Post a picture with the exact location of the battery

Later edit:
Is this wing good?(see picture)
I can`t bend my foam 180 degrees because it breaks.
I reinforced the front edge of the wing with 2x10mm pine wood,and the whole wing with 4x4 pine wood.

Last edited by Cristian23; Sep 15, 2008 at 12:00 PM.
Sep 15, 2008, 12:32 PM
Registered User
jhtitan's Avatar
Very nice vid. I am going to rebuild that bird later when I get some more flight time under my belt. I want to take some AP at some point. she looks good.

Where goes the battery at the blu baby AP1? Above the camera bay?Isn`t that too high?
yes its the compartment right in front of the wing right behind the motor firewall. the battery works out great there. and its much easier to change batt's for another flight than on the bottom.

wing looks good but, Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, you might want to eather bevel the leading edge or I like to sand mine to a nice radius.
Hope that helps
Sep 15, 2008, 01:31 PM
OpenTX University Staff
maguro's Avatar
I would add fiber tape reinforcement to the leading edge after sanding.

The secret to folding a wing is to score the inside of the fold with a ball point pen or other pointed object. On the outside of the fold put packaging (fiber) tape. THen just easily coax the upper surface to fold over. Practice on a piece of scrap foam. You will pick up the skill very quickly.
Sep 15, 2008, 03:52 PM
jackerbes's Avatar
Another method of folding is the one shown in the Wing Folding Instructions that were posted by Tony:



I use those, cutting matching bevels on the pieces first, and have embellished the process by spraying an aerosol contact adhesive on the area the tape will be attached to. That makes the tape stick much better.

After a couple of test tries, you get a feel for how much of a gap to have between the mating edges at the start of the fold. I usually have about a 1/8" gap and they just start to touch when the strip gets to about 90 degrees or vertical. Then the pressure starts increasing from there.

I've also been laying a piece of 2.5 mm fibreglas rod (from kite kits) in the gap so that it winds up on the leading edge of the wing as a reinforcement and stiffener.

How good an idea is the leading edge wing stiffener? I put my Industrial Strength BB 33 into a tree at about 30-35 MPH last week and it sounder like a wood chopper's ball. It made a *lot* of noise and I figured it was the death knell of that plane.

I spotted the fuselage lodged up in a tree about 40 feet off the ground, all four of the #32 rubber bands had broken and the wing was laying on the ground. Undamaged! Well, one aileron horn did have to be hot glued back on.

It took a 10 foot ladder and my roof snow rake handle (all 18 feet of it) to dislodge the fuselage. As a reward, it bonked me on the head on it's way down.

No damage to the fuselage! A missing prop and a little minor repair and it was ready to go again. A monument to the carbon fiber arrow shaft that I am using as a fuselage stiffener.

The BBIS 33 is steadily worming it's way into the cockles of my heart. It has been flown about six times for a total of maybe 15-18 minutes. I keep doing stupid things to bring flying sessions to an early close or have some mechanical issue pop up (motor falls off, prop saver loosens itself, etc.) that ends them.

But I am still with the same plane and it is little worse for wear. I figure that within the next few sessions I will actually fly a battery to depletion!

I had a motor that was haunting me, it seemed to have a vibration in it that terrified me if I got over 1/2 throttle. That was a 70 gram Hobby City HXM2730-1700. I just swapped that motor out for a 2410-12D 1200KV ($9.00 from Lazertoys.com) and now have a motor that appears to be much better matched to the plane and me talents too.

If you give up easy, you'll end up having given up easy. Stubborness pays in the long run!

Sep 15, 2008, 05:38 PM
Time for another motto!
Originally Posted by Cristian23
Is this wing good?(see picture)
I can`t bend my foam 180 degrees because it breaks.
I reinforced the front edge of the wing with 2x10mm pine wood,and the whole wing with 4x4 pine wood.
That pine wood seems a bit heavy-ish, but it might not be a problem. If you cant do the round LE trick, then you'll have to sand the LE round yourself. As long as the top panel is glued on tight it should not matter structurally.

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