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Aug 23, 2010, 08:27 PM
RC Adddict
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aero didnt want to waste the 15000 post with a dumb question so i waited . Is this the motor your talking about If so it looks like a nice little guy should work well in a 42 . Incase you hadnt noticed if your buying something from HK leave the page open for a bit before adding it to you cart alot of times it'll offer you a better deal .
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Aug 23, 2010, 08:37 PM
Lover of 5 minute epoxy
I actually noticed that for the first time a few nights ago, I was confused as to why that window popped up, but then I noticed the lower price and didn't care :-D, and yes that's the motor I was planning on using.

The only thing I'm not sure about is battery capacity. Has anyone used larger batteries on the BB42 that are 2000 mAh+ and if so how did it work out?
Aug 23, 2010, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by AeroWolf86
D2627-1200, 10x4.7 SF prop and 2s lipo ~1000-1500 mAh
D2627-1200, 7x4 prop and 3s lipo (I have 2200 mAh batteries, but if that's too large I'm flexible)

That motor is from HobbyCity and according to THEIR motor data both setups pull 12A and have around 15-16 ounces of thrust (if I remember right...the files won't come up any more on the site). Opinions? Changes? I'm cutting templates out now and I'm excited to finally make a BB of my own!

One issue:

This motor is designed for firewall mounting... behind a firewall with the shaft sticking out.

A firewall mount shown on the left, radial mount on the right:

Image courtesy HeadsUpRC

Ideally, you want a radial mount for the BB... the back of the motor mounts to the plane and the prop is attached to the rotor end using a prop adapter. There are couple of ways to deal with the T2627 to fix this:

1) Using a drill press, push the shaft through to the other side.

2) Use a stick mount like the one shown above

Personally, I would buy a motor you don't have to mess with. For example:

Turnigy 2830-1050:

Notice the rotor end prop adapter. This motor can be mounted both ways.

Or my favorite, the Infinite Series from OKHobby:


I actually ran this motor in my BB42 for a couple of short flights.

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Aug 24, 2010, 02:44 PM
Not always grumpy!!
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hey guys, well today i flew my bb, with the new 9x6 prop. as the 9x4.5 did not provide enough thrust for suitable flying with my new 1800mah lipos.

my flight started with using my warm up battery, (the 850 mah)
every thing was great, loads of power. so not much throttle required.

done a few circuits, then brought her in for the main battery.

it took off in less than 6ft.

flying for about 10mins, then i hear a vibration sound coming from my plane.

(now i am one to practise my emergency landings, (dead sticks) then touch the ground, and take off again, )

well i turned her into the wind. and ping.............................................. .

the motor came off, because i taped the wires to the bottom of my bb, the motor didnt change the cg. so thankfully i had enough altitude, to make a great dead stick landing on my runway with no extra damage

what happened to the motor, well when it was in my p51. it hit the nose more times than i can remember, weakening the mounting plate.

now before every flight i do checks. ailerons, rudder, elevator, then i wiggle the motor, the prop, give almost every thing a shake down.

the mounting plate snaped at the intersections (thin bits where the motor screws onto it

i am hoping i can replace it tomorrow, i will post a pic.
just tought i would share it with you
Aug 24, 2010, 03:40 PM
Addicted to building...
Freddie B's Avatar

One for the books! Motor mount failure, but saved by the tape! Glad to read your report and happy you are having fun.

I've been flying and learning all the tricks I can do with my 2 BB combat planes. I have flown for years, but these things fly way better than I thought they would, and I am having some great fun doing it!

Decided to make a number 3, only some slight mods to rudder and elevator for stearable tailwheel, and even more rudder area! Also doing KFm-3 wing, and full set of navigation lights I made from LEDs. Oh the brushless motor should increase my performance 2 1.2 times, but eat more juice!

Based upon some BB flight testing the elevator, rudder, wing mods, and some slight fuselage changes should give me just a little more to suit my style and the mission of the 3rd plane. I also encounter a lot of high winds where I live so we will see what all the mods do for the BB!

Like a kid again, having too much fun!

Aug 24, 2010, 03:46 PM
Not always grumpy!!
insomaniac45's Avatar
lol fred. we men dont grow up!!!!!! our toys just get bigger

i was so glad i put the tape there. its original job was to hide the wires but it saved my plane lol. it kept the motor dangling off the nose. so the cg was relitivly unchanged

and as we all know the bb glides great when the cg is perfect makes for easy dead stick landings.

there is also a lot of wind where i am. it limits my flying days,

like today, it was a little too windy, but i thought naa, im going up. i have flown it for approx 8-9 hours real time. it handled the wind quite well, but every now and then you would get a sudden drop...... then rise. (like a 747 going through turbulance)

as long as i had altitude, i was ok

fred, it would be great to see your mods might help those like us who have to deal with the wind issue
Aug 24, 2010, 04:37 PM
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philipa_240sx's Avatar
Pics of the steerable tailwheel on my BB33.

- Installed a piece of plastic tube in through the fuse and parallel to the rudder hinge line for the linkage
- A small piece of basswood underneath to strengthen the mount and provide a flat surface for the thrust washer.
- Linkage is in 2 pieces connected by a Dubro set screw collar for easy removal.
- Notice the rearward angle of the axle shaft for added caster... it helps stability.
Aug 24, 2010, 04:40 PM
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philipa_240sx's Avatar
Originally Posted by insomaniac45
might help those like us who have to deal with the wind issue
The KFM2/3 wing can handle a fair bit of wind and is not pitch sensitive like the UC wing. I've flown in winds well over 15mph with them... they are very stable and I recommend them to anyone for better windy day flying.

Downside: It does not float anywhere near as well as the UC wing.
Aug 26, 2010, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by insomaniac45
i was so glad i put the tape there. its original job was to hide the wires but it saved my plane lol. it kept the motor dangling off the nose. so the cg was relitivly unchanged
Same thing happened to my 42..... didn't have any tape on it, but the motor was dangling by the wires. The set screws let loose on the motor mount and the motor came out. Before I could get the throttle cut, the prop chewed off the front of the plane. Brought her down for a decent landing with the motor dangling though. I agree with you..... emergency landing with the motor hanging off the front of the plane speaks for a well designed plane!
Aug 26, 2010, 10:36 PM
"On the Wing"
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My 1st BB had a brushed motor on a stick mount. The motor mount fit very snuggly on the stick. In my haste to get her in the air, I forgot to put the set screw in at all.

On a low fly by, the motor and prop shot out of the front of the plane like a rocket! The plane pretty much lost momentum and fluttered down to the grass as I watched in shock. No damage to the plane and an interested observer standing next to me helped me locate the motor and prop which were also undamaged.

Fun stuff, but happy that motor mount did not let go in a more hazardous situation.
Aug 27, 2010, 05:09 PM
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Guys, Ive got a quick question for you: If i use the 2"monobloc on my BB33, due to a wider fuse, should a widen the wingspan by 1 inch??? Not sure if it will make a difference.

Sorry for the incompetentnes of my daft question
Aug 27, 2010, 05:21 PM
RC Adddict
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you dont need to widen it at all it will fly fine . my 4 ch bb 33 is actually a 30 as i want to try a 1 piece wing and dollar store foam is only 30" wide , it flys great
Aug 27, 2010, 06:07 PM
Addicted to building...
Freddie B's Avatar
You can widen if you want, or not. There is a factor that the fuselage and tail grouping also provides lift.

Cool thing is the design can be altered quite a bit, and would be fine. Lots of wing area to begin with, good moments and tail group sizes all add up to the BB's quality of flight. I just wouldn't worry too much on the little details. It's a great design.

My first 2 BB's I added 3/4" to each root when cutting out (undercambered), gave my a 34.5" span, and I used 1.6" (little over 1 1/2" monoblock). Glad I made the wider monoblock because the servos were tight as it was!

I am making BB 3, added 1 1/8" to each root, giving me a 35 1/4" wing, but KFm3 airfoil, with ailerons, 2" monoblock for even more room to add gear, and I'm adding night flying navigation lights.
Last edited by Freddie B; Aug 28, 2010 at 12:30 AM.
Aug 27, 2010, 10:07 PM
"On the Wing"
paulo810's Avatar
When I built mine with a 2" wide fuselage, I made the wing in 3 pieces. See it in post #15000.

The wing is actually hot wire cut, not a thin, bent foam wing.
Aug 28, 2010, 05:25 AM
Registered User
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Ok, thanks a lot guys!

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