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Oct 23, 2002, 05:47 PM
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Homeschooling V.S. Public School

How many here agrees with it? I am homeschooled and almost everybody I talk to looks at me as if I am from another planet. I am proud to be homeschooled and too many people do not realize how many advantages it has over public school. There are many, many advantages over public school its just people wouldn't believe it.

I could go on forever naming them because there is so many. One of them is individuality. You see kids in public school, they all look like part of a clan. They all try to be like one another or like the next 'popular guy or girl'. They don't really be themselves because they are constantly trying to 'fit in'. Homeschooling really brings out the real you and you can explore your individuality all the time. That is one thing that helps me with my hobby, flying RC aircraft (other than the fact of being able to do it when everybody is still in school!) I see everybody in public schools being like the borg collective with only the odd person who stands out and everybody calls him or her a 'loner' or loser' just because their not like them. The more you be your self, the more successful you will become. Sure allot of kids in public school are probably being their selves but how come I see everybody acting the same? I would call my self the quite, shy type who is not rambunctious and rebellious like most kids you see in public school. Almost every homeschooler I have met has always had allot of respect for school work and learning and were very intelligent. Only a few I have met have said they didn't like it but only because they were lazy and undisciplined. Its harder work to be homeschooled and you have to be disciplined but its worth it.

Now of course you have your disadvantages to homeschool. One of the biggest being that you are by yourself allot and you don't have as many friends because you don't really have allot of contact with other kids your own age. I have only about 2 friends but their the greatest friends I have ever had and their not that kind of friendship that comes along (like in most public schools) you try to be their friend for some reason, we just click and we almost feel like brothers. Other than not being around allot of kids (which I don't feel the need to be) I can't really think of any other disadvantages to homeschool.

And their is the occasional boredom of being home allot but I don't find my self being board allot. I am to busy with not only school, but hobbies, and flying lessons. You have more of a chance to find hobbies and activities you enjoy and no real time restriction because of school.

The so call disadvantage to homeschooling created by the media that homeschoolers are not being properly prepared for life is completely ridiculous. In fact, you are probably being better prepared for life. Statistics show that homeschoolers are more academically advance once they enter university after high school than public schools. I know a guy who was homeschooled his hole life, homeschooling him self in high school (which is what I do) is the highest achiever in his class and has a 4.5 average, which is well above the average mark. The way I see it is I have 2 sisters in public school. They describe the kids there as disrespectful kids who just fool around, don't do their home work and don't listen to the teachers. I almost couldn't imagine an environment like that. They were once homeschooled, so they weren't like this because you can see homeschooling trains you to be a better worker and not follow the rest. Homeschoolers are so dedicated to their work and their education. Allot of kids in public school almost don't care if they get an education or not.

Allot of people see the advantages to homeschooling only being the fact that you finish several hours before the kids get out of regular school, and that you don't get homework (homeschool is practically homework.) Its more than just that and I believe I have rested my case.

Now I might get flamed for this but I just wanted to say to everybody that homeschool kids are not lazy, undisciplined (actually more disciplined than public school. That is what it takes to survive in homeschool.), slackers who just sleep in and just want to get their work done earlier than all other kids in regular school, they do it because they are dedicated to learning and don't want to waste their time in regular schools holding their hands up for a long time waiting to get help from the teacher who is helping other kids and just hearing all the talk from bad mouthed kids. Just my opinion. You would understand a whole lot better if you knew what homeschooling was like. All I can say is if your undisciplined, you will not enjoy homeschooling. That and if you have a big desire to have a tone of friends are the only reasons kids leave homeschool and go to public school. By the way, I don't even sleep in. I get up at the same time everybody else gets up. Of course it doesn't really matter what time you get up as long as you get your work done, I just like to do it this way.

Here's an interesting time magazine I picked up a while ago.
Oct 23, 2002, 06:59 PM
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I disagree with many of the generalizations that you're making about public schools. Saying that most people in public high schools are the same is simply silly. Sure, people may hang out with people that have the same interests (much like you're doing here on Ezone), but there's everything from chess club to sports and many in between. I personally was an "orch dork", playing the violin through junior high and high school. Now that I am in medical school, I have come to value what my conductor used to always stress - working as a team. I probably couldn't play a note on the violin anymore, but I still carry those lessons of teamwork and "practice makes perfect" with me. I would not trade my experiences in public school for anything, even though there were some bad apples in the bunch. You know why? Because day in and day out, I'm going to have to work with some people who may not care about the quality of their work or have different goals than me. It's important that I be able to still respect them as coworkers and do the best I can where I'm at.

That being said, I congratulate you on your dedication to your homeschooling. I think the dedication is the key, whether you're home-schooled or not. Keep up the good work, but try not to be so quick to make generalizations about other people. You will no doubt have some experiences in your education that I do not have in mine, and the reverse is also true. I wish you continued success in your studies.
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Oct 23, 2002, 09:02 PM
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In general I feel that the home schooled child has the advantage due to less governmental influence by the teachers and district administrators. Most of the top kids in the spelling bees are home schooled. I believe recently the winner was even homeless.

Because I'm not sure of your age, and as you've raised the point that home-schooled kids are generally more intelligent, you might want to run a spell check before posting. A lot is two words not one. Allot is to give a certain portion of something, as in to allot funds. Nothing personal, just an FYI.

Are you taking flying lessons for your private pilots license?
Oct 23, 2002, 09:05 PM
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I think it's pretty hard to judge one versus the other. Some kids will do well in a homeschool and not in public or vice-versa. It's more of a matter of "fit the kid" than one being inherently better than the other. I do believe that homeschooling takes an extreme dedication by the parents and better scholastic results might more be the result of a dedicated parent in education than the way in which it is delivered.

That said, I enjoyed my schooling immensely and much of what I carried away from it was a team work ethic Etrain mentioned. I was a "band geek" for many years and still cherish the hours and hours and HOURS spent in the band room rehearsing with a group of 100 musicians all striving towards one collective goal. That sense of team in invaluable... "we're all in it together" as my conductor liked to say. Add to that competitive rowing and you've got one helluva a school experience. Nothing beats 8 synchronous bodies in motion...
Oct 23, 2002, 10:44 PM
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Having just finished High School [read two weeks ago] I am now in the process of the HSC (end of school exam) I've been sitting at home studying for the last 5 weeks or so. I've hardly seen my friends, girlfriend, gone out or anything. Just being stuck here at home is beginning to be a PIA, agreed this is not exactly like home schooling. But just the thought of me being at home every single day and doing schoolwork just doesn't appeal to me. I'm beginning to hate my room, especially my desk, I couldn't imagine doing 13 years of school there.
Then there's the social thing. I love going out, partying or just bumming around with friends. I need people around me, to talk to and just to have fun with.
Then again that's jus my personal oppinion.
I'd be all against home schooling.

PS from kindy to year 8 I was at a really small private school (about 10 people in my year) The academic standard of the teaching was top notch but the lack of people to talk to and be friends with started to get really bad. Hence I changed to a big public school and now I couldn't be happier (especially that it's over for good muhahah )

(Public and Proud) lol
Oct 23, 2002, 11:43 PM
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i dunno, i went to public schools and i'm pretty screwed up i'm really screwed up; i don't have many friends. i do think that some home schoolers need to have a reality check. I met a few a while back, and man, they thought the world revolved around them; they needed to get out more and realize that there were some people actually smarter, faster, stronger, more talented than they were.

anyways, regardless of which is better, judging someone based on their typing/spelling is ridiulous. writing's only purpose is to get idea A to person B. too bad, few writing/english teachers agree with this...
Oct 24, 2002, 12:17 AM
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We are a homeschool family. It takes a lot of dedication for the first few years, but once a child learns to read they can teach themselves most things. At that point the parent's job is to check progress, give assistance where needed, and set the goals for study.

One of the nicest things about homeschooling your children is that you are reminded to spend time with them. I'm teaching my 10 year old daughter Latin right now. We get to spend 5 hours or more a week studying together. Sometimes we talk about things other than Latin and I get a chance to relate to her in a way I couldn't if we didn't spend time together like that.

Our current project is to translate "The Giving Tree". I found a copy of this book in Latin and she has never read it so this is her first chance to translate something.

We keep her a couple years ahead of public school on the basics (math, reading, writing), and then add a lot of detail that public school just doesn't cover. And we let her pick a lot of subjects on her own if they interest her.

I have a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son as well. I can't imagine sending them to school after the experience we've had with our older daughter. I keep looking for the downside but I just can't find one.

Oct 24, 2002, 12:22 AM
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I would like to add that in Texas homeschooling is very common and there are all sorts of activities available in homeschool coops. So it is very simple to get my kids involved in gym class, or with a band, etc, if that is what they want.

Also, if our family were unable to teach a subject like Physics we could just send our children to a coop where a paid teacher would cover that subject.

So I guess that becomes sort of an option in between the two extremes. A lot of families make use of these programs to give kids social time.

I'm sure as my 10 year old gets older that she will want to spend more time away from her parents. We'll adjust as necessary.

Oct 24, 2002, 12:22 AM
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I wouldn't have got the standard of education I did had I not been at school. Primary school might have been ok but home schooling at high school age would be a disaster. As it was my social skills were lacking enough when I got to high school - I was ripped apart in my first couple of years because I sucked at social interaction, and because I was different to everyone (they all thought RC stuff was dweeby, and hated anyone who was smart) before I finally began to figure out the whole social thing.
All the home-schooled people I've ever met are... odd. They seem to think they're the only person that really matters, that the world revolves around them, and that they're superior to everyone. Also, their social interaction sucks even worse than mine did so they are very unpopular.
I normally find their spelling and grammar to be terrible as well. I don't think most parents are properly equipped to teach things like that.

Private school students I find are normallly full of themselves than public schools.

I still think my parents did the right thing by refusing to send me to a private school (we can easily afford it) and instead sending me to a public school.
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Oct 24, 2002, 12:08 PM
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Unless you're planning a life in politics, being a social butterfly in high school will do you very little good once out of high school. You will go much further, generally speaking with a good education, especially if it's continued on through college.

After school and later on through life, it's really much more important to have a close understanding relationship with your family than your school chums. The school chums will fall by the wayside; your family is forever.

Traditionally, high school is a painful period for most teenagers and having been a dweeb (science club, av club, chess club, theatre, etc.) it wouldn't have made any difference had I been home schooled beforehand or not. These were very fun things to do, but not very "cool". Remember, most employers you will work for were nerds in school. Think about it.

Oct 24, 2002, 02:06 PM
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I Prefer Private School for my own child, They can be Patriotic and give thanks to God , Our teachers are not limited to what the state believes is important but are encouraged to teach what US parents think are important, we have very close relationships with teachers and constant communication as to what is next on the lesson schedule. There is no contriversy because the people that want thier children schooled in this way enroll . The cost is cheaper than most Day or After school care and around half the cost of a new car payment .

I attended Public school and have nothing aginst them, most (NOT ALL) do a good job but are lacking a few things I mentioned above.

I know of several families that home school and thier kids are social and into sports , most communities have activities for kids outside of the public school.

I think it is best said that One is not always better than the other , what is good for one child will not always work for another, Parents do what you feel is best for your family based on your childs personality and abilities.
Oct 24, 2002, 04:10 PM
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education will get you only so far in life. i guess not everyone has that itch to become president of a company or university, or become high level business executive, education well...your gonna need people skills galore. heck, the politics that go on with professors at some state univerity is incredible.
Oct 25, 2002, 02:02 AM
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Originally posted by Daren
You will go much further, generally speaking with a good education, especially if it's continued on through college.
Ok now that quote was awful - education standards in almost every case are worse with home schooled children than ones that went to school - especially in high school. Most parents simply cannot provide the teaching they need.

I'm acquainted with a few home schooled people. Universally these people I know are antisocial. They are the ones you see sitting in the corner petrified of talking to other people. They jump with a fright when you try to talk to them. Getting to know them better you realise they're selfish and ignorant. They are stunted people. They complain constantly when they feel they're not being favoured. They have an attitude towards people that is downright hostile - the "holier than thou" attitude. One continually complains that he can't get a job. I ask him how he acts in interviews, and he says "Like I always do". With an attitude like that, no wonder.

Now, I'm sure the cross section of home-schooled people I know doesn't neccessarily mean they're all like that. I still think home-schooling (in high school years for sure) is a bad idea.

Originally posted by Daren
being a social butterfly in high school will do you very little good once out of high school
I said nothing about being a "social butterfly". All the "social butterflys" I know ended up in low-end jobs because they were all to busy partying. But almost anything is better than being like these self-centred, ignorant, antisocial gits that I know.

Quit exaggerating the things I write please - I don't appreciate it.
Oct 25, 2002, 03:37 AM
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Maybe it's an Australian thing.
But personally I don't know any home schooled kids. Either it's not popular here, or they are anti-social and don't get out much. Somehow way to much emphasis is put on schooling these days.
There's people out there who sends there kids to tutoring when they are 6-7 years old on top of normal school. For gods sake give these kids some time to play, their in year 1 and 2
Oct 25, 2002, 06:49 AM
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Homsschooling and public schools both have advantages and disadvantages. The problem with public schools in the US is that the curriculum is designed so that 80% of the poppulation can pass. It is also highly government influenced, and goes against the teachings of some parents. But basically you sit in class and look at the dumbest person in there, and the education your getting is all he can learn. So if your smart then homeschooling gives you a better education. If your a rock you'll still get a better education homeschooled because it's 1 on 1.
the important thing is if a kid is homeschooled he/she needs to be involved in group activities such as summer Baseball, soccer, etc. Something to get them out and make them socialize with other kids. Church doesn't count because 90% of every church I've been in is generally one type of group. You have white churches, and black churches, you have poor churches, and rich churches. All the people who go there are pretty much from the same batch so to speak. A kid needs church to but it doesn't count as being social in my book. It's an enclosed social group, unlike summer sports or summer camps. Also it's kinda hard for a 16 or 17 year old home schooled kid to get a date since most of that is established at school.
I'd say probably the best all around is private schools. That way kids get the best education, and social rolled into one. Because private schools teach, and their teachers don't get threatened with their jobs when 5 or 6 kids in their class fail.
Sadly everyone is of a different mindset. For example if your homeschooled you are different from kids who went to public school. They were taught to learn a different way and were believe it or not taught different things. I'm not rasist in the least but I could have done without sitting through 4 years of lectures about Martin Luther King down here in these MS high schools.
But as far as people treating you different it's because in a strange way you are. Just like I'm a military brat and because of the way my father was being military it made me different than most other kids in school. I had 3 friends in high school and they were all military brats and somehow we ended up friends. I've had non-military brat friends but they don't last long and they're different. IT's strange and I really can't understand it either.
Even people who go to private schools think differently than people who go to public schools. They actually have a syndrome for military kids I forget what it's called, but it's true.
The way the education system is going though I'd say homeschooling or private schooling and if no other choice then public schools. If your smart in public schools you'll take the ACT or SAT when your 16 if you pop better than a 20 drop out and get your GED. Take that and your scores to the nearest college and get started early. If you at least 16 with a GED and have a 18 or better (I say 20 that way they don't give you any mess) on your ACT you can go to college. Heck college isn't that hard anyway until your 3 and 4th year. Thermodynamics is a *****! lol
Well thats 2 cents after taxes...
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