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May 04, 2007, 06:39 AM
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here goes...for real this time


I'm stuck at home with flu so I'd though I'd just make an entry to show what
I fly, what I'm building and what I'd like to have etc. Don't really have a great deal of time to commit to an in depth blog, so I'll mainly let the pictures do the talking. If at any point anyone has a question about any thing here, just post it up. OK first briefly about me: I'm 24 and an assistant editor based in London (Commercials, promo's, TV etc...) can be a good job but takes allot of your time up, but hey its what I want (need) to do to make it as a fully fledged editor, feature films is what I'm aiming for. I started flying when I was 14 (wow ten years now ) with a Hobbico Super Star 40. Brought it crashed from a guy at the local club that just through money around and if anything crashed he'd just give it away and buy a new one. Great thing was he wasn't a great flyer, so allot off us did pretty well off him . Anyway, that had an OS40 LA, and with this I had one of the best trainers I'd ever flown (Tought others to fly later on in life, but the Super Star 40 was second only to the Kyosho trainer, that thing rocked with a 40 LA)

About five years into IC flying I was getting tired of putting all that time and love into a model (my flair Puppeteer was the moment of realization for me) only to have it eaten away by engine gunk. And the cleaning, always for ever cleaning down a model after every flight. I do miss the sound, smell and smoothness of the OS 48 surpass though, or any OS engine for that Matter.
Also I particularly had a goal of getting into warbirds but small IC warbirds were not practical and I had neither the time, money nor skill at that time for a large warbird (Topflite P40 for example). Also multi engined IC models looked great but again, allot more effort back then.

So at this time I turned to Electric flight. It was around 1999/2000 when the electric ARTF foam models from Germany were doing well and NiCadís were becoming lighter and more powerful. Still coming from an IC background my mind had been poisoned by fellow club flyers so I had my doubts about E flight, but I was determind to give it a go, but what model? Well having seen a review of the Multiplex Twin star that really got me thinking. So much so that I when out a brought one and so started my affair with electric flight. Well that twin flew like a dream and even though flyers at the local club couldn't believe how well it flew for 'Electric' they still seemed to enjoy picking holes in E flight rather than embracing it. So as the only electric flyer (I even think they've stipulated in there club rules now that they are an IC club only, how crazyís that ) I eventually got the cold shoulder, but I didn't mind, I was having to much fun with Electrics . Also because I was now flying electric I could happily fly from a 7 acre grass field at the back of my House with out fear of upsetting the few neighbors.

So yes, my affair soon called for divorce from IC and so for the past 5 years I've been totally married to electric flight, and its going to stay that way too. Clean models that last, massive scope of many different aircraft to be modeled, problems with twin gone (I have two now) and general all round ease of operation, oh and a great Forum to talk about them on

Ok so yes, the Twin star flew great, in fact its one of the best planes I've ever flown, inverted 2 feet from the ground was much fun and ROG from snow, great. Also wanting a warbird, I painted it in RAF Coastal Command colors of WW2. That was to be the other major factor with my modeling, especially if it was an ARTF. I've always like to make my models look different to the norm (or in the case of ARTF's, as they come out of the box). Its all too easy now to days to have a plane that flyís great and you love, but is the same plane as hundreds more around the world. So every model I make I try to finish in a different scheme to which it came with, and/or add many scale mod's. You'll see this trend from the pictures I post. I like be an individual as much as possible in my own life so I see no reason why that shouldn't extend to my models. After all, a man's models reflects the man don't they?

One bad habit I have (but am loosing now that I have a more constant flow of income after those crazy days of University) is to buy things (models) then take too long finishing them and then end up selling them on as I've become bored with them. Well like I said this is a dieing issue now, infact its gone the other way, I'm buying and hoording stuff now

Of course now living in London I only get to fly about one weekend in every 4 but the building of new models at my London flat keeps me going. Then within 5 years or so I should have relocated to Finland with my girlfriend, and I've already made plans for a grass strip at her parentís summer house near Helsinki Also although it cold for half the year there, itís mostly clear and it doesn't suffer from strong winds, mostly from 5-10mph at most, great for flying.

Wow, I was only going to talk about the models, and I've already written more than I would have at Uni!

OK so from the Twinstar I got a GWS Tiger Moth (another classic), then a JR P38 lightning (that suffered from my bad habit, wish I still had it now, got it built ready for finishing, but could not afford the brushless systems of the day at the time, so sold it on. Then I had a go at a Ryan Hellcat. It was built and sprayed ready to install the electric's. But, that got broken by a discruntaled ex girlfriend before it could be finished, she crushed the wingand that was that. (Don't leave models around easily upset girlfriends), well I soon got rid of her. The Hellcat is just a fuzz now but maybe I'll build a wing again some day. From here I think I'll just list what e models I have as I'm sure your all getting a little bored of this now. Ok so Here's what followed the Hellcat and in what order with a little info:


FSK Bf109, Flew twice, but nice, then winged over on low pass and went in (RIP). Geared 300 and 7 cell nicads. own thread.

JR P38 Lightning: Beautiful quality kit, glass fuzz and V/foam wings. Added scale nose guns and tissued and doped ready for painting. Bad Habit victim (really pissed at myself now for letting this one go), sold on. Has a thread in scale forum

Mountain Models Switchback: very nice quick build, looked good too, but had problems with the electric's and it never really flew well enough for me to like/keep it. If I had Lipo's then (2002) and could afford brushless, then I would have kept it. Again another victim of my 'bad habit'. Sold on. has a thread

RBC Beaufighter: Nice scale kit of this great WW2 twin fighter. Lack of time/money again forced sale. Has a thread

Model Designs Hurricane Plan Pack: brought in haste, neither time nor money again (you should know that all this models up until 2004 were brought whilst at uni, hence the no time/money problem). Sold on to Vintage One.

West Wings Piper Cub, free flight kit conversion: Now this I still have, itís even got its own thread in the scale forum. About a year ago it was covered ready for spraying, but it has taken me all that time since then to find the correct match of Olive drab (I made it into a L4). I will finish this model by the end of the year; others project to finish first though.


Mountain Model Dandy: This is my 'Hack' model. I fly this every time I go up to my parents. It handles most weather and flies very well on geared speed 400 and 2 cell 1200 lipo. Safe and reliable. Infact I've just built the sports wing for it to see what else she can do.

Thunder Tiger E-Hawk Electric glider: This was a great 'grab and fly model' but sadly had a malfunction with the elevator servo and it went in. Would like another with BL motor and Lipo's some day.

Balsacraft Spitfire: brought semi finished at a show, added a more scale scheme mod's. Sold on now to fund other projects. This has its own thread.

Kyosho Trainer: I brought this model to pay homage to my IC days. This was a model that a friend brought for me to teach him how to fly on. He learnt well enough but then left the hobby and gave the model to me. This was the most versatile IC trainer model I've ever flown. Steady in every manner of flight. That IC model has long since gone, and Kyosho have long since stopped making it. So when I saw one for sale BNIB at a show I had to have it. I haven't really done anything with it since then (summer 2006) but will do next year when the price of the big batteries and motors I need for it have come down a little. Was thinking of a big Axi with a 3-4 cell pack of 3400 lipo's and a 45-55amp ESC. Anyway, thatís for next year.

Alfa models FW190: My first of the new generation scale foam warbirds, its great, it flyís great it looks great. I love it. Black eagle finish made with paint and inkjet decals. MPJET Blue outrunner, 3 cell 1200-1500 flightpower lipo's. Tornado 20 amp esc. HS 55's, Hitec Dual 6 Rx. This has its own thread

Alfa Models P47: I saw this at my LHS in London. I had a lot of dust covering the box and when opened the wing tip was crush, so I got it at a reduced price Again, I individualized this one, added guns to wings and custom designed my own 'nose art girl' for this one, named it after my lovely Finnish lady Geared MPJet BL, 18 amp esc, Hitec servo's, Schulze 5 channel RX. Fly's great. This one has its own thread

Peter Rake: MB5 Muska WW1 Russian recon. Brought this built from Pete (he lives near to my parents) last summer. Lovely slow sedate flyer 300 sized outrunner 2 cell 800 lipo's Jeti MPD 5 CH RX.

FSK Spitfire: Brought this on Ebay before Christmas 2006 for less that trade price from the old distributor (in fact I brought many and sold the on ) The FSK kits are nothing like the Alfa's, there's much more the cut and glue (and yet they cost much more, but I guess there are more scale looking). Painted this one up to represent the spitfire that recorded the highest ever air combat in 1942 when it fired at a high flying JU German bomber, again different from the norm. Axi 22/12/34 CC 25amp esc, hitec servo's 1200-1500 flight power lipos. Added a rudder to this one too. Itís flown but I had major thrust issues with the first flight on that four blade prop. Have since added more right thrust and it flyís allot better, but broke the spinner and would like to try a 2 blade prop. Had to return to London before I could test this one anymore, so itís still being broken in, but I think I should turn out to be a nice flyer, though not as steady as the Alfa's. It has its own thread in the warbirds forum.

JP Bell Medivac: brought as a bit of fun... it wasn't. Thatís the last you'll hear from me on Helicopters. Fixed wing forever

HVP Catalina: Now this model was the first scale electric model that I ever saw fly and have been in love with it since. That was at an Old Warden October fly-in in 1997 (one of the best modeling memories of my life, a truly magical Indian summers day). Well this year (2007) I got one as a kit second hand. I've been adding scale details to it throughout the build and am now ready to glass the wing and tail before I can move on. Looking forward to this flying at the end of the year. 2 x HET 4W brushless inruners, 2 x 6" Vario props, 3 cell 2200-2500 flight power lipo, 4 x SD200 mini BB servo's Hitec dual 6 ch Rx and 2 x CC 25amp esc's. Really looking forward to getting this one flying.

On the board/in the shop but on this list for the summer...

Peter rake E111, again brought from Pete, will have a go at starting this model this week end back in the country.

Alfa Models Wildcat: I've really come close to buying this model on several occasions, but will now wait to by it cheaper at a show in June for my Birthday. I've already brought all the electricís for it cheap from you guys in the FOR SALE/WANTED forum as I'll be in NYC this month so will collect then. Thanks for that fellow US rcgroupers. I will make up some operation Torch decals for this one.

ALFA models LA-7: This one too is gathering dust at the LHS in London as per P47. I'm hoping to get it cheap at the end of the summer.

Multiplex Funjet: This would be my speed hack model. It would be nice to have a fast jet like model in the fleet and I'd spray it in Russian display colors. Maybe by the summers end.

Alfa Mig: This would be my first EDF and from what Iíve read it sounds like a good choice. Will paint this one red.

Little flying wing/delta for flying in regents park (near were I live in London) something around the 25"-30" span, that won't get me in to trouble with the local authorities and won't bother the public. Maybe for Christmas.

Wow, considering I said I didn't have a lot of time for this, just spend a lot of time writing it, good job I'm off sick.

Yes so thatís me in a modeling nut shell. Like I said, do post any questions or comments if you have them, and if you've got this far thank you for reading my first ever blog entry !!! (oh sorry for any bad spellings BTW).

Also if you do want any more info on the models, I did make threads for most of them so please just click on my user name and search for threads started by me.

So I guess I'll be adding another blog some time soon, though it will be short and sweet. Just an update on the Cat or another model or a general rant etc.

Signing out.

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Nov 24, 2010, 06:51 AM
leccyflyer's Avatar
Hi Stuart

That was an interesting read, that turned up in a search for the RBC Beaufighter, my latest addition to the kit mountain. Love the look of your Spitfire in PR Blue there, one of my very favourite aeroplanes. I'm headed off to find your RBC Beaufighter thread right now!

Nov 30, 2010, 02:46 PM
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Do you have a thread running somewhere on your RBC Beaufighter build.

Here is my threat of the beau I got halve way build second hand and modified to take my homemade retracts.

Here a photo of the finished Beau it really is a great model to fly.

Dec 04, 2010, 09:27 PM
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Thread OP
Hey guy's, sorry its been so long since I first made this blog post, I never expected anybody to post here, and then I get to great guys posting at once!

I sold my beufighter on, but Ton, saw your thread over on the over forum. Great work she looks fantastic. Must get back to the Yak 23 after christmas.


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