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May 03, 2007, 05:35 PM
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Art-Tech Mustang P51 RTF Owners and Adapters Thread

If someone knows of an active thread already on this topic just post a link and I'll jump over there, but the only one I found was "New P51 for Beginners" .

Photo courtesy of Hobby Lobby.

Anyways, I've been wanting a P51 for a long time and have tried a friend's Park Zone and a GWS and was seriously considering the Alfa model, but was nervous about the first launch characteristics. So when I saw the Art-Tech P51 advertised by Hobby Lobby as "a Mustang that anyone can fly" and when I looked at the wing loading of 10 ozs/sqft I decided to give it a try. Well it came in the mail today and so here I am . . .

First let me say I liked it, and it was stable once it was trimmed out, but my personal opinion is that this is NOT for a beginner. Of course that's only one guys opinion.

The build
I put it together in about 40 mins, and actually finished before the battery was charged. My only complaint with the assembly was that the tail fairing screws were extremely difficult to line up properly and one of my screws is not in as a result. A small amount of UHU glue solved the problem for me.

Two tiny issues here. One, the rudder did not have as much authority to the right as it did to the left and the control linkage was flexing from the effort of pushing right so I cut away some of the hinge to free up the movement. Whether or not this will be a problem in the long run I don't know. And two, the motor made a very bad sound at full throttle during static runup. No real vibration just a noise. It is quite possible the motor housing was pulling away from its seat and rubbing somewhere it shouldn't be rubbing because the model was being held static. In fact since the noise was not evident in flight that is my best guess. Also I should note that all the flight controls seemed to be well aligned right out of the box. I did not adjust any of the clevises prior to launching, and I opted to go "gearless". Personally I can't stand the look of a plane flying around with its gear down. Notably, the 4 bladed prop seemed perfectly balanced.

Maiden Launch
I was fortunate enough to have a friend launch the first flight, and I gave it slightly less than full throttle to avoid the strange noise. After launch it climbed immediately. In fact it climbed a bit too much. I let it climb, but had to add full nose down trim to keep good control. At first my buddy thought it might be out of CG, but after bringing it around for a landing we realized that the elevator had about 2 mm of up trim in it. We took that out and relaunched, and it flew well. I next had to add a touch of left wing down trim for level flight, but once that was in she flew fine "hands free". I consider myself an intermediate pilot, and I felt like this plane was "challenging". The ailerons are quite effective, and it was perhaps too easy to stall in the turns (that's called an accelerated stall for you aviation buffs - wings will stop flying at a higher airspeed when they are banking versus when they are flying straight and level) I found myself making some of my turns too steep, and everytime I did that the plane lost 50 feet of altitude so thank goodness I had it up high enough. At first I felt like I needed to run the plane around at full throttle, but once I slowed my banks down and retrimmed the plane for a slower speed I realized the true beauty of this model - it slows down as well as the E-Flite P47. Being able to slow it way down made landing a cinch, and even with the 4 bladed prop bumping into the grass she slid into a nice soft belly landing (no gear) right in front of me each time. For other intermediate pilots all I can say is just be careful not to overbank the turns and you'll do fine. As for performance, it was good, but not great. Loops were possible, but not from straight and level, and rolls were slow and required a slight loss of altitude also.

Pros and Cons for me:

Looks great right out of the box. Especially the 4 bladed prop.
Honest flyer on maiden launch.
Very slow flyer on landing with a gentle stall on the straight ahead.
Battery fits perfectly, and comes with a rapid charger.
Battery and charger use the ubiquitous Deans Ultra plugs!
72 MHz so if you want you can change the crystal and use your TX.

Price. Seems a bit high given all the competition.
Only comes as a RTF kit with transmitter included.
Some of the decals needed a little extra glue to secure them.
High end performance. Not quite the "punch" I'd like to see.

My personal suggestions are:

- come up with an ARF kit like the E'Flite P47. (I'd even pay $99.99.)


- find an outrunner that has 50 more watts of output.

Next up I plan on buying all the parts to see how hard it is to put together a modified version of the same plane using my own motor and micro sevos. The big question is what do I get in terms of decals and paint when I buy the parts.

That's it for now . . . so who else has one? What modifications have people done? What does everyone think?
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May 03, 2007, 09:05 PM
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Proper thread.

I found the proper thread. I would suggest answering and subscribing to

Hobby-Lobby Mustang

for those that are interested.

Mar 19, 2009, 07:42 PM
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2 Sunny: I bought a P51-D from HL and the elevator and ailerons would not move at all! After sending some parts They sent me a whole new plane! This is my first model so I am a novis! I do have a pilot license so I understand the attitude the Plane should be in to be airworthy! Upon preflight exam the elevator didn't move properly so I opened up the canopy and discovered the servo was loose and moving instead of the elevator. I am capable of repairing this but my question is, should the elevator be parallel to the fixed part of the tail? After trimming the elevator it appears to be in a dive position unless hand controller corrected and when controller is released it appears in the slight dive position again! Could you describe the appearance of your plane as I would like my maiden flight be semi successful! Thanks for any help here! Jim Eriksen (aka Jimboark)
Nov 11, 2009, 03:56 PM
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I'm going to give this old thread a bump. I've been flying a stock HL Art-Tech P-51 for a year. At the time I totalled it, even its patches had patches. I use the stock motor and kept the 4-blade prop on it, replacing it after crashes. I like the speed it flies, and I like the noise the 4-blade prop makes on steep dives. After taking off the landing gear, it became my favorite belly lander. Anyway, just to let you know, Hobby City/Hobby King now sells it receiver-ready for about $75. I bought one to replace my totalled bird. Lose the gear. Add expo to the ailerons. Glue on the spinner. Keep the epoxy on hand.
Apr 02, 2010, 09:07 AM
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This plane is now available as a 'receiver ready' kit for only $49.99! That includes the plane, brushless motor, esc, servos! All that for $50! I am really really thinking of purchasing one!

How does it fly compared to the P-51D BL by parkzone?
Apr 09, 2010, 11:29 AM
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Where is this kit?

Originally Posted by earthling1984
This plane is now available as a 'receiver ready' kit for only $49.99! That includes the plane, brushless motor, esc, servos! All that for $50! I am really really thinking of purchasing one!

How does it fly compared to the P-51D BL by parkzone?
So where is this "kit" available for $49.99 ???
Inquiring minds want to know
Jul 07, 2010, 11:59 AM
me, right now.
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Jul 07, 2010, 02:13 PM
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The Mini P-51 is $49.99.
May 30, 2011, 10:21 AM
DIVE BOMB!... classic
I just picked up one of these babies, and I really enjoyed how it flew. This is my first warbird, and I actually just took it up for the maiden yesterday! it was probably too windy for the plane, but she flew pretty good. I was able to do a couple loops and rolls.
I noticed on my first landing that I needed quite a bit of power to keep it from smashing into the concrete... is there any help i could get on landing this bird.

Nov 22, 2011, 07:23 PM
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Nov 26, 2016, 04:30 PM
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P-51D Mustang 1300mm with bargain price

Link removed. Sorry. Thought someone might be interested to have cheap planes.
Last edited by GasTeddy; Nov 26, 2016 at 04:53 PM. Reason: Sensitivity
Nov 26, 2016, 04:34 PM
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could you please stop advertising this shop. you have revived numerous dead threads.
Nov 26, 2016, 05:00 PM
Flyin' Finn in eternal spin...
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Originally Posted by Thecheesemiester
could you please stop advertising this shop. you have revived numerous dead threads.
How come you then read them, if they are dead? Is it forbidden to write in old topic? Didn't know that, sorry.

What's "best before" date for topics, how many days/months from last posting?
Nov 26, 2016, 05:15 PM
Pro at parking planes in trees
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there is no best before date, however if a thread hasn't been posted on in 4 years then posting on it again to advertise a shop is a little pointless. technology has improved so much on the last few years that i doubt any of the people who posted on this thread still have the plane, and the plane is no longer really relevant.

also, if it was just one thread it would be fine, but you seem to have gone systematically around the thread for every plane that is discounted advertising them. i dont want to seem oversensitive or pedantic, but it is just a little annoying when all these old threads suddenly start appearing.i dont know why... guess I'm just too OCD

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