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Oct 23, 2002, 06:13 AM
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Nice frist jet any advice would be great

After years of flying mostly scale gassers last year my wife got me a park fkyer for x-mas well the bug has really biten me lol now i have a few under my belt as the last no was the wattage f-22 raptor i was wondering would would be the next step to getting the real thing any ideas on a jet that looks like the real thing oh and the raptor is still in one peace and flying nice any help would be great thanks
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Oct 23, 2002, 09:56 AM
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You can't go wrong with a Cox/EJF F-18, MiniFan 480, Kontronic Fun 400-36, Kontronic Smile 40-6-12 controller, 10 cell Sanyo CP1700s or 10 Sanyo 4/5 1700AUPs. This is the setup I started with. It is a proven combo and it flies great.

If you wanted to go with a 90mm fan, I would look into the Jepe A-4. Great flying airframe. The nice thing about the Jepe kits is they are all inclusive, that is, the kit comes with the fan, motor, and airframe. The Jepe kits are top notch and fly great! The only downside is you will have a fairly long wait for the kit as demand is high.

If money is not an issue, go with the Jepe. If you are in a hurry, or on more of a budget, go with the Cox/EJF F-18. Just my 2 cents...

Tim H.
Oct 23, 2002, 11:55 AM
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Hi Jeffhines, The planes you have been flying are low wing loading
The high performance jets are higher wing loading, you could get into trouble fast. You have one benefit on your side and thats the
F-22. Being a pusher you have been gaining experiance flying w/out the prop blast on the control surfaces, which gets new people into trouble with there first jets. I suggest finding a new or used Kyosho T-33, run stock w/8 1700cp's. there are mods you can find on this forum to improve perf. If you are a fair builder the EJF 400 minx would also be good. These are lower wing load jets which will give you time to think, and good dead stick qualities.
The power systems is what you want to spend. You can fly these while your contemplating what rocket you want. Steve