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May 01, 2007, 08:45 PM
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RCSP Blackwing build log (by an amateur)

Hello all,

I recently picked up a Blackwing from RCSuperPowers because I love the look of the profile. Dave got it to me super fast and I've already completed it. I figured I'd put up a quick and dirty build log.

It's my fifth foam build altogether. I have under my belt:
Dynam Focus 400EP RTF
GP FunForce Hellcat (2)
HL Yak 55 (the flat one)

So needless to say I'm no expert. I'm learning quite a bit thanks to the RC boards and other websites. One of my favorite tips I've picked up is to use a water/baking soda solution to speed the curing of CA. Without this tip I'd probably still be working on the Yak!

Anyway, on with the show. First thing I noticed was that the wing halves weren't the exact same thickness so I sanded the thicker side down a little with a sanding block.

Then I decided to use carbon rods to join the wing halves rather than use toothpicks. I used a metal motor mount spacer as a drill bit guide and drilled the wholes for the carbon tubes to join the wing halves.

I beveled all the control surfaces to a 45 degree angle with a straight-edge then used shipping tape to attach them.

I used the same trick to drill holes in the fuselage for carbon rods supports.

I painted the airframe with Design Master flat black and yellow spray paint. The painted airframe weighed in at 2.6oz without carbon supports.

Next I installed the carbon fiber motor supports. I used 6min epoxy for the long wing support and CA with my homemade accelerator for the rest.

Installation of the receiver followed. I cut strategic holes in the foam to allow the servo wires to all come through to the same side. I velcroed the receiver to the foam and used a zip tie with a piece of scrap plastic as a "washer" to keep the tie from tearing through the foam. I've never had this method fail on me yet!

I attached the ESC with the same velcor/zip/plastic combination. Mounted the motor with 1" nylon spacers to get the motor out further and give me some room to play with the CG.

The finishing touch was to cut small slits in the foam for a velcro strap to keep the batteries securely attached.

That's about it! I glazed over a few details but all in all it was a very quick build. Let me know if you'd like me to fill in anything in greater detail. The airframe is suprisingly rigid for its size which I attribute to the use of carbon throughout. I can't wait to maiden it but not today due to 10 - 20mph winds. I'll post an update ASAP!

P.S. If anyone can show me where to learn how to reference the attached images in the post I'll associate the images with the correct step in the build process.
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Oct 01, 2007, 09:36 PM
I'm a Registered User
I'm building one as we speak. I'm using a cheap UH Brushless combo and a 9x3.8 prop(came with the combo). Does the Blackwing require any right thrust, or will I be ok setting teh prop straight? Thanks.
Oct 02, 2007, 12:57 PM
Just one more flight...
RCSuperPowers's Avatar
Great pics and vids guys!

Jeff, I do put a couple degrees right angle in mine. I've tried it with and without and like it with some right and even a little down.
Oct 02, 2007, 05:36 PM
Let's ride!
Jessdog's Avatar
I just flew mine yesterday after not flying for over a month! Man I forgot how agile this plane is! I'm trying to learn flat spins. Well the rubber bands I had on the prop saver broke, Luckily it was close to me. Found the prop and the battery too. Too much fun! Well worth the 10 bucks!!!

Thanks, Dave!
Oct 02, 2007, 09:30 PM
I'm a Registered User
Thanks Dave. I'll post a build log when I get alittle further along(I work pretty slow )

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