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Apr 25, 2007, 05:32 PM
Ken's CAD Models
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Bede BD-5J from Aero Ace Gear

For your pleasure,

I am very pleased with my BD-5J from scratch for some of my Aero Ace gear. I was going to wait to post, but after a sucessfull test flight I could'nt hold off.

It all started with a great 3-view from the web. I then printed it with Posteriza (a free utility at 2 sheets wide (landscape) by 2 sheets high. This gave a wingspan of 12-1/2". I laid my AA Sport on top and found a pretty close match in wingspan, length, and tail moment.

This got me going, especially after seeing Electronick's Megajet.

I added 3/8" onto the horizontal stab TE for additional stability. The narrow chord wing had me concerned. The AA Sport has a 3" chord at the root and this was only 2". That means 1/3 less wing area than the Sport. I decided to finish the model anyway (the BD-5 looks great), and to build it to accommodate different wings to experiment with (6mm Depron wing is sanded to a Clark Y airfoil). I have built a 3" chord wing as seen in the picture and will add a 2-1/2" one also. My guess is that the 3" chord will yield similar performance to the AA sport.

  1. 1-1/2" thick blue Dow foam - Fuselage
  2. 1/8" or 3mm foam - vertical and horizontal stabilizers
  3. 6mm Depron - wings and filler.
I am working on a CAD file and will upload it when complete. At that time I will add step by step instructions for those who need it.

You may like to know that there is 5 degrees of positive incidence in the wing. I measured the AA Sport at 9 degrees positive incidence.

1st Test Flight - 5:10pm 25/AP/07
One of the pictures shows the AA gear masking taped to the aiframe. This is how I tested it. Looks crude, but I wanted to play with CG before hacking a hole in the fuselage.

Test conditions; Easterly wind at 7-12 mph in an open park.

Launched directly into the wind at full throttle. Applied trim adjustment to steer straight. Aircraft penetrated the wind and had a steady but shallow climb. Made several circles. Steering response was slow but predictable. Reduced throttle to 1/2 and maintained altitude. Then parked it in the low branches of a pine tree as it drifted down wind.

Lessons learned:
  1. Move motors outboard from 2-1/4" to 3" from centerline of fuselage to improve turning response.
  2. 2" chord wing is good outdoors. Will finish the 3" chord and try indoors, but I think that a 2-1/2" one will be a good blend and look better than the 3 incher.
  3. First test is a sucess and will finish up this model and continue to use as a test bed until the lighter version is finished. This model is about 2.5 grams heavier than the AA Sport.
  4. 11-May-2007 Actual weight is 24.5g
Time to install the gear in a more permanent fashion, and add minimal graphics. The next version will have a built up upper half of fuselage and a solid foam belly and nose. I have not lightened the blue foam at all at this point.

2nd Test Flight - 8:40pm 25/AP/07

After burning the cavity for the battery and moving the motors outboard to 3" from center, I noticed the wind was down and still enough light to fly. Jumped in the car and went back to the park.

Wow! I am quite pleased with the 2" chord wing. It will maintain altitude at half throttle, even in a turn. Full throttle gives a good climb and a slight bob.

Next step is to install the horizontal stab without the additional TE material. Will test that this evening if weather is permitting.

3rd Test Flight - 12:05pm 26/AP/07

Rain today has driven me to test hop the scale horiz stab indoors. Simple straight ahead launch, and she headed for the floor. This confirmed my suspicions that the elevator might not have enough area to be effective. Switched back to 3/8" ext'd TE and she flew fine again.

I cut out an intermediate horiz. stab. to test on next flight (3/16" ext'd TE). Also finished AA gear installation, wing fillets, and belly fairing.

Waiting for fairer weather - 7:48pm 27/AP/07

Weather is keeping me in. I did however get to paint the blue foam today and add stripes. A co-worker suggested using acrylic paint. Went to Wal-marts and picked up some white for $0.44, and thinned with purified water and sprayed with an air brush. This really controlled the amount that went on well.

The canopy and blue and red stripes were added with a permanent marker.

One cool feature that was added is the exhaust pipe. I used a strip of mylar cut from an anti-static bag and used Uhu glue stick to attach. Looks like polished stainless, and very light weight.

Fourth Test Flight - 8:00am 02/MY/07

I had to replace the motors, they were not providing the same thrust left to right and the prop on the LH motor had a bad vibration. A friend donated his AA Power Hawk motors. These were very smooth and quiet compared to previous motors (from original AA bipe with lots of time in Micro Ultimate).

Added balsa nose block and wing leading edges for damage protection. Increased dihedral angle to 7 degrees per side.

5-10 mph winds
I could never have expected the performance I saw today. This plane stayed aloft on the 2nd step throttle setting. When full power is applied it zooms into a near vertical (75 degree) stall. When recovering from the stall if done into the wind with full throttle it does a loop. Stall turns are possible, and yaw induced roll is very positive. Very close to getting it to roll in the zoom.

A friend and I are attempting to video these achievements this Thursday evening (03/MY/07). Hope to have this uploaded that evening.

Attempted Video Flight - 8:15pm 03/MY/07

Bad day, Wind did not go down enough and I was desperate to get some video for you all to see. Not enough good footage to even post. I will try next week. Going camping for the weekend. Snapped one wing and loosened the nose block . I will repair tomorrow morning. Depron is very easy to repair and the repairs are virtually invisible. Oh well! BFR (Building, Flying, Repairing).

So far, nothing but grins!
Ken (dz1sfb)
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Apr 29, 2007, 09:26 PM
Got H2? Fuel Cell R/C Car
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Very nice!!!!
I have always liked the BD-5. My dad actually owned the one that was used in the James Bond movie before they bought it off him (as a incomplete kit, they were a pain to put together)
When do we see a video?
Apr 30, 2007, 06:03 AM
Ken's CAD Models
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Originally Posted by Keith43221
Very nice!!!!
I have always liked the BD-5. My dad actually owned the one that was used in the James Bond movie before they bought it off him (as a incomplete kit, they were a pain to put together)
When do we see a video?
Hi Keith,

I am working on getting a video. First I have to borrow a camera. A co-worker has volunteered to help with this.

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May 04, 2007, 10:11 AM
did it flied?
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Dude, that looks sweet, just like the real thing! I am very glad you actually made your BD5 look as sharp as it should in real life. Once you have built a plane using the 'carved foam method' then you will find it easy in the future to build scale models in one evening!

May 04, 2007, 11:11 AM
Ken's CAD Models
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Thanks Electronick,
Yeh, the foam method is very fast. I am endeavoring to reproduce this model in balsa and am finding that I am liking foam for this small stuff even more.

Ken (dz1sfb)
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Dec 28, 2009, 03:26 PM
AAces High
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Still working on this. Very tedious this being my first plane made from plans. But I just love this little plane. It pull at my heart strings. What a cool design and must be a joy to fly a real one.


OOOppss.. wrong thread. I'm building the AA version.
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