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Jun 28, 2007, 03:57 AM
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I glued 2 pieces together with Household Welder Glue, which I used on the whole plane.

Front of plane



Back of plane

We are working on plans now also.

I am using a 8X4 gws HD prop on 3-cell 680 cells. Komodo 22/04/17

Here's a link for more videos of the Cutlass.
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Jun 28, 2007, 01:57 PM
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I will wait for the plans before I try to build one.
Jul 04, 2007, 11:43 AM
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Hows the plan coming?
Jul 09, 2007, 02:15 PM
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Hello, anybody there?

Any developments?
Jul 10, 2007, 06:27 AM
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No Plans yet ???
Latest blog entry: Lost plans
Jul 10, 2007, 07:24 AM
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Sorry for the delays guys, plans were finished over a week ago and sent to Tomcor to check the dimensions. I've not had any feedback yet (he's not been on RCG since) which is why the plans haven't been posted.

I'll post the plans later today and revise them later if necessary.

Jul 10, 2007, 02:56 PM
Build 2 Bounce!


Ok folks, here are the plans....

They should make sense if you look at the pictures in the first post. The red lines on the plans can be used to make spray-masks if you like the original paint scheme.

If you spot any faults or have any questions then let me know.

Happy Building

Jul 10, 2007, 03:41 PM
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Thanks Si
I wonder what happened to Tomcor.... Holiday ?
Jul 18, 2007, 02:57 AM
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Thread OP
I haven't checked in, in awhile ,sorry. The plane is all made from 9MM EPP . I sent Firetrappe some corrected dimensions. I have 2 carbon rods masking taped to the bottom of the wing at an angle also I added. You can use strapping tape instead. There is a 4MM carbon tube imbedded in the wing also. As you can see from the pictures. Happy Flying..
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Jul 21, 2007, 03:02 PM
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Here are ammended plans from Tom's measurements. Changes from the original plans posted are as follows :

Fuselage and verticals have been scaled down slightly.
Wingtips have been made parallel (sweep removed).
Elevon length increased.
Verticals are now spaced slightly further apart.

Jul 22, 2007, 01:34 AM
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Thanks Si. I am back from my holidays in I didn't go by boat.

For our non English friends.......It's been very rainy here for the last month or so. Theres been flash flooding and a lot of places in the UK at the moment are underwater.

compare this to Warr's FFFLY for an Epp wing/Delta build
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Jul 22, 2007, 07:33 AM
Use whatcha got!
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FT - any chance on a full (non-tiled) plan?

That'll help me to scale it to fit my motors!


-mike s.
Jul 22, 2007, 09:54 AM
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David, I hope your holiday wasn't a total washout. This time last year I was flying every night, this year i'm lucky to get one good day a week

No worries MS, I meant to post them yesterday. I was thinking a 20" version with a C20 might be fun
Jul 22, 2007, 10:52 AM
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Thank Si.

Holiday was ok, got about 2 hour of bright subshine a day.
Where I live south london if it's not raining it's very windy.

Thanks for the full size plans. I have just found a print shop that can print PDF's £1.70 to open the file + paper costs. I just had a full size plan printed of the Funder n' lightning for £3.90 Which for London ain't bad, I will probably get the Cutlass printed by them

What do you use to cut the slot for CF rods in EPP?
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Jul 22, 2007, 03:10 PM
Use whatcha got!
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Hi-5 FT!

20" w/ a C20 might be fun, but then again... A 30" w/ a 1700KV Blue (grey) wonder would also be cool


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