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Apr 15, 2007, 05:27 PM
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My dad took me to a RocStock event yesterday. It was pretty fun, but the wind picked up at 11 and we had to leave. I flew twice, my Quest Intruder and Estes CC express. (Low power.) The Intruder was on a C6-5, and was spinning to the right on accent, but deployment was at apogee, and decent was fairly good, albeit a little too fast. Second was the CC express on a D12-0 to a D12-5. My dad got a good video of it, and my avatar is currently it lifting up. Very nice flight, straight and high. Deployment was great, and the reusable "wadding" I had bought functioned perfectly. It came down somewhat fast and broke the fin slightly, but at least it did not drift.

Today I did a slight modification to fly my Rock-It on a C engine. Untrustworthy internet simulation predicts 70.6 feet at 30 miles per hour! Another predicts 144.28 feet at 46.93 miles per hour. Slow=good. Somewhere in between I'll assume. Sounds unstable, but fun. I added too much nose weight, it weighs .415 pounds! This may add even more instability. That is why this one flies locally, with my group, don't want some record following me! Can't lose this one!

On a side note, my Shun Da Sky Hawk is fixed! The wing is very strong now, and the rudder has been fixed as well. Something to hold me until I have saved up enough money for a Fling glider.
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Apr 17, 2007, 10:19 PM
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The Sky Hawk

I ran a test on the old Sky Hawk to see if the battery still worked. Took it outside and ran the throttle on full, and it seemed to work quite well. Once during the test the motor twitched, but the radio is 27 mhz and I was near the house. I think it is just interference from an appliance nearby. Regardless it did not do it again, so the radio should be okay, but it is a terrible one so who knows. I'll check that at the field with a field check. I timed the battery run and was pleased that it ran for 5:01 at the highest power level. Nothing special, but it will do. I spend over half the time gliding anyways, and don't fly on the full throttle unless I am extremely low. I think I could get 12 minutes flying as conservative as possible and 10 minutes easily. Come on wind, stop blowing so hard every day!

Although it is a "crappy" plane, maybe it will help me fly when I get a "real" glider because I can fly this underpowered, heavy, yet somehow still extremely fun plane. Now if only rudder and elevator were not reversed...
Apr 19, 2007, 11:28 PM
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The AirHogs Skywinder died

My AirHogs Skywinder suddenly stopped functioning. The battery would not charge. I opened it up, but it was no use, I could not find the problem. Reluctantly I took it apart after about an hour of tinkering, and saved the "valuable" parts, such as the motors. I got way too attached to this plane. You may laugh at this statement but I felt like tearing up throwing it away. Amazing how much emotional significance you can feel to a machine and toy after flying it around for two years. It had at least 60 flights, and performed probably 100 loops and countless other tricks I invented in those flights. It could fly for 4 minutes with good piloting, so I got at least 240 minutes of airtime, or 4 hours. Not that much, but it was always fun to fly this plane that had almost too much power for the size of the park! I thank you AirHogs, you got me into the R/C plane hobby with that thing, and it flew amazing for 30 dollars. It is hard to express how a simple toy altered my life so much, but I'm sure everybody here understands what flight is like to themselves...

If this is what happens when I break a toy plane, I don't want to consider a real r/c one.
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