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Apr 04, 2007, 01:11 PM
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First Day Out w/ H9 PTS Mustang=Not so good.. lol

Well ya, todays forcast, 25 degrees with 15-25, mph winds. Sun was starting to come out. So i went to this gulf course thats in a valley type setting to get out of the wind. My dad's friend owns the golf course.

I got the terd started, its hard to start without a electric hand starter, so i had to keep spinning it by hand. It wouldnt start so i squirted some fuel down the carb. This engine seems to like lots of fuel to get started! I started taxying around and took of into the wind, I just wanted to lift off then come back down, well when i came back down! The Dam right wheel fell off, the set screw came off on one of them collars! lol I never checked them let alone loctite them! I could have fixed it, but called it a day, i dont want to maiden it on a windy/cold day!

Friday i want to buy one of them flight boxes that holds the gallon of fuel and stuff, get one of the hand fuel cranks (LOL i was using a regular car fuel bottle with fuel line in it taped up)

This weekend is looking promising!

But one thing i need some advice with the engine! Seems like i have to lean the top end needle almost all the way down for it to RPM up! Could this be a low needle issue to? The manual says to tune the high speed needle first for rpm and then once you have that set, go to the lower speed.

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Apr 04, 2007, 01:31 PM
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A little suggestion . . . don't try to do this alone. Get an instructor.

Otherwise, that pretty little 'Stang is going to resemble a box of toothpicks in a very short time.
Apr 04, 2007, 01:35 PM
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An instructor will also be able to check your plane over and make sure you do stuff like loc-tite the set screws in the wheel collars and put flats on the gear where the set screws will contact them. An instructor will also be able to help you set the engine so it runs correctly, and includes dealing with the restrictor collar on the needle valves.

Like Vipor Pilot said, your plane will last a lot longer with an instructor there to help you along. The other option will be to take along a large trash bag to pick up the remains.

Apr 04, 2007, 03:02 PM
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There are a number of safety concerns also that an instructor will point out. I posted another thread on it earlier, but just knowing where to stand while starting can make a difference between a trip to the emergency room and a great day of flying! Even if you have experience with electric, I would recommend at least one session with an instructor just to go over basics.
Apr 04, 2007, 10:21 PM
Deletedfor proving Nauga wrong
Part of the issue with the PTS's Evolution engine not turning up high rpm is the design of that 3-balde prop.

That prop is specificly made to keep the plane from going fast.

We have a local clubmember who has one of the PRS Mustangs, and the engine on his wouldn't "spin up" as high RPM as we thought was normal for a .46. After a couple of flights, we "experimented" and stuck on a 2-blade prop. The engine sounded better immediately.

The local clubmember was guided in the inspection of his model and all the potential problem parts (wheel collars included) were secured appropriately, so he's had nothing fall off.
He soloed 3 weeks ago and plans to enter a "Pattern" Aerobatic competition with the PTS Mustang (no longer using the LE droops or LG airbrakes... Flaps on a servo) in just over 2 more weeks. Fast learner...
Apr 05, 2007, 12:33 AM
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ive flown before last year, i shouldnt of tried to take her up yesterday, lil to windy with my first flight with that particular plane. Im going to dremel notches for the set screws and loctime them set screws! i was planning on getting a new spinner and a 11x5-11x6 2 blade prop. This plane takes 2 3/4 spinner, right?
Apr 05, 2007, 12:35 AM
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ill make a video when i get her up this weekend, just have to figure out how to convert a quicktime .mov file to one that can play in windows media player cause 95% people on here prolly dont have quicktime.

Sparky - Will I have to adjust the low speed on this motor you think? will i have to take off the blue collar on the low speed? i already took of the high needle blue collar
Apr 05, 2007, 05:09 AM
Deletedfor proving Nauga wrong
The Evolution engines practically never need to be adjusted outside the limits of the blue limiters for the first gallon of fuel.

Pretty close to 1 gallon of use, pull the limoter off, and center the adjustment range on where your needle is set. You shouldn't have to move the limiter again unless yo change fuel (go from 10% nitro to 20% for example)

From my experience.. I believe the engines were test run at the factory using 15% nitro fuel. The 3 Evolution engines I have helped start thier first (after purchase) time needed no adjustment when using 15%. Change the nitro content and you WILL need to change the needle setting. (both the high and low speed needles)
Apr 05, 2007, 07:18 AM
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what are the stock settings for the low and high needles by chance.
Apr 05, 2007, 12:54 PM
Deletedfor proving Nauga wrong
I have never taken the collar off and turned the needle in on an Evolution engine to find out how many turns out the factory set it.

I would expect, from experience with a lot of .40 class glow engine.. anywhere from 1.5 to 2.75 turns on the main needle.

The idle setting varies widely from maker to maker, depending on the carb design. I have seen some (dual needle carbs) that had the idle screw at appx 1 turn, and some at over 7 turns. (from "seating" when throttle is fully closed)

I have yet to have a .40 to .60 size engine fail to start if the main needle was at 3.5 turns open and throttle wide open. (unless there was something else wrong, like a bad glow plug...)

When approaching the Idle setting, after reworking a gummed up carb I am unfamiliar with, I start at 10 turns out.

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