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Apr 03, 2007, 03:23 PM
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First Giant Gasser

I have been thinking of getting a 25-30% scale aerobat for a while, and I think I am about ready to pull the trigger. I like the look of the H9 27% Extra 260. I also have been thinking of the Evolution 45GX2 for power. I have a limited carrying space in my truck ('01 Toyota Tacoma Xtra cab) and this plane fits, according to a fellow club member that has the same plane and truck.

I am looking for recommendations for other possibilities in this area. Price is an object, I will be piecing the project together over a few months, but will be using good equipment.


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Apr 06, 2007, 10:26 PM
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Hey Mike. Well from what you have just said, 27% 260 and The new 45. I would go one small jump up. Take a look at the Aeroworks line of 50cc models. I just made the jump to a Yak 54 with a D/A 50. And man what a plane. I bought the plane new from Aeroworks but everything else I picked up on RCU. Servos, Motor. the hardware kit is complete. You will only need to pick up two switches, and your servo ext's. All the other hardware is in the box. Fuel lines,fuel tank,smoke tank,control horns,ball joint ends,wire ties,tires.the plane comes with all flight surfaces hinged,well all but the rudder, but it's even pre drilled. I picked up five 8611a's for 80$ each and the motor for 575 dollars and it already had a slimline invert pitts muffer on it. Just shop around. I have never flown a plane like this new Yak. No Shi@. That said the 260 is a nice bird. We have a few guys at our site that fly these. One has a D/A 50 and one has a ??? well I'm not sure really. Anyway just my two cent worth. Just Have fun! Jim
Apr 07, 2007, 02:03 AM
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I posted a similar question to another site and have had many good answers. I think I am going to wait just a little while and get one of the new 85" Wild Hare SU-26's. I have always liked the -26 and getting a giant version would be awesome. I have been thinking of which engine to get, and WH is going to start selling the 3mm engines as well. 53cc for <$400 with the stock muffler. I haven't heard much about the engine, but, I have some time to research it. If it doesn't pan out as a good engine, there's always the DA's. There are some pix of the plane on the other other forum site if you want to see it. I wish Wild Hare would post some pix here, it really is a nice looking plane, although the 103" 100cc -26 they have is downright awesome! The Red Bull scheme is beautiful!

Apr 07, 2007, 12:48 PM
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I am currently working on my First gasser. I got a 1/4 SIG Sukhoi airframe for a really good price. I had not considered a gasser...but the deal was too good to turn down. I have a Brillelli 46 for it. Currently been fixing the airframe. New firewall etc. Previous owner got more epoxy on the outside of the plane...than inside. I am re-doing the elavator hinges. Whoever put them in butchered them really bad. Very little epoxy was holding the tail feathers on. I had to put more epoxy in the main wing joint then glassed the joint top and bottom. I plan on running a 6v NiMh dual battery set up. Still waffleing on servo's. Either Hitec 645's or spend a little more and get Hitec 5645 digitals for the control surfaces.
Any tips and or reccomendations will be appreciated.
Apr 07, 2007, 02:08 PM
89" Kool Aid drinker.
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I have a H9 Katana S90 that I converted to electric... Never again. For the price of the power system I coulda had a 3mm engine and the Suk 26 that I am now planning on getting from WH. No jokin. Tom at WH said about $1k for the plane and engine. The engine has been getting good reviews at RCU, so I think I am going to give it a try when the plane comes out at the end of this month or next.


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