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Oct 21, 2002, 07:34 PM
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I think I'll balance it tonight... See what it weighs and then maybe add another couple of coats of goop on it for strength and then see where it comes out weight wise. It sounds like if I can keep it between 19-20 oz. I'll be doing just fine.
I"ll then save the extra ballast for very windy days.
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Oct 21, 2002, 07:58 PM
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Yeah, if you can add the weight via extra GOOP on the fuselage, good idea!
Oct 21, 2002, 08:18 PM
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I was thinking about getting a Moth to go along with my 56" Bluto. What size receiver battery are you guys using? I was thinking about 1200 mah or larger. I wouldn't want to use anything smaller, maybe it is a little overkill.

Oct 21, 2002, 09:36 PM
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4-cell 270mah.
Oct 21, 2002, 09:55 PM
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Don't use those amp sucking GWS servos you like . The biggest you should use is maybe a 600mah NiMH pack. They are very close in size/weight to the 270's, but the 270 size pack is what it is designed for. Fry's carries the 600mah phone NiMH cell packs, 3 cell pack for $5.99, thats 3 - 4 cell packs for $23.96 + tax and the 4 cell packs come out at 2 oz each. I use them in all my small gliders, no nicad memory problems and last all day.
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Oct 22, 2002, 10:27 AM
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Thanks for the info, I didn't realize how amp sucking those servos were. I will have to talk to Perry at Aeromicro, maybe they have improved them.

I have a spare set of HS-85MG's, that I will surely use when my Bluto gets here.

Thanks again Henry
Oct 22, 2002, 12:39 PM
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Moth is ready

I finished up the Moth last night... It's in the back of my car waiting for the afternoon wind to hit.... It came out balanced at 18.7oz. The CG point is very
small on this plane... The slightest movement and the plane tips back and forward very quickly....
Until I get the CG locked in I decided rather than glue in the other side piece on the fuse, I'm just going to use strapping tape to hold it on...
The plane is so small, I don't feel comfortable just going to the park and chucking it to test the trims.. I think I'll just do it in the air....
Any thoughts on the first toss? I'm hoping to have at least 8-10mph wind at Temple... I think to hit fermin for the first time with a untested plane could get a little hairy and perhaps a little soggy....
Sorry I don't have a digital camera yet..... The fuse is dark blue and the wings are yellow on top and black on the bottom... The elevons are black the tail is yellow also...
Wish me luck
Oct 22, 2002, 01:16 PM
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Good Luck, but it's all skill!

Yeah, right. I didn't have enough up elevator available on my first toss, and needed to reset the rod length, but other than that, it flew fine. You are correct w/ your cg comments, but in good wind, it's actually fairly forgiving, but it definitely becomes apparent when it's too far back.

I just put another coat of goop on mine to get the weight up, and seal in my ballast. Hope it still flies... ...N
Oct 23, 2002, 09:39 AM
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First Flight

Don't try and fly a new plane unless you've got quite a bit of wind!!!
I went to Temple at around 4pm and although their appeared to be a breeze......
I learned a couple of things. One careful where you put the weight in the nose. I had a loose torpedo weight that moved onto the receiver area and hit the antenna... Why are those elevons moving when I'm not moving the stick....
Also, I found that I had to much weight in the nose... almost everytime I threw the plane it went straight down. I gave some up trim and took out some weight. I could then get the plane flying level and then I'd run out of lift... What a pain in the .....
I'll just have to wait for some real lift....
Oct 23, 2002, 11:30 AM
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Don't give up. I've seen at least one person sell his
Moth because "It just doesn't fly"... I've also seen other local guys completely frustrated and it was all just a matter of getting the CG right on and giving it a little less elevator movement. Make sure that the throws are also setup according to the directions. Too much elevator and you'll be fighting the plane the whole time.

Oct 23, 2002, 12:46 PM
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It will Fly

Oh this sucker will fly.... I just need more wind and lift to allow me to keep the sucker in the air..... The lift band was so narrow that I didn't have a chance..... I moved the weight so my receiver antenna wire doesn't hit the metal weight. Now my elevons only move when I want them to... I can't wait for a windy day
Oct 23, 2002, 12:56 PM
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Definately watch your elevator throw, to much and the plane will hyper stall, but fortunately the moth recovers nicely, also have a small 1/4 oz weight that you can move up or down the fuse, this will help you find the sweet spot, once you find the sweet spot, re-CG the plane, mark the CG point, rebalance to the new CG, thats what I did with my moth, had Harris Nelson fly it, He said it was right on the money.

If you Have any problems, you can check the web site at
check the FACs page.
they should have all the answers you need.

also if you are tired of ZAGI's check out my web site. I have some excellent performance planes.
the stingwing may look similar to a zagi, but it will out fly it any day.
and if any of the other planes intrest you just give us a call or e-mail us
(760) 751-2807
Oct 23, 2002, 12:56 PM
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Tenover (Scott);

Boy do ever know what you mean, I had an awful time trying to get my JW trims figured out. Luckily I got a lot of help, I just programmed in the right amount of expo with the right amount of throws. I couldn't believe how much extra elevator throw would do to it.

Maybe I will be lucky enough not to go through that whole ordeal again, when I get my Bluto and Moth. I guess the Moth isn't a light lift ship, like the JW.

Oct 23, 2002, 02:27 PM
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Aaagh.. I swear everyone else must not be flying the same JW I have. Tip stalls while looping, sensitive elevator, light air?!
My JW was not particularly sensitive about the CG placement, which has changed quite a bit. Mine is impossible to tip stall and I've gone from very little to a lot of elevator throw without any ill effects. I fly it on a Flash 4X, so I can't control just the elevator throw. The only thing I could do was put some exponential on that channel, and I only did that to dampen the response a bit for DS speeds. It wasn't necessary for normal flying.

And if the Moth doesn't fly in lighter air than your JW, then something is very wrong with the Moth. The 60" JW is a bit more floaty than the 54" but neither is exactly a light air ship. I own a 54" and fly with a 60" and they come down before the Zagi's in light air. The Moth, on the other hand shouldn't be any heavier than a Zagi and a hell of a lot more efficient.

Oct 23, 2002, 09:41 PM
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Now I need Help

My ego took a major hit today....
Temple hill was blowing.... My 11 year old was able to put his XR Combat wing up 200 feet in less than 10 seconds....
I couldn't get this moth to go up if my life depended on it...
I'd throw it and it just wanted to go down or it would go out straight for awhile. I would bank it to try and get a nice easy turn going and then boom, down it would start heading....
I'd keep it in the air for maybe 5-10 seconds and that would be it...
I tried adding more weight to the nose... and it would do the same thing... I took weight out and the same thing would occur but I might last a few extra seconds... Then when it was really blowing, I added another 1.5 oz. to the bottom of the fuse over the cg point thinking maybe the plane wasn't getting through the air and boom down it would go...
I tried more throw then I tried less throw....
Finally I pulled the plug and flew my XR wing and quickly jumped
500 feet in the air and could pull off any manuver I wanted...
I understand that some wings need speed to manuver. I've learned this with a small brushless pylon plane as well as a 60in
slope racer.. Turns will mush unless you're moving... Well I couldn't
keep the darn thing in the air...
Help please

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