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Mar 19, 2007, 02:44 AM
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Taps to charging cradle - Hyperion 1210i LBA-10 balance charging of free Li-Ion Cells

First post here not as an RC'er, but rather a high performance flashlight hobbyist from the CandlePowerForums, and seeking your help with safely charging individual Li-Ion cells like sold in this thread.

I bought the Hyperion 1210i recently, and am trying to figure out how to do a 4S or 6S (1P) Li-Ion charging setup that would also allow me to use the LBA-10 balancer. Obviously, battery holder packs like these are in series and do not allow individual taps to each cell, and especially with unprotected cells is a major fire/explosion risk.

I do not want to solder to these cells, as they have a delicate Protected PCB circuit under the + terminal. I'm wondering if I can put six individual cells in three simple battery charging cradles like this image, which has two "slots" to hold 2 batteries of various sizes.

Then I could solder individual wires to each terminal connector so it gets configured for a 6S (1P) setup and harness using the layout illustrated on this RC Calculations site.

That series of 6 battery slots (in 3 cradles) would be wired to this harness connector and plugged into the LBA-10 (& 1210i) for faster and balanced charging.

I just do not know if you can setup a charging "pack" of cradles with slots in series like this with plain wires going to the harness connector without having any balancing PCB that (I think) is normally in the Hyperion battery packs.

Here is an example of a nice MagLite mod that uses 8 x 14670 Li-ion cells to give an output of about 1500 Lumens (where normal 2D size Maglite puts out about 15-20 lumens).
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Mar 19, 2007, 06:20 PM
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If it is not safe to try and make a way to charge free Li-Ion cells in a 4S or 6S setup, I don't need to. It's just really a question of what is involved with the "taps" that are in LiPo packs. I have not been able to find any free Li-Ion cell chargers that hold more than two slots...and it seems there could be a safe setup with balancing that could work with my Hyperion & LBA-10.
Mar 20, 2007, 07:38 AM
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Here was another thread that shows their FAQ diagram. The idea is to use the charger terminals to solder the balancing taps to that would go into a harness for the Hyperion, instead how they are normally attached to the ends of the batteries in packs.

Mar 20, 2007, 06:06 PM
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I think that last diagram answers your question. You somehow need to add the 'charging leads' to your battery pack for balance charging. This is how all our LiPo packs are wired.
Mar 20, 2007, 08:50 PM
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Yes, although I am going to add the taps to the charging cradle contacts. Also have someone interested in fabricating a cradle that would have 10-12 in series slots with adjustable springs for many battery sizes & taps on the contact points...which will go into a harness back to the LBA-10.

This is a huge market, as the only way to safely charge multiple Li-Ion cells now is with very low current 2 slot chargers.
Apr 29, 2007, 01:19 AM
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Just wanted to post this for posterity in case anyone does a search for charging individual Li-Ion cells. The details about it are in this CPF forum thread.

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