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Mar 06, 2007, 03:44 PM
RC Addict
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More ads?? Now there are 4 ads on the page before any content...

RCG has always done a good job of minimizing the interference of ads. I appreciate that very much. But this latest ad with Heli-Max/Futuba/Great Plains/Whomever else from that group is too much!

Lets take a look at a forum page:

Hobby-Lobby ad: small, non-intursive and effective (I like seeing what they have on sale and they are a huge RCG sponser!)

Rotating banner ad - not too big and does a good job of letting users know whats new and who supports RCG!

ACTUAL CONTENT (gasp) - Forum nagivagtion bar

New ad - across the WHOLE page, intterrupts the forum header. This is very annoying. Not relavent to forum content (unless by chance!)

Forum sponser Ad (usually an ad that is relavent to the content)

Forum (FINALLY!).

On my primary monitor (the one I run the broswer) the resolution is 1280x1024. The first HALF of the page is ADS! FOUR ads then the content starts. What's happening??

I can't wait for the BLINKING ads and pop-ups start. This latest ad insert is really "the straw that broke the camels back" type. Except this more like a fully loaded barbel. The other ads don't really get to me, this one down right aggrevates me! I dont' know why - just wanted to give you some feedback on the change.

I still love RCG but I'd also love to see this latest obstruction disappear.

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Mar 07, 2007, 12:04 AM
jbourke's Avatar

The new ad bar is currently showing up in places where it wasn't intended. This will be rectified shortly, probably by the time you read my response.


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