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Oct 04, 2002, 02:33 AM
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OK, I need some real help with my S&B ME163

I got my Mega 5t with a vario prop 6x4.5 and put it in my S&B ME163. I put everything together and flew today.

When taking off the Mega took it and climbed the 163 at about 35-40 degree angle. It accelerated and then went FAST. Here are my problems. It did great at 1/4 throttle and cruised around at a decent rate. When going anywhere over 1/2 throttle it screamed around the sky but when you actually went to control the plane no matter how little the control inputs were it was all over the sky (It looked like I was way over controlling which I wasn't). With the controls so touchy high speed flying will not be fun.

Also when I would slow it way down it started a high angle of attack and then would stall.

My thoughts are the CG is too far back 141-142mm back (135 recommended).

Secondly should I use dual rates? Or will fixing the cg help?

When I flew it with my s400 and a Gunther prop it flew but was a bit nose heavy and never had the speed the Mega puts out. It also didn't have the control problems I have now.

I crashed this plane 3 times tonight. 1) Into a chain link fence at 1/2 speed. 2) It hit a tree and then fell onto a roof 1 block away. 3) Into a second tree (the tallest one of course) and go stuck on top. My lhs owner was with me when I was trying to get everything going and he was amazed at the punishment this took. The only damage I had was the plastic windscreen that gets Velcro on got cracked and the landing skid was loosened from the fuse.

To give you an Idea of how hard the crash was into the fence, When I changed out batt all the wrapping on my pack was cracked in 5 diffrent places on my 8x600 pack.


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Oct 04, 2002, 08:24 AM
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Dual rates AND exponential, if you have them. As the plane moves faster and faster, less control surface movement is required. If you can't train your thumbs to do it, train your radio

The ME163 is essentially a flying wing. Flying wings are very touchy about CG. Move the CG back a couple mm on a conventional aircraft, and you won't notice much difference. You're 7mm (9/32" to 5/16") behind the recommended CG. On a small plane like that, that's a LOT. It'll make it squirrelly and cause it to mush around tail-low at lower speeds.
Oct 04, 2002, 08:52 AM
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High expo (50-75%) should tame it. As the plane is now faster, it's more sensitive to control input. I don't use dual rates (personal preference), but they can be used for low vs high speed settings to help as well.
Oct 04, 2002, 09:42 AM
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We use another battery type in addition to the 500ar or 600ae types. Try a 7 cell 1100AAU pack, they look like aa's, but can handle a few amps - I use this pack on a promax cobalt that draws over 35amps, the extra weight up front on the me163 would also help with the brushless, sounds ironic, but actually works.

Oct 20, 2002, 10:47 AM
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Well guys I think I better get back to you on this. I changed my whole radio setup on my Eclipse. I set the throws to what was recomended. Then put in 70% on the expo and -50% on the dual rates both elev and aileron.

I then flew 3 batts no prob. It flew great. I think my CG is still a little too far back but hey I've gotten rid of a huge prob.

Thanks guys


PS: On the third pack I felt comfortable enough to let some 9 and 6 year old kids I know fly it for a min (with help of course). The bird is just way too fast .