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Mar 01, 2007, 03:06 AM
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Originally Posted by SPARTMAN
was it a total loss or is it fixable?
well thats the thing about glass. the wing didn't look that bad, but the carbon shattered. the gears on the servos hs-81mg stripped. and Jeremy's build thread bonded the glass to epp so good i ripped the wing apart getting the srevo out. that was a wot dive onto the street. i think about 130+.
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Mar 01, 2007, 03:12 AM
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o ya. i love the rcwork wing. i have two, and would tell anyone to buy one. you do have to see this sledge. i'll post my build.
Mar 01, 2007, 04:16 AM
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Originally Posted by SPARTMAN

Here it is. All thats left is covering, wingtips and a few minutes to install the control rods!

It has for its power system a het3w with a 4.75x4.5apc, highmodel 60 amp esc with switchmode bec , 3s 20c 2200 hxts , berg4l and 2x hs81s. Pulls 28 amps of angry bee when I bench run it! Seemed like a lot of thrust as well. I wonder what the 4.75x4.75 will do.... I am worried about batt bay cooling so I may steal an idea I read in a post not to long ago about using Needlepoint plastic for batt tray covers.

I am so stoked to fly this wing, she should be insanely fast!!
use a apc 5 X 5 or a 5.25 X4.75, that what i used. at first i ran a 5.5x4.5, insane thrust on that small wing, and it would turn the wing at wot. then i used a 5x5, way fast. then i crashed, i never had cooling problems. i was running a 3s 4000mah lipo 12c
Mar 01, 2007, 12:08 PM
Thread OP
I don't think the wing is thick enough to use any bigger 3s batts than I have but.......I was thinking 2 2s square shaped pack would fit side by side
I will see if I can handle it at the current speed first though
Mar 01, 2007, 06:36 PM
resU deretsigeR
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Originally Posted by grumman5277
Shawn,It will work just fine.I think Paul and I over complicated my thread a little but I think you will be happy with it.
Your right we (Me) did dirty it up a bit.

I like the mesh door.. adds some rigiity while opening the top of the wing..

Nice... Simple.. Simply Nice...
Mar 07, 2007, 02:36 AM
Thread OP
control rods and tips are installed balances at 6.75 w no lead...waiting for the rain to cease
Mar 12, 2007, 02:54 PM
Thread OP
rain stopped.........wing maiden was a success! ! ! And I thought my previous wings were fast
I did not need to mess with the thrust line or anything. This wing has absolutely no reflex No change in pitch from full throttle to no throttle. I need to tune in my ailerons a bit more because full rates cause a wing stall. Its has unlimited vert at blazing speed Loops are tight and it changes direction almost instantly. I just need to get used to it going across the field in 3 seconds. Boy does it howl I will use the current prop for a while then try for more amps/ more speed I think I can get 10 more amps out of these batts. (Ill wait till I can fly it without giggling like a girl)
Mar 12, 2007, 11:50 PM
Orange Lives Matter!
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I take it you like it?

I like the LS, nothing out there flies like it.

It's unique in it's flight characteristics, fun for the experienced. A skill builder for the aspiring R/C pilot.

I have flown these since I started making them about 4 years ago, my originals were EPS and spruce, even with the $10 Zagi motor and 8 cells of 2/3A they would perform well.

I had one prototype running a Graupner 6304L brushed 480 and 8 cells of CP1300 which is what took me to what your flying today.

Now it's a 4 turn Mega and a 3 cell stack of 4000 mah LiPos, I may have to go to a slightly lighter cell and up the cell count to 4.
Mar 13, 2007, 12:12 AM
just winging it
john wing's Avatar
i turned my d/r to 50% then 40% then 30% i might go to 20% on my 36" wing.
Mar 13, 2007, 12:55 AM
Thread OP
The answer to your question is "F--- YEAH!!" cause thats what I was muttering to myself as it was screaming by. It was so far beyond anything I expected. So fast and on rails too. I was just sitting here thinking how to make it faster.....4s yes I can convince the wife I need 4s my dreams. Seriously though there are not many places that are large enough to fly this plane around here as it eats up ground at an unreal speed.
Mar 13, 2007, 03:11 AM
Orange Lives Matter!
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Now imagine making it 20% smaller in all directions using the same motor and a 3s2100 pack to drop the wing loading... That is Project: X

Dave is using a JustGoFly 500TH and 4 cells of 2100 and hitting 130mph with his Project: X

The 30 inchers are harder to see and every bit as fast.
Mar 15, 2007, 12:47 AM
Thread OP
So I did an inadvertent durability test today. It was a little bit chilly and the glue holding my velcro on 1 side of my batt bay came loose, I thought that it shouldn't be a problem as I was just going to cruise around. Anyways I was clipping along full speed straight and level at approx 250 ft altitude and decided to stick it in a dive . Well on full down elevator the batt ejected from the wing. It traveled a nice arc down and landed in the mud undamaged (I don't know how) we never saw it leave the ac. The wing traveled anothe 400 ft bleeding speed me Thinking did I blow up my bat or speed controller. I banged the sticks around for its whole trip to the ground thinking its done for. At 200 feet altitude the forward speed was all gone and it just kept doing micro stalls all the way to the ground. It landed nose first into the parking lot pavement no damage....not even a wrinkle in the covering. My friends son walked over to disconnect the batt for me and said "where is the battery in this thing?" I said " under the hatch" he said "the hatch is empty" I said "I guess I should have taped the hatch shut"

So lesson was learned ,loss of control was figured out, five minute fod walk to find the battery . I was disbelieving that it could possibly be undamaged after all of that but it appears so. I have it outside in a glass jar right now. I will be charging it outside on my cement driveway tommorow afternoon hopefully it will be alright.

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