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Feb 16, 2007, 09:47 AM
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Heli-Max Axe EZ swash plate on an E-Flite Blade CX2

One of the few complaints I have about my CX2 is the slop between the swash and the outer shaft, as well as the swash rotation when it tilts, induced by the off-plane anti-rotation pin.

At my LHS, I saw a Heli-Max EZ swash. Hey, cool! It's got a ball on the rotor side of the swash for better axial location on the shaft, and the anti-rotation pin is in the same plane as the swash balls! But, DRAT, the anti-rotation pin is on the wrong side of the swash; I'd have to either move the anti-rotation bracket to above the CX2's motors or move the pin on the swash to between its arms.

Some pics for comparison are below.

I briefly tried popping off the head side of the swash from the Axe and putting it into the CX swash. This didn't work because the head-side link balls were in a different plane than the servo-side link balls, and since this is a fixed-pitch head there would be binding. It also didn't solve the off-plane anti-rotation pin.

So I sliced the pin off the swash and moved it to the other side. It required some fiddling so that the rotor links didn't hit it as they rotated, and it's not very pretty.

But now when I move the cyclic only to the right, the front/back cyclic servo arm doesn't even move a micron. The ball just rotates within the link as it should.

The heli flies about the same, though it has less tendency to wander off to the left when flying forwards. It seems just a bit more stable, but I have no way to measure this - I'm probably biased.

  • Spherical bearing on head side of swash for more precise axial location.
  • Anti-rotation is in the same plane as link balls, eliminating rotation of the swash with tilt.
  • Significantly more rigid.
  • Link balls are the same size.
  • Looks cooler.
  • Requires non-trivial modification.
  • Requires trimming of lower rotor hub.
  • Probably a couple of grams heavier than the stock swash.
  • Requires re-trim of servo links.
  • Swash arms are a bit shorter than stock, requiring the movement of pushrods out on servo arms to compensate.
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