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May 24, 2001, 03:18 PM
small electrics r BIG FUN

Ray O Vac 1300 Nimh AA's

I've had a report of these working well in 400/480 applications . They are readily available at Wally World.

How do they stand up in flight packs in speed 480 applications ? Any test results ?


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May 24, 2001, 03:26 PM
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You can get much higher capacity NiMH AAs. Do you mean AAA?
May 24, 2001, 03:50 PM
small electrics r BIG FUN
These are AA size. A friend overseas uses them with good results , but I suppose the ones available here could be different.


May 24, 2001, 03:52 PM
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gkamysz's Avatar
The Sanyo cells are as good as they get. I would suspect the 1100AAU would outperfrom the Raovac cell in both capacity and voltage.

May 24, 2001, 04:39 PM
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The first round of the Ray-o-Vac Ultras WERE 1300mAh (AA). The current incarnation is up to 1600mAh.

And YES, they do work well! I have 3 sets now (1-1300/2-1600) that I use for my SoarStar. Wonderful duration and plenty o' power.

The Energizers, on the other hand, don't seem to do as well. I've demoted my Energizer pack (1pack of 1200mAh, bought at the same time as the early Ray-o-Vacs) to use in my transmitter.

Rick Tatem
Holly Springs, NC
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May 24, 2001, 07:03 PM
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... i just recently slapped an 8 cell set of 1600 ray o vac NiMH's together and am pretty impressed with their performance. For less than 25 bucks (23 with tax) you cant really go wrong. So far ive used them with success in my Zagi, Pico Jet and Poppy. I might just have to pick up another set next time at wally world.

May 24, 2001, 07:08 PM
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The Sanyo seem to give a little higher voltage and keep the charge longer than the RayoVac we tested.
We currently have 8 cell Sanyo 1600 MAH packs with silicone leads for $24. The Sanyo has been the best AA size NIMH cell yet that we have seen. I use them often in my Speed 400/480 planes.

May 24, 2001, 10:17 PM
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Had great luck on these Ray-O-Vac cells. And I really have abused them to the point of the factory wrap splitting, but they still take a good charge adn give long flights. But for $24.00 for the Sanyo's you won't find a better deal even at Wal-Mart!