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Feb 09, 2007, 09:11 PM

Cross Country RC Soaring

I saw this on the rec.models.rc.soaring newsgroup and thought I'd post it
here. Maybe somebody has something to offer this gentleman...It sounds like a
nice offer.

Bill Wingstedt

Newsgroups: rec.models.rc.soaring
Subject: Cross Country Presentation?
Date: 13 Jan 2007 13:51:03 -0800

Hello, I am organizing the Iowa Region Soaring Seminar and Banquet. It
will be the meet and greet event before the full scale soaring season
starts up. We are very interested in having a presentation from an RC
cross country sailplane pilot, but have been unable to find anyone
locally. The banquet will be held in Ames, IA on March 3. If you are
in the region and have experience in RC Cross Country and/or Contest
flying and would be interested in opening us full scale pilots eyes to
the magic involved in it, please contact me at: tcondon*at*

Gas money and hotel would be covered. An introductory ride in a full
scale glider could be arranged at our club if you are from Iowa or at a
glider club near you as compensation. Please email me and we can
negotiate. Thanks!

Tony Condon
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