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Feb 05, 2007, 05:06 PM
Late for work again!
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Build Log

A Teakle Vega reborn

Hello folks,

Some of you might have seen the post for a free Vega about a week ago, well it was me that was lucky enough to receive the gift and I drove down to a part of England that I don't often visit and met 'Daveosaur', a true gent.

I just rang him to check that he would not mind me doing a thread and he is quite ill with flu in bed, get well and back to the slope soon mate.

I put the category as 'build log' as there is not one for 'repair log'!

On to the model, it's big! My wife warned me 'Your mate in Scotland had one of them, where are you going to put it?' I must have gone deaf at that point! It is the extended span version, about 4.5 metres, not entirely sure.

As Dave said it had a heavy 'arrival' which had loosened a few bits and pieces. Once I got it home I started assessing the job in front of me.

To me there were two ways to approach the repair, glue it together and fly it or take a bit more time and effort and do a nice renovation, I'm trying to do the latter.

A quick summary of the main things to mend; Tailplane and elevator broken in the middle, tailplane mount loose, radio gear and mounts popped out of the fuselage, rudder post dismounted from the fin, splits in the fuselage join forward of the fin and the canopy popped off of its ply base.

The wings were good apart from a small crack close to one tip and a broken flap bellcrank. They must be strong.

I have been taking photos as I have gone along with a thread in mind and also for my interest. I will just post some photos of the broken bits for the moment although I have fixed most of these already.

Might need some help from other Teakle Vega owners as I go along so please chime in (have the C of G and control throws from this site which are very useful). Chime in anyway!


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Feb 06, 2007, 06:28 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
Some more photos of things to fix and some repair progress:

The fuselage cracks were relatively minor, bonded with CA then filler and sanded back. I took off all the stick-on graphics which came off easily and sanded ready for primer paint. No problems in the wing mounts. Now thinking about some colour trim.

The tailplane and elevator were originally covered in Solarfilm and this came off easily, more epoxy, CA and filler. I was intending to glass them for strength then I found a roll of white Solarfilm in my loft and my covering iron!

The rudder was sound but the Robart hinges were coming loose from the foam core so I teased it off carefully (one hinge was holding fast), this took a while and some patience. There was some left over glue from the graphics that I removed so the covering came off and was replaced in about half an hour.

By not removing any of the broken epoxy I was able to match up exactly the parts of the rudder post like a jigsaw and refitted it remembering to fit new pull-pull cables for the elevator (it would have been a big problem if I forgot that small detail!).

More progress soon.


Feb 07, 2007, 03:06 PM
Late for work again!
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A bit more progress:

The fuselage has been primed and painted with Flair Spectrum which has the useful quality (for a glider) of being fuel proof!

The rudder was reattached using epoxy in a syringe to get the glue in to the foam holes rather than the hinge area which worked well as it has set and the rudder still moves!

I had to move operations to my work place as I could not put the wings on in the house and I was pushing my luck by taking over the kitchen, dining room and living room, it's much more peaceful there anyway!

Not really that much left to do now, re-organise the radio bay and set the servos up and think about some colour trim as it is very white at the moment.


Feb 07, 2007, 03:34 PM
Late for work again!
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Just thought I would paste in the C of G and control throw info from another post (thanks JJ) to make it easier for me to find:

CG: About 60mm from leading edge.
Aileron: +20 -11mm (both go +25mm for butterfly brake - no flaps or spoilers are fitted)
Elevator: + 14mm -14mm
Rudder: 20+mm both ways.

This Vega does have flaps that would go down to 90 degrees, will have to find out how much is needed, probably not 90 degrees .

Do you guys control the crow brake or is it on/off with a switch? I thought of using the throttle channel on my FF6 (6XAS) but that could be awkward with the rudder (Power fliers have to do it I suppose).
Feb 07, 2007, 04:23 PM
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For crow braking, we use the throttle stick, fully forward no braking (like full throttle fast) and progressively dropping flaps and raising aileron with the throttle stick being pulled back to idle. On the JR 9xII that I use I also have the Butterfly switch (not sure if your futaba has it) so that I can actually turn it off in normal flight so that if I mistakenly move the throttle stick I do not get any braking, then just switch back on on the downwind leg.

Your Vega looks good Gary, enjoy it.

Feb 07, 2007, 05:56 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
Hi Steve,

Thanks, will give it a go. The FF6 has an airbrake switch which mixes CH6 (right aileron but must move the other) with elevator. I use this on a smaller V-tail glider (no flaps) and it works.

It does have two programmable mixers that I have never used, best to set it all up on the bench and experiment. It might be time to move up in Tx but I like the FF6 now I've got used to it.

I think the throttle channel sends a different type of signal because of the exponential and trim at the lower end, probably a way round it.

Have seen glider transmitters with a rubber band holding the throttle open.

The flap knob is a small rotary job with no easy position indication and I have seen levers glued on to Tx's to make it more useful.

Yes, looking forward to flying 'her' but I am not in a good area for slopes, there is one about 40 miles away which would be good but is very popular with walkers, might be ok midweek. I did think of fitting a hook and bungee launching but was worried about the strength of the wings, rollling on the line, the power of the bungee to launch such a big model and a thousand other things!

One way or the other she will fly soon. A local friend has a Teakle Vega stored at his parents house and I am trying to get him to resurrect it so we can throw them off the hill together, just need someone to take the formation photos!!

Have flown at Benalla BTW not so far from you, they had a 19 mtr Slingsby Kestrel there, a big Vega when you look at it.


Feb 08, 2007, 04:45 PM
Great progress!! Make sure you DO put the crow on the throttle stick, Its useful to be able 'pop' in and out until you get the deflections spot on - and you get used to the anhedral! Those wings will wag!
Great to have input from tother side of the world - a response from every continent would really be something to have in the re-build log.
Feb 08, 2007, 04:53 PM
Oops, Should have thanked you for your good wishes, now well on the mend but I doubt, at my age, I'll ever be totally leak-proof again - old pots may not die but they sure do drip!
Feb 08, 2007, 05:47 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
Hi Dave,

Glad your feeling better, thanks for posting.

Tonight I connected the rudder and elevator pull-pull cables and put the wings on connecting the controls to the servos. I put the flap servo on the throttle and it works although the flaps are asymetric at the moment, I need to adjust the quick links.

I can mix aileron to rudder and will do this as I am a bit lazy on my left thumb!

No pictures at the moment but will post some more soon.


Feb 09, 2007, 06:10 PM
Hey Gary,
We're closer than we think! 86Km! I bet you wish youd known that when you bought the fuel for the pick-up trip.
Feb 09, 2007, 07:07 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar
Yep, something wrong there! I am even further from Mike Smart (Aylesbury, 25 miles away!)

It was a bargain even though my bus only does 25mpg on a good day! I think 35 for the gas is about right, used to spend double that a week commuting, must get a Diesel!

Spent most of this afternoon getting my head round the radio set up, got the rudder coupled to the aileron but I struggled with the aileron set up. I set the ATV first which I think is the wrong way to do it. To get the ailerons working as flaps is tricky because of the small rotary knob Futaba gives you.

At full up flap (on the throttle) the servo is stalling slightly as it is having to put some load on the bowden cable to hold one up, probably ok with a big enough battery.

To adjust the flap links I decided to de-solder them and I smelt burning cyano, aha! Free as a bird after that, beats using a lock nut I suppose!! PS: Smelling burning cyano is not good for you I guess!

I must get a battery soon, something nice and heavy for the nose, I have the original lead ballast but have not looked at the C of G yet other than marking it under the wing (dead between the two marks that were already there).

There are wires everywhere and I need to tidy this up.

An amusing story from this afternoon; We have an 18 year old industrial placement student at work who is usually very bright, after seeing the Vega rigged in the workshop she apparently said 'But how is he going to get it out of there?'. As long as no one says anything I will say I had to take the windows out!

No photos until I put some trim on, it's just too white!


Feb 10, 2007, 03:22 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar

Back home

She is in the kitchen again, I will be in trouble when Mrs B gets home from work!

I went mad and put some red stripes under the cockpit. I cut them on a removed china cabinet glass panel, again best done when the other half is not about and I swore the kids to secrecy!

Radio bay is in chaos and needs laying out properly and cable ties, the lead ballast and battery needs securing in the nose. Might have to make some kind of former/bulkhead to keep it up front. The battery you can see was just for set up.

Got a close up of the instrument panel, I can see now that the vario (VSI) is metric but I can live with that!!

The canopy edge was trimmed with car pin striping tape (2.95) and I did a little sanding of the base corners to make it fit better, doubt if there are any replacements available if I lose it.

I believe this model is 25 years old and has probably not flown for 10 years plus, perhaps Dave could give us some more history, I think that Pat Teakle the original kitter will still produce these on special request but can be no spring chicken himself.

Looking forward (in a nervous way) to getting air under her wings again.

Feb 10, 2007, 04:41 PM
Hi Gary,
Great progress!
If you use a subC Rx pack it should balance.
?Not flown in 10 years? Huh! She was flown regularly until Oct. last year on our annual boys week in Devon is when I Dumped the old girl rather than abort and go round again. I was cold and the pub........BTW I thought I chucked a 4S/C 2300, or3200 Rx pack into the bag of bits. No? If not, sorry.
Feb 10, 2007, 04:46 PM
Memory!!! An outfit called northernridgesailplanes took over Pat's entire operation. As far as I know a google on the above should find them. Long pause while I get a new bag for the vac., collect the scattered memory flakes and attempt to re-insert.
Feb 10, 2007, 05:20 PM
Late for work again!
Gary Binnie's Avatar

Had a rummmage in the bag and found the battery! Will give it a charge.



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