Ouch! West Coasters, it looks like put up or shut up AND attend the Nats :) - RC Groups
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Feb 03, 2007, 05:11 PM

Ouch! West Coasters, it looks like put up or shut up AND attend the Nats :)

Of course there are plenty of great pilots who come from that side of the
USA who do attend and support the nats! If everyone from out that way decided
to come, we'd need another week just to get thru RES :-)
Thanks Dave,

I haven't been into sailplanes all that long, it was only when I had moved
down to Louisville that I even had heard of the Soar Nats, it was the last
year in Vinc, and I was a newbie at sailplanes.
Thanks for the history, I was wondering how it all fit together.

Mike is on the right path. Back a number years ago, Military Air bases
provided the sites and some support for the Nats, We lost that with budget cuts.

The Soar club of Chicago with the support of the late Dan Pruss continued
with the SOAR Nats for a few years.

Ultimately LSF picked up the Soaring Nats with the hard work of Mike Stump,
Cal Postuma, Jack Iafret and a large group of volunteers and succesfully
restarted the Nats down in the Vincenes, Indiana area and in two or three years
was able to bring the Soaring Nats into the AMA Muncie, Indiana site. I know
because I was there.

No doubt that the Muncie site is probably one of the best Soaring sites in
the US.

Now I challange the east or west coast to find a near comparable site with
all of the support required to run a week long Soaring extravaganza and I am
willing to venture the turn out will be outstanding.

Until that happens Muncie is currently the only viable site to do what we
are doing with great Success.

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