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Jan 30, 2007, 11:23 AM
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Direct drive vs Gear drive Diddlebug

Hi there,

This might be a silly question, but could you use a GWS EDP-100/280C direct drive system to power a 4+ oz Diddlebug style plane. Or do you need the gear reduction to achieve slow flight.

Iím hoping to put together a Diddlebug style plane but I know Iíll come in over 3oz mark; also the IPS system I was looking at is currently out of stock.

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Jan 30, 2007, 12:55 PM
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For slow flight, you're a LOT better off with the geared IPS or LPS. Too much pitch speed and likely far too much noseweight with the DD 280 can motor. My diddlerod comes in at 3.5oz and flies fine with the LPS on a 2 cell lipo.
Jan 30, 2007, 01:10 PM
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Thanks ... the search continues
Jan 30, 2007, 01:21 PM
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Also - weight. A direct drive 280 at 1.4 ounces by itself weighs over half as much as a complete, RTF DiddleBug.

The normal LPS-B2C-C drive for the DB weighs about half an ounce.

StevensAero (makers of the DiddleBug) show this drive in stock. He does ship internationally.
Jan 30, 2007, 02:11 PM
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How's this for a shopping list .......

GWS 1XC-41 w/Spinner

GWS ICS100E/J Speed Control 5A 3.6-9.6V JR

GWS 8x6 Propeller

Great Planes 6-Cell 7.2V 220mAh 1/2AAA NiMH

Any comments welcome ...... I'm about to flex the plastic
Jan 30, 2007, 02:17 PM
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Nice to know there are still some Diddle builders out there. I have built 5 of them, two bugs, two rods and a Lil Squirt. I have also scratch built three without landing gears that I put 6" folding props on. I showed these to Bill Stevens at the Arizona Electric Festival this past weekend and he was duly impressed---HE is truly a great asset to our hobby.
Anyway, back to the motors---I have found the LPS system the best out there for these little guys with plenty of power and around 9-10 minute flights. If you eliminate the landing gear and associated drag, they really go.
I have tried several other set-ups including a little AXI 2204/54, at 25 0z. in a bug with 2" added to WS-----Didn't work out at all.
I did pick up one of the new Park 250 BL at the Festival which I may try in a Bug---they are tiny and at 14 oz they could work out although there is that prop speed factor that might be a factor.

One just cannot have too many Diddle's.

Jan 30, 2007, 02:20 PM
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Change that AXI 2204/54 and the Park 250 from oz. to grams !!
Jan 30, 2007, 02:31 PM
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Crash--I didn't read your post till after I posted above. That is an IPS system you show in your shopping list and take it from me, it would not be suitable for any of the Bugs Even though it is 12mm diameter it is way too heavy. As BEC says StevensAero sells the right LPS system and throws in two props with them.
Jan 30, 2007, 02:40 PM
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Thanks for the warning .... problem is shipping to Barbados is a killer and I really need to stick with one vendor to keep costs down. Is there anything on the tower site that might work? Ecuse my ignorance I'm a slope flyer!

On the other hand can I scale up the Diddle concept to say 150sq in and use the IPS system
Jan 30, 2007, 07:31 PM
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Tower doesn't carry much in the way of small electrics. No GWS LPS systems. Probably the best overall site for motors and related gear is BP Hobbies. Again, because of the weight thing I would strongly suggest with the Diddle's that you go with a Lipo battery, specifically the ETEC 250 mah. Not sure if BP Hobbies has these but surely something similar.
With the Bugs you pretty much have to stay under 4 oz., although I have gone slightly over with no landing gear.
Hope you get on of these going---The world needs more Bugs.
Jan 30, 2007, 08:09 PM
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Just checked---BP does carry the Etec 250's plus all sizes of ESC's.
Jan 30, 2007, 09:47 PM
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I really appreciate the input. Unfortunately Iíve already placed an order!

Iím often on the Slope Forum so Iím all too aware of the reaction people have to newbies that donít listen to good advice. So bear with meÖ..

Given the gear Iíve ordered is there a chance of achieving Doodle like flight characteristics in a lager plane?

What specs. do you recommend? I want to go low and slow! Simple cambered wing 1/16 balsa construction.

I saw video of a Doodle Islander and I was transfixed Ö. I really want some of that!
Jan 31, 2007, 10:15 AM
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OK Crash now we are into what I call Doodle +.
Probably the best flying airplane I have built in my 60+ years Is one I call Doodle

OK Crash, you are describing a type of plane I have been experimenting with that I call Diddle +.
Probably the best plane I have built in my 60+ years of modeling is the Diddlebipe. It is essentially a Diddlebug scaled up to 31" WS with fus. and tailfeathers scaled accordingly and a second 26"wing. I has an AUW of 10 oz. which an IPS system was just OK. What really made it into a great flyer was the installation of a LITTLE SCREAMER BL motor.
I used the same type wing construction with the bipe and I have gone up to 52" with these wings with great success.
In any event, going to a little bigger plane than the standard Diddlebug sounds like a plan. Good Luck,
Jan 31, 2007, 10:31 AM
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It looks like I have screwed up the blog format. I didn't think my post worked so I started over and then saw my original after a large space. I'm a beginner at this and don't know how to correct my mistake.
Sorry, I will lay off for a while

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