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Feb 01, 2007, 12:11 PM
Brunswick, Ohio
BrunswickOH's Avatar
The dandy is a great plane, you picked a perfect first build. This thread made me go back and look at my Dandy in Lights build thread. That plane is still flying today (not this day since it's about 10 degrees outside) and just as much fun as ever.

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Feb 01, 2007, 07:54 PM
Registered User
Controlled Fall,

Did you know Matthew (a few posts above) is the brother of Doug, the founder of Mountain Models?

Get yourself some acetone for un-glueing. I once made two right wings for my MM Mini-Flash! If you keep flowing acetone into a joint, and working a razor blade in, you can eventually take CA joints apart. It probably took me an hour to get that wing apart!

Just be glad you are working on a MM kit. Doug's building manuals are so much more detailed than most!

Nice to see another budding builder.

Feb 05, 2007, 06:13 AM
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My latest creation...

Well, I've been gone the past few days welcoming in the newest member of the family.

Needless to say, I've lost control of the digital camera
Feb 05, 2007, 06:40 AM
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Back to the build...

Thanks for the tip about pipettors. Next trip I get to the hobby store I'll see if I can find something to slow down my "quicksilver" glue.

Glad to hear from you, your thread has been a big help!

I saw cans of acetone at Lowe's the last time I was there but somehow talked myself out of it. Won't make that mistake next time! My wife's nail polish had enough acetone in it to set me free, but it was diluted by some "other stuff." And I was able to piece together that Matthew and Doug are brothers. I was glad he checked in on my progress!

I have found that the directions are just fine, its just the builder isn't as familiar with the steps and techniques. Augmenting the Dandy instructions with the Flashback instructions has been a big help for me as there is more detail of what the parts actually look like and where they are in the balsa sheets.

At any rate, the bulkheads are now attached to the bottom of the fuse. I finally had a serious boo-boo in which I broke F6 in half while inserting it into the fuselaage. We'll see how that repair holds up.

While I was in the hospital, the rest of my parts arrived so I've got clear sailing as long as I actually get some time to build. I've got three women in the house now so we'll just see how much bunker time I actually get.
Feb 05, 2007, 09:03 AM
Registered User
If you aren't already using them, the fine tips for your bottles of CA are also quite helpfull. You can reuse these tips if you soak them in acetone between uses.
Feb 05, 2007, 01:19 PM
You deserve my opinion
FirstShirt's Avatar

Will you be doing any mods?


I'm enjoying your thread. I'm working on a Dandy myself, my first balsa build in around 20 years. (I think I'm a foamie guy at heart.) I don't want to hijack your thread, but wanted to ask if you're planning to make any modifications to the plane.

Can't help but wonder if the balsa wing will be too fragile at the point where the rubber bands attach it to the fuse. I've also noticed some guys beef up the fuse on some planes where the landing gear is attached to help with hard landings. Not sure how to do either of these mods or if they are really necessary. Any thoughts? Or maybe someone else reading might comment?

Hey, I can relate to CA accident. Yesterday I glued my thumb to my index finger. Yikes! Thought I'd never get myself loose! Next time I'll try the acetone!

Last edited by FirstShirt; Feb 05, 2007 at 01:49 PM.
Feb 05, 2007, 02:19 PM
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Controlled Fall's Avatar
I haven't been around long enough to figure out what a "hijacking" is, but I don't mind the questions! In fact, I'm as happy as a pig in slop when folks chime in.

At this time I have no plans to deviate from the script with modifications. In fact my dirty little secret is that I'm beginning to fear that I won't be flying this thing right after its done. Not until I can consistently take my EasyStar out and bring it back without having to fire up a pot of water!

So if there are some tips to strengthen the structure, looks like Pat and I would be a receptive audience!
Feb 05, 2007, 03:16 PM
Don't watch this...
CooHead's Avatar
Dandy was my first build.
You guys are on a slippery slope, you poor SOBs
I've done at least a dozen laser cut kits since. I really like building them as much as flying.

I was so friggn nervous for that first flight coming from an AeroBird and 3 channel TigerMoth.

I still have my Dandy. Usually fly it with the GT wing (no dihedral and symetrical and smaller and faster). My Dandy now has the bigger sport wing on it to lift the GWS floats I mounted...and the bottle rocket launcher I cobbled together

Great plane.
Great kit.
Great company.


Feb 06, 2007, 12:11 AM
You deserve my opinion
FirstShirt's Avatar

Thanks for the "encouragement." Been on that slipper slope for awhile, but most of it has been sliding down a pile of FFF, Depron and a little EPP. Haven't thought much about a balsa build until recently and the MM planes looked like a good place to start. I ordered the sport wing along with the standard wing. I'm mostly a lawn chair potato flyer, so thot I'd build the basic Dandy first. I may add lights to it for dusk and night flying.

Hey, I love that MM bipe you built. What a beauty.


I think you're smart to stay with the EZ for awhile. You can probably fly, build and repair it until the tape and glue make it so heavy it you can't get it off the ground (don't ask me how I know!).

I put some covering on my fuse and tail feathers today. Couldn't believe how long it took me. I hope the main wing will go more quickly. All part of the learning experience!

For a motor I have a Feigao 1308441S 4.43:1 B Fully Assembled Power System. Have never used one of these before. Weighs about 2.1 oz, so hope that it won't be too heavy.

Keep up the posts!

Feb 06, 2007, 06:02 AM
Registered User
Controlled Fall's Avatar
I tried some Testors tips this morning, but they would not cooperate. The LHS probably has something more amenable. Fortunately, I'm not at a step where I will need to be that precise.

So I just sloppily added glue and provided a picture of my protective glove below. Can hold in place without sticking! BTW, I would have been stuck had the glove not been on. Right after I took the picture I actually added the glue, and I could feel the heat of the glue reacting on the outside of the fuse--which is usually the last thing I feel before realizing I'm stuck.

At any rate also pictured below is a different angle than the traditional bulkhead profile. You can see that my repair job on F6 did not dry well after I left yesterday. So I'm using some medium weight pressure to get a good bond. That roll of wax paper is taking up space....let's put it to work!
Feb 06, 2007, 06:13 AM
Registered User
Controlled Fall's Avatar
Originally Posted by CooHead
You guys are on a slippery slope, you poor SOBs
I know...

I'm not up to speed on motors yet, but judging by the voltage of your setup, I don't plan on any speed challenges with my stock parts
My covering and iron are en route, but its not something I look forward to. I'll probably do the "easy" flat surface first too before tackling the wings. And of course, more trademark paralysis by analysis...
Feb 06, 2007, 06:29 AM
-- Made in DETROIT --

Dandy build..

This is a great design...take your time and you'll have many,many hours flying your Dandy.One mod is recommended.... 1/16 balsa glued crossgrain on either side of the landing gear slot(inside...on fuse floor of course)and triangle balsa in the corners.It only adds a few grams but really strengthens this area which will break on a hard landing.I do this on all MM planes and it works great.
Here a pic of my Dandy GT w/about 250 flights on it.
Feb 06, 2007, 06:59 AM
-- Made in DETROIT --

Wing mods

Originally Posted by FirstShirt

Can't help but wonder if the balsa wing will be too fragile at the point where the rubber bands attach it to the fuse. Any thoughts? Or maybe someone else reading might comment?

The supplied ply sheeting does a good job protecting against the RB marks,I used a scrap section of Towercote white over the center of the wing...it concealed the two sides joining...adds some strength for the RBs.
BTW,the beforementioned LG mod works so well I've made hot landings & touch 'n go's in tall grass & caught....my Dandy has flipped over...done groundloops ,but never broken out that slot section of the fuselage.Rugged little plane..!!
Last edited by dulcet; Feb 06, 2007 at 07:25 AM.
Feb 06, 2007, 08:07 AM
You deserve my opinion
FirstShirt's Avatar
Dulcet, Thanks for the info on the mods. I already have the fuse covered, so I'm beyond being able to do much with the landing gear slot--at least on this plane, but I'll take your suggestion on the wing. You sure did a beautiful job on your plane.

CF, I bet Dulcet's LG slot mod would be well worth the effort. I would certainly do it if I wasn't beyond that point on my build.

Hmmm....wondering if I should have made the top, forward fuse panel removable? Looks like a challenge to add the motor and fish the wire and esc through the front of the fuse. Maybe next time!

Feb 06, 2007, 10:07 AM
Don't watch this...
CooHead's Avatar
Nah, it's easy to mount the motor and get the ESC in there as it's built. Just drill a hole in there to screw the GB on.
My ESC is a bit big and I had to break/cut some one of the formers a bit to shove it in there...no problem.
A little more strength in LG area is always a good thing. And really, there should be a way to mount some triangle stock in there whilst all assembled.

Dulcet: I like how you put the Dubro connector on the tail surface instead of on the servo. Makes for easy trim changes. That said, once you get it right, not like you hshould have to adjust it much. But, what is with that screw on the aileron servo arm?! Drop the one and couldn't find it? That's what you get for building over carpet .

The GT wing is great isn't it? I'm not a big fan of a lot of dihedral and flat bottomed wings.

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