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Sep 23, 2002, 03:58 PM
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Phoenix 35 BEC Question

Hi guys,
I am running a mega 16-15-4 w 3:1 GB 12-8 TE(apc) prop.
With Castle phoenix 35 amp SC. I have 4 servos pull around 17-19 amps with the (purple cells) 1100 nimhs static- (If I put in the 10 cell cp1300's I pull 22 amps)

Will I risk damage or loss of controll if I try an 11 cell pack of the 1100 nimhs? I dont think they will draw much more current and I was going to try a 12-6 prop.
My goal is to be able to fly straight up for more than 40 feet.
The manual says 4 servos for up to 8 cells, 3 at 10 cells, bec up to 10 cells..

Anybody tried to push it?

Thanks, Steve
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Sep 23, 2002, 05:28 PM
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I don't have a definite answer for you, far as I know, the BEC's in most ESC's are nothing more or less than simple integrated voltage regulators.

These almost certainly can stand the voltage, BUT they may get too hot..and either fry, or shut down.

How hot they get is in direct proportion to the volts, and the current the servos are drawing. So micro servos will be less load...

I would *guess* its OK, but the way to test (possibly to destruction of the BEC, and effecively the ESC, but at least not the model) is to set everything up on the bench, give it full throttle and wiggle every stick continuously until the battery is flat, the smoke comes out of the ESC, or the voltage regulator shuts down through too much heat.

Let's face it, that ESC wasn't going to be any use if it wouldn't work on 11 cells anyway :-)

That test is worse than you would likley do in the air, so if it passes that, its 99% safe to fly.

BUT be aware that if the voltage regulator shuts down, you will lose all servo power, and probably motor power as well. NOT something to have happen in mid air really.

The safe thing to do is to cut the power wire to teh ESC from the RX, and use a separte battery for the RX and servos.