How do I use my ICE to charge my batterys for blade CX2??? - RC Groups
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Jan 13, 2007, 08:53 AM
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How do I use my ICE to charge my batterys for blade CX2???

I am not real up to speed on how to use my ICE charger, and the Blade CX2 is my first intro in LiPo batteries. But someone at the heli session at my LHS said I would be better off using my ICE than the wall charger. Not sure if he ment the speed of a charge or the quality of the charge.

Any details would be appreciated.

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Jan 13, 2007, 09:16 AM
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THIS should be your manual - so thats what I'm using to respond.

Page 10 explains entering a battery into the memory. Make sure your voltage is 7.4 or 11.1 - I don't know whether the Blade uses a 3s (11.1v) or 2s (7.4v) battery. Make sure you set it right.

The charge current is the capacity of the battery - ie 1000mah battery gets a 1A charge current (1C = 1 times the capacity (C) of the battery) 2000mah 2A etc. I don't know what the step value is in the charger so choose the closest value without going over (ex: 2100mah choose 2A if you can't choose 2.1A).

Discharge current - you shouldn't ever need to discharge a lipo, this feature is normally only used for Ni formulations.

Discharge cutoff - if you are going to discharge set this to 3V (or down the 2.8V as the minimum by the manual) again, you shouldn't need to.

If you have the temperature sensor, set this for something less than 100. The manual says 90-95, LiPos really shouldn't even get that warm charging at 1C.

Charge capacity set to the batteries capacity unless you are charging for storage, but I don't recall what storage charge is recommended on LiPos anyways, I run em too much to store

After the battery is in the memory you can start a charge, and the only option for a LiPo is cc/cv (constant current/constant voltage).

That appears to be about it. I don't have one of these chargers so if anything doesn't make sense or add up, you might want to try in the batteries/chargers forum. LiPos deserve the proper respect, but aren't as mystical as some might think.

IMHO the wall charger that came with your setup is the worst way to treat a LiPo, charging with an intelligent charger that you can monitor what is happening is a much safer and healthier way to work.


Jan 26, 2007, 02:02 PM
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How do I connect it to my ICE?

Which plug do I need to use and buy?


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