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Jan 10, 2007, 11:33 PM
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How much range in an RX?

Looking for equipment for my next plane. Not ready to buy yet, just doing research. I see some GWS RX for under $20 but they only have 500 ft range. Is this enough for say a E-Starter or would I need or want more range? Thanks for the help.

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Jan 11, 2007, 12:20 AM
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Probably enough to start with, but I hear that GWS receivers aren't the greatest as far as glitching and interference. Spend the extra $10 and buy a Berg 4L, they are "full range" and they are very good at ignoring interference from stray RF signals. I have several of these and they have never glitched on me.
Jan 11, 2007, 12:56 AM
Well.. I get great results with my GWS recievers.

The 9 inch antenna version "4P" maxes out at 500 ft, but is really only dependable to about 200 ft. For some park flyers and indoor models thats adeequate.

The 18 inch antenna version (thats the only difference is the antenna) I have not found max range of... I take a small e-foamie up to as far as I can see it. most times. On a bad day, It does start to glitch about 600 to 700 ft away, so that should be considered its maximum useful range. (which is plenty for most park flyers)

If you will have other people flying nearby... don't let your plane get closer than 5 ft from any other operating transmitter using the 4P. "3IM" can be a problem when there's 2 or more other transmitters operating. I've not had problems with glitching close in, when only one other model was being flown, just with 2 or more and only when getting close to one of the other pilots. (which happens when flying small, slow EPP models, especially indoors.)

So... don't be afraid of the GWS recievers.

There is one issue that can come up... the insulation on the antenna can ge pulled and slide on the wire. That can leave some bare wire to short out the back of the RX. Easilly fixed with a bit of heat shrink tube.

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