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Aug 07, 2001, 11:43 PM
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Washout in a swept wing?

Hi folks, seeking some opinions on a wing planform.

I'm building a semi scale intruder, with a single taper swept wing, about 15 degrees of sweep. The tip chord will be one third the root chord. 60" span.

I'm going to use a standard foil that can handle some camber change decently, because it's going to be a four servo wing. I'm thinking S7003 because it's versatile and reliable, and maybe even thinning it a bit for speed. I've also been toying with Rg15 or SD7037, again, both well regarded.

The Simon's book says to include washout if the tip chord is under half the root. At 1/3 root, I'm betting I may need even more washout. Since I'm using sweep, does this still apply?

Since I'm using a standard planform, I don't need "twist" as such for vertical stability, but I do need it for stall management. But I know sweep delays stall, ( I think) so does washout still apply? Should I thin the tips instead of actual washout?

Comments welcome.
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Aug 07, 2001, 11:56 PM
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I've built 2 swept wing planes ( little S400 size pushers ) with " jet like" planforms. Wings are tapered, tip about 1/3 root in one case, 1/2 root in other I put about 1/8" or so washout just to feel safe and it seems to work fine!
No tip stall problems.