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Jan 09, 2007, 05:40 AM
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Do you wish (When you started) there were as many choices

This is never so true.

We are at the beginning of the Boom.

Guys (and some gals) Love helicopters. "Its the chalenge" and the "fun" they represent.

I started in 89 "Hirobo Shuttle Standard" with no gyro (I could not afford one).

Finished in 90. To many crashes.

re started in 31st july 04 with G2.
over one year practice on sim and lots of studdie. chose MS composit Hornet II. then come purchase date. the X3D was avail. Still love the head set up on this one. though i wish i would CAD a Slightly modifyed Hiller setup (Geometry) head design for it.

2005 08 ?? purchase X3D and begin asymbl. (It think going from Kit is helping you from the beginning. Because if you cant build it you are not worthy of flying one. Or at lease Owner flyer.) Thus at this point i would recomend anyone who purchases asymbled. to dismantle a little to get to know (And Check) your new Bird.

So if i was to go back to say 04. and had the choices from just then to day. I would chose the same. but if in 04 RC heli and Bat And CNC'd parts avail was the same as today. i might have been blinded by to much BLING.

However if i was to just start today. It would be different. because of what i have learnt to date.

I am happy with my 9XII (wife is kinda happy NOW)
I am happy with my Heli (will do me and my son a long time. PS he is only 14 months now. LONG way to go)

I am happy with my Simulator choice. Though i did get G3 since.

I just wish my parts were as cheep then as they are today.

I have. a Budget for my Hobby. and so With that and My Son and Work. We dont get much fling when combined with Wether conditions.

Though times do change and we all have those magic days. so . i look forward to them.

getting back to Wish.

I dont wish. I am happy the way things are going. though i do have concerns for misgided first purchases based on Cheep rips and Lack of Pre Investigation. These affect the swing in the heli world of MF.

From the other thread. i noticed lots have chosen the T-Rex 450 SE or sub. and this is probably my next choise for my son. when he is redy. though that is way in the future so who knows what tracks the "RC Mini Elec Heli" will take.
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