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Dec 29, 2006, 08:21 PM
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Build Log

Hawker Hurricane build 30" ws - Adrian Britton design - Fellside CNC cut

Earlier this year I purchased a Fellside CNC cut short kit of Adrian Britton's Hawker Hurricane that has a 30 inch wingspan.

Here's a link to the Fellside kit page with Adrian's designs.

The original prototype build thread is here:

This is my first Fellside kit (definitely not the last) and first build thread on RCGroups.

I must say this is some of the best balsa I have seen in many years, it is light, clear, and the selection of wood is top shelf. Dry fit of the parts is excellent. This kit is worth the money to have it shipped from the UK.
This kit being CNC cut is a little different from laser cut kits, no scorched balsa or plywood, just smooth vertically cut pieces. The pieces have little bridges in the outline of the parts that are not cut. Very easy to finish the cut with a sharp Xacto knife.

It is designed for 3 channel with A-E-T (aileron - elevator - throttle) control and can be built with a Speed 400 or a small brushless motor for more performance.
The Speed 400 7.2V motor and 3S Lipo pack provide good motive force but another firewall is supplied for the HetRC Typhoon Micro 6 motor.
My electronics for this build are:
- HetRC Micro 6/20 brushless motor
- generic 18A brushless ESC
- Dymond Modelsports 3S 1200 mAH Lipo pack
- pair of Hitec HS-55 servos
- Hitec 555 Rx w/ Focus 3 FM Tx (or possibly one of my Focus 3 AM Rx and Tx)

While this is a short kit it is not a complete kit so you have to come up with sheeting and stringers and the like.

To finish the kit you need: (I'll modify this as I come to it if I find missing things)
1/16" sheeting for the wings
1/32" sheeting if you care to save a bit of weight in the wing top sheeting
3/32" sheeting for the fuselage and wing leading edge
3/32" stringers for the rear fuselage
1/8" sq for the framework of the hatch and top & bottom spines.
1/8" sheeting for radiator and wing leading edge
1/4" for aileron front block
A few small blocks of balsa for the bottom nose piece
1/8" sq spruce for wing spar joiner.
1/32" plywood small piece for the bottom of the radiator
pushrods and linkage for the elevator and ailerons
Some covering for the rear fuselage
finishing materials
hinges for the control surfaces
1.5" spinner

I am sheeting the bottom of the wing with 1/16" sheeting and the top will be 1/32".
I also intend to use 1/64" to simulate the stringers over the sheeted portions of the rear fuselage where stringers existed on the real plane.
I will be building up the rear control surfaces instead of using the supplied sheet balsa.
I am going ot be covering the rear fuselage pieces with doculam.

Given all the hard work is done I am trying to have her ready to maiden the weekend of January 25th. The Arizona Electric Flying Festival (AEFF) is that weekend outside Mesa (Apache Junction) and I am signed up to go that weekend.

I spent about an hour cutting out all the wood from the sheets Graham sent me and have figured out the formers and am starting assembly.
I will upload pictures Sunday showing my progress and what I started with from the kit.
I have Monday off and plan to spend much of the afternoon & evening building unless something comes up.

And off into the wild blue we go...

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Dec 29, 2006, 08:59 PM
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And we'll be watching.

Dec 29, 2006, 09:52 PM
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Oh gee...Master builder and finisher Brig. Gen. John Morgan watching.... nothing like pressure.

Keep me straight on this one...


Dec 30, 2006, 03:10 AM
Keep off the Grass!!
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I Wanna Watch Too.....

...and Mary gave me one for Christmas

Originally Posted by RAFster
.......I also intend to use 1/64" to simulate the stringers over the sheeted portions of the rear fuselage where stringers existed on the real plane...... (I just used strips of paper, David?)
I will be building up the rear control surfaces instead of using the supplied sheet balsa. (That's nice - did that on some of the other protos using doped tissue covering and "trapped" tex hingeing...)
I'll be sending you the former dimension pic this morning - before the end of the year!!

We lost a bagfull of Cards before Christmas... meant to go in the car with it for posting - found myself (after a long wait in the queue ) poking into a bag of paper rubbish instead Having to figure out how to dissoffend a load of people - but which ones?

It's this new wheelie bin thing with all the confusing rules, y'know - got to be sober to put the rubbish out these days - how can I comply with that?

Happy New Year

Dec 30, 2006, 07:46 AM
Light and floaty does it
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Well done, Rafster. Mine is slated for a similar radio setup but with a 400XT on 7x5 APC-E, which is propped down a bit for that motor on 3S but should give the efficiency a little boost while still providing this little lightweight more than adequate performance at about 6 amps, permitting the use of a small, compact, lightweight LiPo pack. Something around the 700 mAh mark, or possibly a 910 if I can find one. Virtuous circule of lower weight enabling lower weight. I have also like you decided that built-up tail surfaces will be the way to help it balance under such circumstances.
Dec 30, 2006, 09:45 AM
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Off topic...

I sent 2 emails to Fellside when I considered buying Sea Fury couple of weeks ago.. never got any answer at all.. --> bought Thunder tiger fury instead.

ok , rant mode off..

Why donŽt they sell full kits? That would be muuuch easier than starting hunting balsa sheets from my LHS which is not so well supplied..

And Ade, IŽll be waiting for G.55
Dec 30, 2006, 10:13 AM
Light and floaty does it
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Ceeray - it's not so much "them" as "him" - like most of our best suppliers in this world, Fellside is not a large organisation, it is one man producing model kits and accessories in his spare time. Sometimes people have to do other things.
Most of the short-kitters do that rather than full kits because it makes the most economic sense for them, in terms of sourcing additional materials and fittings that many of us would not use anyway - we tend to use out own preferences, or adapt the designs.
Doing short kits also enables the cottage industry to bring out a larger number of different types in a reasonably short time than full kits would. Like it or not, the market for full kits has largely died away - there are short kits like these, and there are ARTF / RTF things. Also, it pretty much guarantees that the kits will end up only in the hands of knowledgeable modellers rather than newcomers whose need for support may exceed the capacity available.
That said, given that Graham has access to some of the most beautiful balsa I've seen recently, and given the rate at which conventional model shops are going out of business, it might make sense for him to make optional bundles available of the sheet and strip wood needed to complete each kit. I wouldn't recommend him to go don the route of full kitting though.
Dec 30, 2006, 11:27 AM
Keep off the Grass!!
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Oh Dear!

Now WIP is spot on there, although I can't understand about unanswered enquiries?

I'm aware that you're pretty adept at a rather superb job of paintwork.. maybe the proto G55 could get that from you? But it's balsa, y'know?

We'll see what transpires after I chat with Graham about all this.....

Don't worry, now - New Year comes for you too

Jan 02, 2007, 04:05 PM
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Sorry, had some car troubles over the weekend that absorbed several hours and I didn't get the pics downloaded from the camera. I will upload pics in the morning of progress thus far. The camera I'm using is a 1.3Mpixel Sony so they will not be real high resolution.
I'll have to see what they look like. I may have to switch to another camera.

Ade sent me a jpg file to help with the front formers, The prints in the larger paper (A3?) had a bit of scaling problem and weren't matching up for the fuse crutch so Ade spent some time and provide a drawing with measurements of the crutch cross members and distances between crutch members from Former position 4 through the nose. Thanks Ade, that was so nice of you!
Also note, the mounting holes for the Typhoon Micro 6 motor aren't centered on the former, slightly offset to compensate for the 2 degree right thrust. Mount it backwards and you'll have issues in assembly.

Build is progressing nicely, just too many other issues keep coming up that are not build related at work and in my personal life. The plane will go with me to AEF (Arizona Electric Festival) on Jan 26th. (Festival is in Apache Junction/Mesa Arizona and is a large all electric aircraft meet Jan 24-28th) Hopefully it will be done and I can sweet talk a few experienced expert modelers into performing the maiden flight for me. Whether or not she flies naked is yet to be seen.
Landing on asphalt runway isn't good either finished or unfinished; but the sand, rocks and cactus is less desireable they tell me. Maybe I should fiberglass the bottom of the front of the fuse.

Jan 02, 2007, 06:29 PM
Light and floaty does it
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Ooo, would you mind forwarding that jpg? I am just cutting the wing skins for mine...
PM-ing with email addr...
Jan 02, 2007, 06:31 PM
Light and floaty does it
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Originally Posted by RAFster
Maybe I should fiberglass the bottom of the front of the fuse.
All you really need to do is the underneath of the radiator housing and a little patch forward of that, under the oil tank part of the cowling.
Jan 02, 2007, 06:37 PM
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It is simpler to put out short kits. All it takes is the laser/CNC machine and a limited stock of wood. One person can handle it.

But, we are slowly working on full kits of our line. Why? Because people are more likely to buy them. Once the full kit of the SRE came out we sold only one short kit. So, we have come out with the Camel and the SPAD. Soon to follow will be the 36" SE5A and the DVIII.

Stocking parts and such is a pain for me, but, my wife likes to do that stuff. It does mean that instead of the business (laser) taking up part of my building room and a closet, it now occupies two rooms of our house with one devoted to stocking.

Someday I will get time to do bending jigs for the wire parts and supply them pre-bent.

Jan 02, 2007, 06:54 PM
Light and floaty does it
Work in Progress's Avatar
Charlie, that's really interesting and not at all what I would have expected. Goes to show some markets can be counter-intuitive.

The corollary must still be, though, that if you'd gone straight to full kits with everything you'd probably only have half the current line on sale. The real $64K question is: would the additional revenue / margin from selling only full kits outweigh the revenue / margin that you get from having a greater flow of new products to market quicker.

Fortunately I guess that since you can do the short kit first to satisfy the early birds, and then tool up for a full kit later, you may actually be getting a double-launch effect, two dips at the same design. Nice strategy.
Jan 02, 2007, 07:00 PM
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RAFster, another idea to protect you from the asphalt is to use Goldberg's tip skids. They are nylon plastic, triangular in shape. They might work well on the bottom of the radiator scoop. They could probably be painted as needed. Looking forward to some pics and hopefully seeing it at the AEF.

Jan 02, 2007, 09:32 PM
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I like full kits. It means less hassle getting the right balsa.

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