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Sep 14, 2002, 08:27 PM
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Some questions for one new to actuators

I've been debating working on some indoor sized flyers, and in looking through everything, I've been debating working on making my own actuators. But I do have some questions

For those of you who make your own actuators, when you're rolling them, do you make it precise or just as close as possible on a drill? Secondly, I was thinking tonight, and I know I've taken something apart that had a nice coil inside, but for the life of me I could not remember today. I went to radio shack and asked the clerk if there might be anything (only thing I thought of was a speaker) and the clerk went in the back and brought out a pair of defective earphones and gave me the earpieces to take apart, but alas, the coil was way to thin. Then I looked around and found another larger speaker there for $.97...yes, that's 97 cents for a 5" speaker. I couldn't resist, so I told the clerk I'd take it, and before I'd even paid for it, I had ripped it apart, but again, a thin coil, which even after I unwound and rewound it was only about 2mm wide and maybe .5-1mm thick, and there was too much paint/glue left on it. So I'm going to order some wire. I guess I'm mainly worried how precise I need to be when I'm winding these up. Any comments would be vastly appreciated!
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Sep 14, 2002, 09:29 PM
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Precession isn’t going to stop it from working, just need enough room for the magnets to rotate in the coil without them touching the coil. Your biggest problem may be hinges, if they are too stiff the coil won’t over come it. There have been a many threads started on coil winding. Do some searching on “coils and hinges” also
Dave and Graham have some of the best methods listed here on the Zone, click on this link to view.

Sep 14, 2002, 09:41 PM
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Personally, I'd suggest buying your first pair of actuators and then making your own for later actuators if you want the satisfaction of making your own. Also, the Selman actuators have control arms and are ready to go. Making this functionality on your own will be more difficult.


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