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Sep 13, 2002, 10:38 PM
Motors beat engines!

Ribbon cutting attempt

At my field today one of the guys there who's trying to drum up interest in ribbon cutting combat talked me into trying to cut the ribbon off his combat plane with my .47 powered lucky stick.

The plan was that he would just tool around at a much reduced speed while I tried to cut off the 50 ft ribbon he had attached. He also gave me some of this sticky goo stuff to put on my leading edge ( used to keep birds off window ledges). If the ribbon would touch it, it would stick and make the cut.

Well I'll tell you, that was probally the most challenging flying I've done in a while! It was incredibly difficult to even stay on his tail accurately, much less simotaneously match his speed even approximately and make the cuts. Repeatedly, I was sure I was directly below and behind, pulled up what should have been through his streamer and missed it by a country mile.

And all this while he was just doing a slow predictable racetrack pattern!

On both 10 minute flights, I did manage to eventually cut off the whole thing, but man what an effort! I felt drained afterwards.

I can't help but think how much fun this combat stuff could be with an appropriate foamie plane, although I dunno any off the shelf planes that would be good for this. The jk aerotech warbirds are too big and heavy to fly aggressivly enough on sp400.

Anyone know of a plane that might work?

Don't forget, combat planes need to be cheap and durable. They lead a hard life!
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Sep 14, 2002, 04:52 AM
I "plant" trees (balsa)
Gary Retterbush's Avatar
If you felt "drained" you should try it in the real thing with hot ammo!
Sep 14, 2002, 09:17 AM
rebmeM roineS
MrBungle's Avatar
This is pretty common over here in West Oz, you should see it with around 20 planes towing streamers ... awesome!
Looks kinda like a swarm of bee's. Great fun to watch.

It sounds like it might be done a little differently here though.

The guys over here build SPAD's (Simple Plastic Aircraft Design) made from rectangular plastic downpipe material, and all surfaces are coroplast/fluted plastic sign material, cheap to replace if collisions occur. They are fitted with .25's or .40's I think.
Some guys even pre-make these planes and sell them for around $10-$20 each.

It's all very competitive, but not seriously, everyone has fun doing it. There are Prizes for the top fliers at the events.

The ribbon used is rolled crepe-paper party streamers, the kind you throw over everyone at a new-year's party, around 1.5" wide by about 20 feet long I guess. The pilot tapes the loose end of the roll to a peice of string attached to the plane, holds the roll in the palm and hand launches both plane and roll into the air, as the plane fly's off it unfurls the ribbon.
As far as I know the wing LE's aren't coated with anything sticky here, atleast I've not seen it done, the thin crepe-paper is easily cut with the prop or wing when hit.

When I was a kid I used to see full-sized guys doing this now and then, but throwing Toilet-paper rolls out a window then chasing it and cutting it as it fell to the ground!

I've not seen any electrics doing it here, but I think the combat is time limited to around 5 or 6 mins, so is within reach of decent current draws and performance from a BL.

When I get a little more cash and hone my skills I'm definatelly going to give it a go!

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Sep 14, 2002, 09:31 AM
Motors beat engines!
What I had in mind was a small geared foamie sp400 plane probally running the new he1100 nimh cells.

It should have no problem both towing a streamer aerobatically and be able to stay up 5 minutes with good performance right to the end.

My foamie model air tech tumblewatt would probally do a good job with a few modifications to make it more durable in a midair.

The key of course is being cheap and fast building without killing performance, just like the gasser combat planes are.

Dean in Milwaukee
Sep 14, 2002, 10:04 AM
rebmeM roineS
MrBungle's Avatar
Should work, will a geared setup have the speed?
A DD sp400 like Nige's solid-wing Tucano would probably have enough performance on cp1300's, though not very prang resistant.
If there were enough electric guys over here (I know of only 2) we could get a 400 combat class going.
I'm thinking a scaled up Tucano or similar around 600 size with an EPP wing will get me competing with the gas guys.
I don't have the piloting skills for it yet

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