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Sep 11, 2002, 11:24 PM
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Weird ESC or TX problem

Put in a new GP Goldfire motor in a Battle Floyd. Hooked up a Dymond D35. Ran motor. Okay. Tried another battery, no throttle. Tried same batt in another plane. Runs fine. Okay...
Hooked up a Jeti 50 amper to the Goldfire. Throttle was horrible!
Put back in Dymond ESC. It ran fine! So, I'm thinking maybe my Flash TX has a problem with throttle control. Hooked up the Jeti to my geared 05 Dogfighter and throttle was there. All of these were run on a 555 and a Feather reciever with same results.
Its funny that the Jeti would not turn the motor as well as the Dymond did. And this was on 5 seperate battery packs. But the Jeti worked fine on the geared MAS 05 geared motor. Or maybe I breathed in too much solder fumes today!

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