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Dec 08, 2006, 10:55 AM
1.21 Gigawatts!
New Product

Hobbico® FlyZone Cessna 182 Skylane RTF

link here:


anyone know about hobbico electronics...can i use my futaba 9c...receiver take standard or proprietary mini crystals?

much apprerciated...

general consensus on hobbico EFs? good bad?

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Dec 08, 2006, 08:10 PM
xFxLxYxExR's Avatar
it uses those new "tactic" radios. Have not ben out for long. SO not much info...
Dec 08, 2006, 09:08 PM
1.21 Gigawatts!
i wonder if the receiver is shift sensing...i'd just get crystal to fly this with my 9c...

Dec 23, 2006, 06:07 PM
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I flew the new cessna 182 skylane by flyzone today. So far, it is a great flyer compared to the first one, which is called skypilot. Hobbico improves the design of the airplane by adding an additional channel (ailerons). It has a flat bottom wing that makes the plane land faster, but such a wing prevents it from stalling at low speed unlike the skypilot. The skypilot tends to stall on approach because of the shape of the airfoil.
Besides that, the battery pack and the motor are similar to the first version except for the ESC. The first one uses a 27mhz radio that is susceptible to interference ;the ESC and the receiver are also in one unit.

For now, I fly the skylane with the stock set up, and then I'll do the upgrade like I did on his older brother skypilot.
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Dec 30, 2006, 12:16 AM
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My brother brought home the Flyzone Cessna 182 RTF today, and asked me to help him out. Upon opening the box, I was very impressed. The kit is packaged well with bubble wrap around the wings. The fuselage is made of dense EPP foam, and has very nice painted trim. We screwed on the verticle fin and rudder, conneted the rudder pushrod, plugged in the aileron servo to the reciever, and bolted on the wing. We attached the struts, and plugged in the battery. After checking the control throws and servo directions, I decided to increase the elevator deflection by moving the elevator pushrod inward to the second hole of the control horn. Total build time up to this point: 15 minutes. Everything else looked great, so we put a full charge on the battery and took some pictures.

At a local ball park, my brother gave a nice hand launch and the Cessna 182 climbed away smartly. After climbing to a safe altitude, I gave about 4 clicks of up trim and she was flying straight and level hands off. I throttled back to about 3/4, and settled into a very nice pace around the park. At full throttle, the plane is faster than I expected. You won't be peeling the paint off, but it will cruise along at a nice clip. The motor and battery work well together, and provide good thrust for climbouts. The controls are smooth and positive, yet not overly sensitive. I am glad I increased the elevator throw, although it may not be necessary.

I did not try it, but I don't think the plane has enough power to loop from level flight. I managed to perform a big sloppy aileron roll, with the airplane losing quite a bit of altitude. A bit more airspeed and aileron throw, and I'm sure I can tighten up the rolls.

At about 4 minutes, I set up for a landing. There was more juice left in the battery, however I was being conservative in case of a go around. With power at about 1/4 throttle, the little Cessna found a nice stable groove on a base to final turn. I rolled the throttle to idle at about 2 feet, and she floated ever so softly to the grass.

Overall, I am very, very impressed with this RTF. I did not have high expectations at first, but I am happy to say that this little plane proved to be excellent. My brother and I love the way it looks. The proportions are excellent, the paint and trim is well done, and the wheel pants and struts really make it look finished. Flight charactaristics on the stock power system are surprisingly good. On a subsequent flight, we made a rolling take off from the parking lot. The Cessna climbs out well, and is easy to hand launch.

My brother paid $139.00 for this beauty, and I think it's a fantastic buy. My only nit pick is the battery charger they supply with the kit has to be plugged into a car cigarette power socket, making home charging sort of inconvienient. But, you can buy a cheap charger to plug into the wall. Also, the foam used in the fuselage is good, but not flexible. I think it may be prone to snapping or breaking during those not so perfect landings, so have some glue and clear tape handy just in case.

This is a great little airplane and I give it a strong thumbs up. It was great seeing my brother pumped up on how well it looked and flew. I really like this plane, and would buy one for myself. You'll have fun with it!
Dec 31, 2006, 08:54 PM
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After my cessna 182 had been flown six times, I decided to replace the stock 380 motor with a 1280kv-outrunner brushless motor that swings a GWS 8x4 prop. A lipo 3 cell 2100mah is the pack I use and the motor speed is controlled by the CC Phoenix 25. With the new powerplant, the plane weights about 1.3 Ib. My watt meter reads 175 Watts and 16 amps at full throttle. That means 135 Watts/Ib. This set up is good enough for cruising and some crazy stunts.
The power output of the stock motor is about 95 watts, which is not enough to recover from unexpected stall and spin. The cessna 182 is a joy to fly with this set up!!!
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Jan 27, 2007, 01:22 AM
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lavneetgyani's Avatar

Test flew the cessna with stock setup

Hi, just test flew the cessna with its stock setup. Ground TO's are impossible with the tiny 1" wheels and pants off grass , so I hand launched. The Power was marginal, but the plane looks nice and scale in flight. 2 clicks of left ail and 3 of up ele had it flying hands free. It will maintain altitude at 3/4 throttle but will sink at anything less than that.
it seems to have no bad tendencies and is nice and stable despite its tiny size.
Posting a few pictures from yesterday's flight.
Feb 07, 2007, 08:16 PM
Pronoun trouble...
DismayingObservation's Avatar
Just put mine in the air for the first time today...bought it yesterday with a Christmas gift card and some Christmas money. Month and a half late, but what the hey.

My initial impression is kind of mixed. Not a lot of power to take off from a hard-packed abandoned turf farm and a bit twitchy once in the air. In fact, the motor sounded as if it was sputtering as it flew by. Nowhere near the power that Flyzone's video showed. Also, that wing dipped WAY down in turns. If not for at least a reasonable amount of flying time to my credit, I'd have dumped it into the ground on the first flight. Either I have a bad motor or it needs to break in. On the other hand, I can just skip the whole thing and go to a Team Orion Slow-Max like the one in my ParkZone J-3. GREAT brushed motor.

I remain optimistic, however. Only had time for one flight before I had to head to work and I only have the battery pack it came with, at least for now. So, I'll take it back out tomorrow along with my E-flite P-47D Thunderbolt. I'll blast the 'Bolt while the Cessna is recharging.
Feb 08, 2007, 02:02 AM
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lavneetgyani's Avatar
Originally Posted by PMDrive1061
Not a lot of power to take off from a hard-packed abandoned turf farm and a bit twitchy once in the air. In fact, the motor sounded as if it was sputtering as it flew by. Nowhere near the power that Flyzone's video showed.
the way you describe it, seems to be a sure shot problem with the motor. I have had almost everyone at my field comment on how silent this motor is and I cannot hear a thing even at full throttle.!!!
Feb 08, 2007, 02:14 PM
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I have one as well however the buddy box feature did not work. I got an adpater for the tactic to JR radio went throught the directions and after almost two hours of messing with it no matter how we set it up it would not work. I called hobbico and was told that radio is NOT compatiable with JR. I called JR and they said it is compatiable but were unable to tell me how to setup the JR. Any who I love the way it flys as well and I took it out last weekend in 12+ wind. Handled ok, took off from ground made about 4 loops in the pattern and on landing was crabbing left going nicely but I didn't see the pole and I hit this pole. No major damage fixed already and off to fly again. BTW I ordered parts for this Firewall is on back order everthing else I had in about a week.
Feb 08, 2007, 03:15 PM
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I have one in for repairs after an RX glitch was determined to be what caused the accident. Its on backorder but they are going to send me a whole new plane. They have very friendly Tech support people and are great ailaron trainers. A very stable and beautiful airplane. I am very glad I got one. ;D
Feb 08, 2007, 07:51 PM
Pronoun trouble...
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I took mine up again this morning and I am becoming more and more satisfied. I agree that the motor might be the culprit; it starts spitting and sputtering at around 3/4 throttle but smooths out as you go to full throttle. The transition is smooth on the bench but choppy in the air, so it's probably a loose brush spring. I can live with it for now since the plane seemed to have some more oomph to it. The simulator version on my RealFlight G3.5 has a Graupner Speed 300, 2S li-po and a 9x4 prop. Sure enough, Graupner does sell a direct-drive version over at Hobby Lobby's website.

Oh, and I experienced the brittle nature of the nose gear retainers earlier today. Ran the battery WAY down and the cutoff kicked in just before I could flare out. Only way to get the doggone things was to buy the nose gear assembly for six bucks. I'll be looking for an alternative.

After seeing the "meat tray" version by E-flite and no alternative until now, I was convinced that there would never be a small four-channel scale civilian plane with the solid feel of an Ultrafly or Alfa. This plane was worth the wait. Scale looks, slow-flyer ease, four-channel control, discrete and universal electronics...heck, who could ask for more?
Feb 09, 2007, 03:25 AM
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lavneetgyani's Avatar
Originally Posted by PMDrive1061
This plane was worth the wait. Scale looks, slow-flyer ease, four-channel control, discrete and universal electronics...heck, who could ask for more?

at 140$ after all the discounts at tower......man what a deal!!

Some more pics.....looks amazingly scale in flight
Feb 09, 2007, 09:50 PM
Pronoun trouble...
DismayingObservation's Avatar
I think that head-on view is going to be my new desktop wallpaper. Diggin' the whole fleet, too! Nice stuff!
Feb 09, 2007, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by PMDrive1061
I think that head-on view is going to be my new desktop wallpaper. Diggin' the whole fleet, too! Nice stuff!


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