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Mar 19, 2007, 01:41 PM
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sounds like a bad solder joint where the crystal plugs in, Same thing happened to me when I recieved a brand new replacement that was defective. If you have a Magnifier check out the solder joints inside the 4in1, look for any poor solder joints. I have found that the QC on the 4in1 with respect to soldering is very poor.Get an able friend to help if you don't know what to look for.
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Mar 19, 2007, 02:24 PM
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Make sure your battery is good, if you haven't done so already.
Mar 19, 2007, 07:27 PM
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Hey all, I hate to hear this news about the 4 in 1s and am not try to profit from your misfortunes, but if anyone wants to get rid of a bad 4 in 1, I would like to get it from you. Of course if horizon will take it and replace it, that is the deal, but if you are stuck with one, I have an experiment I want to try. I hear that the RX in the CX2 4 in 1 is a stripped down AR6100, which cost around 45 bucks!! I have a DX7 and am curious if there is some way to strip out just the RX from the 4 in 1 and use it with the DX7. Of course there is no way to tell if this will work at all with a fried 4 in 1, but i would like to have one just to rip apart and play with. I would be willing to pay you the shipping cost and maybe a little extra to make it worth your while. If I can get it to work, then I will share what I find here. Could be a nice way to get a RX for FP's and other smaller helis that don't require a lot of channels.

Again, sucks and I hate to hear that any of you might have a bad 4 in 1, they aint cheap!!

Mar 19, 2007, 08:38 PM
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Your idea will work. All that you need to do is to pull the two PCB's apart. One is the receiver which I think is an AR6100. The only problem is that some of the servo pins come out on the "other" side of the board.
Mar 19, 2007, 10:08 PM
yeah, i have a honey bee fixed pitch 2 but never have been able to fly it. I accidentally dropped the suckle and broke the blade holder ball. Oh, how aggravated i was and now i have to wait for i don't know how long for my parts to get in. Ordered from x-heli and it has been over a week and half and still no parts. Maybe i'll beable to fly it someday. Should have gotten a blade cp or blade cp pro because my local hobby store carries them and parts will be much quicker to get them.
Mar 19, 2007, 10:43 PM
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Thanks for the input!!! I would like to play with one, but I never know from a fubbed 4 in 1 if the rx will still be usable or not.

Chaddlee78 has them in stock and they ship fast and the part is cheap. I didn't check, they may have them in stock as well, they are double the price there, but shipping is only .95 on all orders. Depends on how many you want. I bought some from a place that has the exact same layout as xheli, and I think its the same store, just different front end/skin on the site. I knew BPhobbies would get them to me quick, so I bought some more.

Mar 21, 2007, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by DiggyDiggs

Do you have a simulator? If not, get one. I too found a great deal on a CP CPP combo soon after I bought my CX2. The helis were a great deal, but the cost of repairs was not . A sim will save you a lot of money and frustration. It all depends on the person, but the CPs were just a bit much for me to start on following the CX2. I would suggest yet another heli, the Honeybee FP2, if you have issues getting started on the CPP. That is my practice heli, and I do all the new stuff with it before I try it on one of my other helis. And as you have discovered, HeliCrack is expensive and addicting. I have a damn armada of helis. Its insane, and I can't really fly any of them. I just mastered the right side in hover this past week on the FP. After much work, I finally got the RX setup correctly on the Dragonus SA Intruder!! It lifted off for the first time this weekend. I did a little bit of tail in and side in with it, but not much. I put it down and today will be a sim/FP2 day. Windy out, so not sure if I can go out and fly, but maybe at dusk it will be calm.

Anyway, congrats and I hope you enjoy your CPP and have better luck than me. SIM SIM SIM, RADDS RADDS RADDS.

No flight sim yet - although still enjoy flying the cx2. I plan on taking it to a gym soon. That should be fun. I have read the challenge moving up to the cpp. I don't plan on going crazy yet. It should be here by the end of the week. Does the FP have all the flight characteristics except upside down flight? From what I read it basically is the same as the co-axial in controls? I also cannot seem to tell the difference between all the honeybee things. There is the Honeybee V2 - then some sites have the FP - which is what?
Mar 21, 2007, 08:15 PM
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Yeah, all the naming schemes are crazy. It is very different than a CX2 or Coaxial heli. The FP doesn't have collective pitch so it can't do inverted at all, also it doesn't have what is known as idle up. On a CP heli, you turn on idle up once you get close to idle speed. This locks down the motor speed and then allows the throttle control to become just a pitch control. the pitch of the blades either increase or DECREASE lift. This makes one huge difference in that if you go below mid stick on the throttle/pitch control it sucks it to the ground. This makes flying a CP very challenging in that if you drop the stick when you get in trouble the heli comes down very very fast. You can fly it without idle up enabled, but once I turned it on, I can't go back to flying without it. The other MAJOR difference is head/motor speed. The FP is slow and easy and doesn't shatter into many pieces when it hits the ground unlike the CP I know from experience!

Hope that helps
Mar 21, 2007, 08:32 PM
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That was very helpful. Did not know about the idle or what that meant. So, basically, with the FP you are only controlling the throttle which controls the height? Isn't that very similar to the CX2? Also, the Honeybee V2 seems very inexpensive - do you know if it is the same as the FP? Or the the FP the specific one to look at? One last ? - does the non-lipo batteries make a difference? Sorry for the pelting of questions!
Mar 21, 2007, 10:25 PM
Heli Crasher! :)
Hey Quigs, since you don't have a flight sim, download FMS, I'm sure some googling will get you to it, and then get SmartPropoPlus then you can hook up your CX2 TX and use it in the sim.

plus I ordered my HB FP today, for the price it can't be beat. so looks like I'm going to be RADDing for a while

Mar 21, 2007, 10:38 PM
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Diggs, I sent you a PM about my 4 in 1, did you get it? I just want to make sure it really is fried first. If I send it I hope the part you need still works. I'll let you know by this time next week. Whats the cheapest anyone has seen the 4 in one?

I broke my rotor head for my hb tonight so now I am grounded with both heli's. I should get a couple of new rotor heads by tomorrow.

Mar 21, 2007, 11:08 PM
Not your average DiggsyBear
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Alright, sorry to be spamming the forum with off topic posts. However, to mix it up a bit.

The DX7 and the CX2 are a great combo. Hasn't been discussed much in here and I have had mine a couple of weeks now. The thing I really love about the DX7 is a feature called travel adjust, it allows you to tweak each stick to have more or less value at full stick. so, if your heli piros / turns one way faster than the other, you can adjust for it so the turns are the same speed!!

Also, it looks like is up and running. I saw in another thread earlier. I noticed he has a checkout and everything now, so if anyone needs the kit, you can just go there and forget about the ebay thing.

Quigs, The throttle control on the CX2 and the FP and CP are all the same. The CP has one additional option, but it is an option so you don't have to use it. Once you throw the switch for Idle Up, the throttle no longer has any control over the speed of the motor, just the pitch of the blades. Up and down, goes up and down, but the motor speed is constant. More stable IMO, but dangerous because you can't just kill the motor without throwing the switch. It has bitten me before, but wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

As for the sim, get one somehow. It will save you money and time. And it will let you get a feel for a single rotor heli. Trust me, the controls and all are the same as the CX2, but its not the same at all in flight. You should try a sim just to get an idea of what it is like before just trying it. The CX2 radio or the CP radio will allow you to try one out. Also, the Hummingbird is spendy, not sure why, it is basically the same heli as best I can tell. It does have the ability to change the pitch on the blades (not in flight, but manually preflight) and has some CNC bling available. Most of these come with NIMH but all will fly stock with the CX2 Lipos.

Here is the best way I can describe flying single rotor helis. Imagine standing on the bow of a ship with a full mug of beer. You try to tilt the mug to prevent the beer from spilling when waves hit the ship. Now, in this ocean, the waves come from all angles, and you can only tell which way you must tilt the mug when you see the beer leaning that direction. Also there is a difference in gravity that allows the beer to continue going the direction you tilt the glass in, so you must counteract your changes while preparing for the next wave to hit from some other angle. The sea will be smooth at times, but then violently a wave will come at you from an unkown angle and you must again counter it and counter your actions. The advantage of the beer scenario is the mug of beer doesn't fly away while doing this, it is in one location, and you can drink the beer if you don't crash

Dunno if that makes sense, but its the only way I know to describe what it is like.

Nekkutta, GL with the FP man, I am sure you will like it!! Also, if you haven't already, buy rotor heads for it. The most likely part to break. they are $1.48 at BPhobbies.


Yes, sorry man, should have replied... been hectic. BPhobbies has the rotor heads in stock, but they limited me to 2. I have 10 on order from another place that said it was IN STOCK on the site, but just got email saying they are not instock... Grrr. So I have 2 on the way.. I bought one for a century hummingbird and it appears it might work. I will test this weekend and let you know.

As for the 4 in 1, i hope you fix it dude!! I would prefer you not have to replace it, but if its no hope, thanks a ton for letting me take a look!!

Sorry for the rambling post and hope i didn't miss answering someones questions.

Mar 22, 2007, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Crazymgtnut
Hey Guys i just bougt my Blade CX2. Last Saterday and i Love This Thing. I tryed flying the Blade CP a few mouths back and gave buddy Talked me into geting one of these. So i did. and Boy O boy.Am i so happy With this heli. I have Done a Few upgrades to my heli. here is a pic of it as the middle of last week. and i done the tail boom Mod. Now im looking to upgrade to a Bigger heli for more forword flight.
where did you get your landing skids at.
Mar 22, 2007, 01:28 AM
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Diggs: As I understand it, the AR6100 Rx in the CX2 4in1 has a baseplate converting the 4 pin Rx to a 3 pin to suit the heli. The AR6100 apparently works well with another LP5DSM CX2 Tx or the DX7 but not the DX6 which needs an AR6000. My aim is to use the heli Tx with another 6100 in a small park flyer because of range restrictions - the word from the oracle being that this can as little as 175' although others claim more - bit risky outside though.

This becomes an economical option, especially for those that can get to fly inside bigger venues, rest the heli and fly a stick or whatever in the meantime. Eventually most would upgrade to the DX7 as some have for their CX2's but where there's a shortage of funds the heli Tx saves dollars. There's also the extra channels available - "5" from the rotary switch and "6" from the throttle stick.
Mar 22, 2007, 07:18 AM
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If anyone needs the boomtown boom for the CX2, I have mine up for sale.

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