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Mar 02, 2007, 01:49 AM
Thanks Wilber and Orville !.
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I have around 200 flights on mine.
I had bad luck with the aluminum slot clearance to the fly bar itself.
The cap thread taping was off, so that captures the flybar.
By accident, the cap screws came out, so I just used a toothpick
in the screw holes and it solved the pinching problem, so rejoice
all of you pilots, just sans the cap, and stick a toothpic across and cut
the ends down to the metal.

And may your plumbing troubles be gone!
Pete Lane
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Mar 02, 2007, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by DiggyDiggs
Hitech servos mounted, she is hovering like a champ. Center of the garage let her go trimmed up the throttle to hover and watched it hands off for a good 30 seconds easy. Now the servos didn't do that, but it was good to see I could adjust her to hover like that. However, I have massive throw on those servos, and will have to work on that. You touch the sticks and she goes that way and quick. I did the reverse piro test and survived. Hopefully wind conditions will allow for full outdoor testing this weekend!!!

Hey, when are you going to take a video of this Reverse Piro thing you keep talking about?

Mar 02, 2007, 06:25 PM
r/c heli noob
Is a reverse piro when I put the heli into a spin as though there's a pin through the back of the tail and the nose is spinning around using the back of the heli tail as its axis?
Mar 02, 2007, 06:37 PM
#include <rcstuff.h>
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Just over halfway into this vid you can see what it looks like:


Mar 03, 2007, 07:23 PM
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It Flies!!!!

I finally got the chance to make my first flight this afternoon. I put the training gear on it and flew it a bit in my living room. The flight space is about 6' x 8' with three arm chairs and a couch surrounding it. Wow, the backwash from the chairs and couch really make it touchy if I get too close! I hovered and trimmed it up using a full battery pack. Only smacked the chairs about three times popping the flybar out twice. Got it up to about 4' once but quickly got back down to about 2' for hovering practice. Think I'm going to really like playing with this thing!!! Thanks for giving me the advice, guys.
Mar 03, 2007, 11:10 PM
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TBE Continued
Here something I do or have done several times after a crash or about 20 flights is to dismantle, inspect, clean, lubricate all bearings in the shaft assembly it only takes about a half hour to do.
When you reassemble check free play of all moving parts. the main shaft retaining colar should be tightened to allow a little free play up & down about half a MM.
Gear mesh should be adjust to allow a thin piece of paper to pass in between the gears
adjust lower blade gear mesh first before installing and adjusting top blade gear mesh
The fly bar should move freely ,adjust linkage for upper blade tracking
Center of gravity
Very important! your heli should be Balanced with the battery in place nose to tip and side to side. raise the heli by the top fly bar till light is visible under skids should parralel to surface.
Balance your blades
I recomend balancing the blades the same way that is done for CP helis.
This will adjust the lower blade tracking.Poor lower blade tracking will cause some TBE.
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Mar 04, 2007, 08:01 AM
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Blade mod

For Those who suffer from blades hitting each other.
Cut down all 4 blades to 135 mm in length and then attach the blade extensions ( make from construction paper or similar type card stock )as shown in the picture, Make a Template so that all four pieces are exactly the same. apply scotch tape to top side of blade first it will make it easier to place extension then flip the blade over and apply tape to the bottom side. smooth out tape using a round hard object like the back of a pen.
Balance all four blades before installing them, for best results balance them staticaly and dynamicaly.
For those who want an indoor slow flyer heli only. The leave the blades at full length and add the extensions.
If you want to make the CX quieter try swapping the motors around put left motor on right side. Keep the polarity original all you do is swap the locations.
check gear mesh after swapping locations
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Mar 04, 2007, 12:07 PM
how does changing motors left for right change the noise?

Good idea applying tape blade extentions. I've done tip-only extentions on my PicooZ, and it works very well to change the throttle curve and increase lift. This mod should lower the throttle position for hover.

Very does your heli fly now?
Mar 04, 2007, 12:58 PM
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One thing that swapping the motors does is ensure that the mounting screws are tight.
Mar 04, 2007, 04:14 PM
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CX2 instructions

A couple of weeks ago there was a thread with a PDF file and a word document on the set up and adjustment of the CX2. I have been hunting for this for about an hour- does anyone know where to find this quickly?
Mar 04, 2007, 04:48 PM
Fly now crash later
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Originally Posted by bobsan
A couple of weeks ago there was a thread with a PDF file and a word document on the set up and adjustment of the CX2. I have been hunting for this for about an hour- does anyone know where to find this quickly?
See post Number 773
Mar 04, 2007, 04:58 PM
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how does changing motors left for right change the noise?

The Gears mesh better, just try it you'll see.

Good idea applying tape blade extentions. I've done tip-only extentions on my PicooZ, and it works very well to change the throttle curve and increase lift. This mod should lower the throttle position for hover.

Very does your heli fly now?

Mine fly's Great. Very stable none of the erractic flying you see on videos.
Have it set up for indoor flying only {Slow flyer}
Full length blades with 5 mm extensions
moved the aileron servo arm in one notch
the elevator servo I left it alone.

For the outdoors
I use the 135mm blades with extensions
I move the servo horns out 1 notch each, 2nd hole for aileron, 3rd hole for elevator.
I also remove the fly bar weights only ( leave the rubber) when outdoors.

I have tried several experiments. the best extension size is 5 mm. slightly longer flight times, less noise from motors as head speed is less. More stability when properly balanced.
10mm will cause excess motor wear and short flight times

Thanks to E-Flite and this great little heli, I have become a heli mechanic.
I have made several mods while waiting for bat's to charge up, all reversable.
I have made a tail boom from scratch using a CF arrow shaft.
Moved the attenna from the rear to the front of heli away from motors.
Made side wings "stabilizers" from plastic container also doubles as a missile rack 4.5 cm long.mounted inline with with main shaft glued to main frame.
Did cooling mods as mentioned in previous posts.
I'll get some pics by the end of next weekend.
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Mar 04, 2007, 07:42 PM
Heli Crasher! :)
hello All!! Have had my CX2 for a week now, and just finished the thread.... whew....

Lets just put it this way, one week, 5 upper blades, 7 lower blades, 4 landing skids.

had my worst accident today, heli moved across the room, and thanks to the yaw issue it turned itself partially around, so i figured to just pitch it fore and bring it back, was going good till it started drifting starboard (right) towards a cardboard box, and I goofed, I moved the stick to the right to get it away from the box. oops! shattered both upper blades and broke the upper hub. darn...

I love the ideas some of you folks have had, some of it I have thought should be included in the manual.

I, like most of you started off with the PicooZ, got a MM (medium in quality), and got my CX2 for my B-day (gift to myself, since all my friends were too broke to pitch in for it) honestly I think I showed quite a bit of restraint, I made the decision that I wanted a CX2 about a month ago. several times went to the LHS to look at it, GOD, ITS SEXY!!! unfortunately I don't have much money and I envy folks like Diggs for their fleet, I can hardly afford to fly this thing, but I do, now I remember why I never got into RC cars with my friend, all this hobby grade stuff is pricey, although I do have a XMods rc car my friend got my for my B-day a couple years back, and I tweaked it out to the point that when I took it up to radio shack to show the guy what I did with it, it was priceless, nothing like a rat shack employee shouting out "Holy SH**!!" as a little rc car clears the store front to back in about 4 seconds.
I am a tinkerer by nature and the most fun of these things is seeing what does what with the setup.

I have my stersman boom and skids on the way. and am planning on making spotlight/nav lights for the thing, I have a few questions though.

1. does anyone know what the max ampreage this thing draws from the battery is?

2. @cx1: could you please post pics of your side wings so I can get an idea of what it looks like?

3. I seem to have a slight bend in my outer shaft, but enough that a spin up with the blades off shows it, looks to be less than a 1mm wobble at the bearing cap, doesn't seem to affect flight, but is this normal?

Thanks in advance!!

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Mar 04, 2007, 10:51 PM
Not your average DiggsyBear
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Life Flight Rescue

My neighbor brought a rigged up piece of cardboard with a wire tie glued to the top in a loop yesterday. We ended up spending much of the weekend rescuing the cardboard "victim" and landing it on the top of the hospital (CX2 Box) and improving the design of the victim. Lots of fun and a few broken blades. Looks like he might pick up a vid camera this week, and if so I will shoot some vids and finally show Robert my Reverse Piro. BTW, mine is more aggressive than Herrings. But I have much more space to do it in as well. And I use mine for a blade strike test.

I think we are going to create a scoring system for the Life Flight rescue game and post some rules for it. I am sure it has been done many times before. Saw some helis online that sold with an actual hook and victim like figure in a basket with the loop. But its very challenging, and will help you trim out the CX in a big way. A steady hover is key. I think it helps with flight skills too. We want to set it up where we have multiple pickups with some requiring different orientation hovers like side and nose in, which makes it very tough to do.

Nekkutta, don't be jealous of the fleet, there is debt included And I can't even master side in hover... I got way ahead of myself. I wish I would have just bought the CX2, then got an FP and stopped there. Much cheaper, but I think i got a good deal on all but the two I bought new. All the rest were used and a decent deal. Speaking of the FP and a good deal, Red Herring showed me this.

Any of you wanting to move up to a single rotor heli, that is a great deal. I have never bought from them, and don't know if they are a good outfit or not, but thats less than half of what I spent on the CX2 and $40 less than I paid for the FP, and its a great heli to learn on. Even after you learn you will fly this one for a long time. Any of you think that this thread is long, check out the massive HB FP 2 thread in the mini heli forum, its insanely long.

Alright, I guess the weekend had to end Other than high winds ALL weekend, it was pretty good. Hope all of you got in some flight time!

Mar 05, 2007, 06:48 AM
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Is this helicopter an good? I can't see how for only $89 bucks! LOL
Looks good in some vids I saw but now sure it was this particular one because there are different Honey Bees aren't there?
I'm very tempted but is it a good heli?


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